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25 crazy ideas to celebrate your birthday this year

25 crazy ideas to celebrate your birthday-2

Birthdays are occasions to celebrate our life and our very existence. Often on our birthday, it is the same thing that we do to celebrate it year after year. It’s time to do away with those age old celebration practices and get creative in making this year’ birthday all the more memorable. Look at ways to spice up the event …

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Excellent ideas for 11 year anniversary gift

11 year anniversary gift

Wedding anniversary is the day on which the couple cherishes all the happy moments of their married life. 11th year’s traditional theme is steel, because it symbolizes strength of the bond between the couple and the durability of their relationship. It is not that easy to select an 11 year anniversary gift for the woman, but it is easy to …

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Best graduation gift ideas

graduation gifts

Graduation gift is a celebration of an achievement in its own way, and it describes your appreciation of somebody’s talent and perseverance. It also serves as an encouragement for him or her to do better in future. The graduate is going to move on to the next phase of his or her life and so the gift that we plan …

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Top six ideas for 40th birthday gifts

40th birthday gift ideas

40th birthday is the day you wish to celebrate with your family and friends. It is completion of a phase in life wherein you’ve overcome the mid-life crisis and have turned into a wise individual. 40th birthday gifts should be diligently chosen to make the occasion a special one.     Photo Album: A photo album is always going to …

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Top six 30th birthday gift ideas

30th birthday gifts

Birthday is a time when we get excited mainly because of the gifts that we get, and of course the birthday cake. It is really a difficult task to decide on the 30th birthday gift ideas that you wish to give to your friends and loved ones. Most of the time I end up exploring too much, and buying a …

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The best 50th anniversary gift ideas


The couples who have been together for as long as long 50 years deserve appreciation and special attention. So 50th anniversary gifts need more thought and care. You have to first create a list of 50th anniversary gift ideas and select the best from the list. Here I am going to list out some 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Magnifying …

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Best 6 ideas for 5 year anniversary gift

A figurine with a wish

The 5th year anniversary is a reminder to both husband and wife that they were able to go through every difficulty that the life threw at them together and they can continue like that till the end. The traditional theme for 5th year anniversary is wood and silver. You can present a traditional gift or a modern gift. So here …

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A list of golden wedding anniversary gifts


History says that the tradition of celebrating wedding anniversary dates back to the time of Roman Empire. At that time the husbands used to wear silver tiara to their wives on the 25th anniversary and gold tiara on 50th anniversary. 50th wedding anniversary is also known as golden wedding anniversary.  Completion of 50 years in marriage calls for celebration; in …

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50th birthday gift ideas to make the day special!


Birthday is a special occasion for everyone, no matter how old they are. When somebody is celebrating their 50th birthday, the event is all the more special. What kind of a birthday would it be if there are no gifts? We list a few 50th birthday gift ideas that will help you forget your worries on what to choose for …

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10 cute Baby Gifts

cute baby gifts-1

Gift is an emotion, an attachment, a relationship, and an interest, it should be remembered for life time. Especially babies are attracted towards different type of colorful toys and articles with different sounds. So we should be choosy while selecting baby gifts. Baby gifts should help them to have fun and gain the knowledge. Gifts keep the babies active and …

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