About Us

Hey there!

Unusual Gifts is the perfect website for those who need an unusual, special and exclusive gift to present to someone who is just that special. Instead of the commonplace presents, Unusual Gifts helps in suggesting ideas for presents which come as a surprise. And who doesn’t love surprises!


Like all sudden ideas, I, Sravan, came up with this idea at my sister’s wedding. All the gifts were nearly the same monotonous stuff and there was nothing unique in any of them. Later, I faced the same problem when I couldn’t find a proper gift for my friend’s marriage.

Always brimming with new ideas and energy, I started up a website only for the purpose of unique gifts for any occasion. Is there always an occasion to be had to gift someone? No,not by any means! And this is where I thought the idea of unique and unusual gifts!

Now, we Indians always have an occasion here or there. So now and then, we need to buy gifts. Unusual gifts are true to their words; we provide really unusual gifts which will make that intended person smile and smile wide.

How about a Holi smoke sticks this year? Or a personalized rakhi for the brother? Or some color changing candles?

Unusual Gifts inspires everyone to open up their minds and imagine.

A gift is supposed to be only about the person who is receiving it. A gift which is not about the intended person is better off not given. With this motto, I and my team compiled and put up a list of objects which can make everyone of every age smile.

A grandfather looking for something a bit different than the usual books for the beloved granddaughter will find just what he wants to give, – Pokemon gift items.

Or a doting brother might find a box of sweets at his place from his sister even though he couldn’t come back home from his job abroad in the US.

What Unusual Gifts wants to do is to help everyone in sharing their love and affection in the best way possible. If two gifts are the same, there is little special between any of them. So, a special gift ought to be unique in its own respect.

I and my team at Unusual Gifts painstakingly categorized some of the most important occasions and events when people across the world will obviously gift each other with one thing or the other. We have provided many the opportunity of being that special person who is different and acts differently by doling out the most unusual gifts.

Hope you find the website helpful!