Being Irish and celebrating Irish on St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious event majorly celebrated in Ireland to commemorate and appreciate the noble deeds of St Patrick. This global celebration of Irish culture is dedicated to Ireland’s great patron saint, who had successfully ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. The history of this day dates back to the 17th century when this day came to be officially noted as a federal holiday in many countries including the Republic of Ireland. Since then, people all over and several Christian missionaries have celebrated the death anniversary of the Saint with great zeal, enthusiasm and glee. Numerous traditions that make this day a grand affair include parades, tri colored costumes, the shamrock tradition, 4-day celebration in Dublin and sharing of corned beef.


With all these financial drama happening around, who wouldn’t want to party day and night, drink green beer, lounge around and just be Irish? Many parts of the world join in the celebration of this secular and religious festival where the Irish expatriate and proudly proclaim their heritage. Springs, fountains and lakes turn green as if by magic in celebration. People start wearing green honoring the tradition and some even go the length of dyeing their hair green. It’s the time when children indulge in sweets where as adults enjoy Irish food and drinks at local pubs.

patricks's day decor


home on patrick's day

If you are planning on celebrating with home décor and having a small get together with family and friends on this day, you need to set the day’s mood and tone with the right kind of decorations. Pull over that beautiful green tablecloth, a few Irish tunes to play and indulge in the spirit of St Patrick’s Day. Get creative with your invitations by using green carnations or green construction paper in shape of shamrocks. Hang a banner in the entranceway celebrating the event and decorate the rooms in your house with basically anything that goes green. Green streamers, balloons, confetti and tablecloths all make for a great gathering on this occasion. You can also try with fun wearable items like green party favors, leprechaun party hats, shamrock necklaces and other great essentials to keep your guests entertained.

pub on patrick's day


st patrick's day gifts

St Patrick’s Day may not be popularly known as a traditional gift giving occasion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it one. In fact, from rather very small gestures to larger ones, this holiday offers incredible reasons and great opportunities to surprise your friends, family and even colleagues. Gift ideas to suit this holiday appropriate mood do abound. From simple leprechaun hats to sophisticated and elaborate gift baskets symbolizing holiday cheer, there are a myriad of ways to spread fun and care for people you love. Gift hampers brimming with special clothing, holiday fare, buttons and many more can help to add to the fun and excitement that this day offers. From Irish green horns to diamond shamrocks and traditional derbies, you are likely to find a range of options from kitschy to classy gift ideas.