The best 50th anniversary gift ideas

The couples who have been together for as long as long 50 years deserve appreciation and special attention. So 50th anniversary gifts need more thought and care. You have to first create a list of 50th anniversary gift ideas and select the best from the list. Here I am going to list out some 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas.


Magnifying glass dome:

It is a magnifying glass and can be used as a paper weight. For somebody who is celebrating 50th wedding anniversary the magnifying glass will be more useful than the paperweight. Buy a pair as 50th anniversary gifts.

Magnifying glass dome

A themed ornament:

The next in my 50th wedding anniversary gifts is a themed ornament. Themed ornament means, it will have something of gold or golden color since 50th anniversary is also knows as golden wedding anniversary. This is a golden colored ornament on which “50th Anniversary” is engraved.

themed ornament

Photo on a wooden plaque:

You can buy a wooden plaque and print the couple’s photo. Get a cute photo of the couple and get it printed on the plaque from a studio. You may even print a wish below the photo. It has a wooden plaque which can be used as the canvas for their photo.Photo on a wooden plaque

Heart rate tracker:

The next in my 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas is a heart rate tracker. You can give two heart rate monitors  as 50th anniversary gifts. This is useful since at this age they have to monitor their heart rate and avoid any uncomfortable chest straps. Most of the heart rate trackers not only monitors your heart beats but also records the distance you cover, speed, steps you climb and even how well you sleep.

Heart rate trackerPair of wallets:

This is in my list of 50th anniversary gift ideas since any couple would love to have their accessories in pairs just like they are “made for each other”. Here I am talking about the leather wallet combo, just like you get watches in combo. You may even buy them separately for husband and wife.


This is something that people from all age group use and can be given as 50th anniversary gifts. Gift a pair of cologne to the loving couples who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Even though this is listed in 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas, you may give this to any age group. You may buy if this comes as pair or you can even buy them online for both husband and wife.Cologne

Vintage Scenery:

Another one in the 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas is the vintage scenery. I am suggesting to get scenery that looks like it is from 50 years ago, to remind them about their honeymoon days. You may order these from online store or can get one from the market. If it has a canvas that will be better; wrap them in the gift papers and tie a bow around the wrapping.Vintage Scenery

Pair of flashlights:

Pair of flashlights or torches is ideal for 50th anniversary gift ideas. Get two flashlights either online or a local store and gift them to the couple in a gift wrapper. They would appreciate the fact that even though it is simple you gave them something that is good use to them.

Pair of flashlights

A beautiful anniversary greeting card will go along with all these gifts and do not forget to include the card. I have listed 8 simple yet wonderful 50th anniversary gifts above; it is your decision now!