9 Unusual Gift Ideas To Show Sympathy

Do you feel highly sympathized about a person and wish to share the same feeling in the form of gifts? Here are some “Gift Ideas To Show Sympathy” to help. If one of your friends is grieving the loss of a loved one, you might be interested in showing your sympathy to the person. Even, if you have not visited the last rites of the person, you should be presenting something that can console your friend and will help him get out of the grief. If you are confused about the selection of the most suitable gift to share your sympathy towards the person, here are some “Gift Ideas To Show Sympathy” that will help:

9 Unusual Gift Ideas To Show Sympathy

1. Tear bottle:


Tear bottle

This set constitutes set of 10 tear bottles that are small and delicate. This gift is something that represents and symbolizes the tears that are shed during grieving periods. This will remind your friend of the fragile nature of life. This is actually a traditional gift to showcase that when the tears evaporate from the bottle, the period of grief is also over. This set of bottles can be used by your friend in different styles and designs once his grieving period is over. For instance, in the future, it can be used as a pendant by filling colorful sequins.


2. Lilac Flower bouquet:

Lilac Flower bouquet

Generally, each flower has a meaning and when it comes to showing your sympathy to someone, lilac is the flower to choose. This lilac bouquet that comes in different colors can rightly carry your message of sympathy to your grieving friend. In addition to lilac, this bouquet also has purple edge and eggplant flowers to show your love and care towards your friend apart from sympathy. This is a washable bouquet and it can be placed in a flower vase in the future once the grieving period comes to an end.

3. Healing Jewelry:


Healing Jewelry

Healing jewels are generally known to calm the mind of a grieving person. This specific om aum healing chakra, which is a sterling silver necklace has 8 gemstones attached to it. So, if one of the gemstones happens to be your friend’s birthstone, it will be an added advantage. The reason is that gemstones are generally known to bring luck and happiness to the wearer. So, your friend will be relieved of the sadness and she will quickly participate in her day-to-day chores and will forget about the tragic loss in her life.


4. Heirloom picture frame:

Heirloom picture frame

If you can get the most beautiful photo of the deceased person for whom your friend grieves, you can just get this attractive photo frame and can place the photo to present to your friend. This is a vintage looking heavy photo frame and so if the deceased person is old, this can be an excellent presentation. You can display either 4×6 landscape or portrait photo in this attractive photo frame to bring a smile to the face of your grieving friend. To safeguard the photo, the frame comes with a high-quality resin composition. The hand painted details brings an attractive appearance to the frame.

5. A guidebook to get through grieving times:


If your grieving friend is a teen, this book can be the excellent guide to help him get out of the sorrows associated with loss of a loved one. This book will teach him that similar to death, grieving is also a part of the life. Even though this can be a painful lesson to learn for teens, your friend will learn how to manage tough times not just this time, but also for his future losses that cannot be avoided. This book named ‘I will remember you’ has personal stories of death and life from real teens. Also, it has a handful of exercises to help the teen get through the tough time.


6. Pet memorial photo frame:

Pet memorial photo frame

If the loss of his pet is the reason behind the sorrowful days of your friend, this can be the perfect gift to share your condolence with him. The frame with the photo of a dog reads that ‘you have left my life, but you will never leave my heart’. Your friend can replace the photo with the photo of his own deceased pet. This unit is cement blended and it comes with an easy screw turn leaf for easily removing the inserting photos. The frame is 8.5 inch long and 7.5 inch tall.

7. I am always with you:

I am always with you

If this gift is for your grieving wife, who is highly sad after the death of her father, this can be the best gift to share your presence to her. This gift is made out of originally grown bamboo. Whenever she feels worried, she can read these words either as your words or even as the words of the God. This will be highly relaxing for her to get out of the stress caused by the sudden loss of her father. Even though this grief is something that will take longer to console, she will surely get out of the same to make your life cheerful again.


8. Wind chimes:

Wind chimes

The musical rhythm produced by wind chimes with every wind passing by can surely be a relieving music for your grieving friend. Wind chimes are generally considered lucky charms for homes to prevent the presence of any evils. You can add four lines of custom text to this wind chime. So, you can write a personal condolence message or even you can write some words about the deceased. This can be a soulful gift to remember the loved one. It can also be an excellent personalized gift.

9. Cremation jewelry:

Cremation jewelry

If the loss of her father grieves your friend to a great extent, this can be a wonderful gift for sure. The pendant in this necklace reads that ‘dad forever in my heart’. She will be relieved of the loneliness created by her dad’s loss with this great gift. Even, she can hold the ash of her lovable father in this pendant as a remembrance.