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9 gifts for sports lovers

Sports lovers are passionate people who shun the norms to be a part of or catch a glimpse of their favorite sport. In everybody’s life there will be at least one sport that is their favorite and at least one star in each sport that they prefer.

When one’s favorite team is playing he/ she wants them to win all the games and the excitement levels are so high that it feels like they are playing instead of the players (I sometimes feel that fans feel the nerves much more than the players themselves).

Any gift to an individual who is a sports lover has to be a special one. It has to be one that relates to his or her passion and excite them as much as the game. Here I am going to list out some excellent gifts for sports lovers.


1. Dart board:

Dart board

This will be an amazing choice for a gift if your friend loves to play dart at game bars. You can save him from the hassle of going to a bar for playing dart by gifting him a set. There are so many sets available in the market even with the favorite team logo. So get one with his / her favorite football team logo and you will see how excited and happy your friend will be. Mostly the set will include darts, wall mounting wooden board and some models will include chalkboard also, so that your friend can mark how well he is playing the Dart.

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2. Favorite team jersey:

Favorite team jersey

This is a gift that every sports person would dream to have for self. Check with your friend about his / her favorite team and their favorite star player. You can get their favorite team jersey from an online store or a local sports equipment shop. If you do not get that particular team’s jersey, you may even get it printed on a plain t- shirt. Buy one plain polyester (buy washable mesh fabric) t-shirt and get the favorite team logo on that. Sleeveless t-shirt will be ideal for a basketball fan. We all know the number of T shirts with the number and name of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo that are available.

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3. Binoculars:


The sports lover in your circle may be someone who goes for live matches or games. It is not necessary that they will get a seat from where they can see the game properly. This can upset their excitement of watching the game live from the stands. You can gift a pair of binoculars to those friends so that they do not have to be upset about the seat they got. Some of the modern binoculars even have the option to record the game and even can be used while going for hunting. There are binoculars that can be used for bird watching, fishing and for surveillance. Buy one which can be used for multiple purpose and your friend will start exploring it right away.

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4. Video game:

This is an ideal gift for a sport lover and there are video games available for each and every sport. You may gift your friend a NFL video game or NBA video game or even a FIFA. EA Sports has made a fortune for itself selling the video games of popular sports. You get to choose the league, the rival teams and even the players. These games have evolved significantly since they’ve gained mass acceptance. Today’s video games incorporate a lot of elements that try to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real gaming scenarios.

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5. Popcorn maker:

Popcorn maker

This is a gift which will be remembered for a life time. Buy one popcorn maker which resembles something unique from your friend’s favorite sport. Next time when you visit their house to watch a game they will be serving popcorn made using the one gifted by you. When I searched online I could find popcorn makers which resemble football and NHL Stanley cup. In fact, you can use the popcorn maker for multiple purposes, even when you are going to watch a movie with your loved one(s).

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6. Sports Cufflinks:

Sports Cufflinks

You can gift the person a set of cufflinks based on their favorite sport. There are cufflinks for football, sports car , or Wimbledon. Imagine the way they would flaunt it when they wear it to a party or a get-together.

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7. Custom printed shoes:

Custom printed shoes

This is for those sports lovers who go for walking or jogging every day. You can get customized shoes with their favorite team’s logo on it. In the link that I have mentioned we get shoes of cowboy team’s logo. You may even gift the same model shoes that the players in the team are using. This would also serve as a motivation for them to try hard and never give up in their endeavor to achieving greater fitness.

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8. Personalized golf balls:

Personalized golf balls

I have mentioned personalized golf ball, however it is not necessary that it should be only golf balls. You can gift your friend with other sports items also. The gift becomes personalized when you get it printed with your loved one’s favorites star’s (orteam’s) name. You can buy golf ball with the facility to print the message that you want on it. While ordering you have to just mention the text that should be printed on the ball.

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9. Super fan executive gift set:

Super fan executive gift set

This set will contain a planner, pens, key chain and sometimes a small notebook. The gift sets are available in the market for different sports and teams. It contains the gift set for a NBA fan. You have options to select the sets for different teams.

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Different people have different passions. I have tried to include a list of both unique and useful gifts for a sports lover above.Now it is your turn to decide on which both matches your loved one’s passion and serves a good purpose too.


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