Finally, List of the Best Customized Christmas Gifts for 2022 is Out! 

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be looking for awesome personalized gift items to give your loved ones, may they be your friends, neighbors, distant relatives, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or even the neighbor you hate.

Best Customized Christmas gifts

To ease your search, we’ve got some cool items in stock for you to check out. If you give some of these awesome customized Christmas gifts to your loved one, it is a sure thing that they will love you even more and doing so will make you sweeten the love-hate relationship (in case it’s that neighbor!). In that case, the world will be a better place.

Well, the last part may seem a little farfetched but for now, let’s focus on these fabulous merchandise.

The 13 best customized Christmas gifts for everyone:

1. Name Necklace

Name Necklace


It might be the most common personalized item out there, but that doesn’t mean you should not give it a try. This is especially for the “oh-so-popular” girl in your circle – maybe your cousin, sister or friend. Anyone would love to have her name on the necklace.

2. Pocket Knife

Some people are a little bit edgy, and this may be one of the best personalized Christmas gifts for them. This stainless steel knife is made better as paired with a beautiful work of craftsmanship. The handle and the box it comes with are both made of wood and can be engraved with glamorous calligraphy.

Pocket Knife


I bought this for my father! However, you can get this for men of any age. Just make sure they won’t cut themselves.

3. Bobblehead

Bobbleheads, but with people’s faces on them. It might sound a bit creepy but the way these things look is totally adorable. This Bobblehead trump has a bobbling middle finger instead of head



If you know a geek who has a shelf full of unopened boxes of figures and you know they would love these toys, then these are the best bespoke gifts for them.

4. Pint Glass

Pint Glass


We all have that one friend who likes to drink beer, a lot, and this one is just right for him. Or for the alcoholic going through recovery, then you can engrave a message that might encourage them to stay away from alcohol.

5. Pillow Covers

Basically a family name pillow cover, this is one of the best-personalized gifts to any family guy or gal. It doesn’t matter how big or small their family is, you should definitely give this a go.

Pillow Covers


Note: Make sure to get their names printed on the covers.

6. Winter Wreath Personalized Mug

Winter Wreath Personalized Mug


Mugs are the no-brainer go-to gifts on all occasions and thanks to this, yours is even better as it has personalized engravings on both sides. The personalized mug can suit anyone of any age – just don’t forget to put your message there.

7. Coasters



These coasters are the best as they’re not limited to text engravings; they can also be printed with single or multiple photos. One of the best personalized Christmas gifts, having coasters with photos can surely add charm to your loved one’s kitchen or dining room.

8. Customized Lego

What can be more hip than having a Lego figure that looks like a real-life person? Legos are popular for decades and thanks to Hollywood, these are even more popularized. For sure, the person you give this to will be filled with joy seeing themselves in their lego form.

Customized Lego


If you have a geek or a loved one who’s into Legos, then this might be the gift you are looking for.

9. Personalized Cat Pillow

Know a person who’s a cat freak? That person who owns 37 of them, films them every day, and has their own Instagram account? This might be the best-personalized gift for them this Christmas.

Personalized Cat Pillow


Cats are cute and what’s even cuter is having their faces or even their whole body on a pillow. Maybe not so fascinating for you but for your cat freak loved one, these will be the best item money can ever buy.

10. Oversized Bowl

Yes, an oversized bowl (with a handle); not a mug or a cup, but a bowl, a giant freaking bowl. It can hold 32 oz. of whatever you could be drinking; be it soup, coffee or even alcohol.

Oversized Bowl

You can put any oversized text to this oversized bowl and give it to an oversized person as a perfect joke (and eventually motivate them to lose weight that is).

11. Bracelets

Although bracelets are pretty common, giving it a personalized engraving can add a touch of love to it.


Available in multiple colors, these bracelets are best for parties or any other occasion and will definitely add some boldness to anyone’s style statement.

12. Custom Cuff Links & Tie Clip

Custom Cuff Links & Tie Clip


Now, this one is exclusive and for guys only! Subtle but eye-catching, you can give these stainless steel items to your friend or dear one who loves wearing suits or has to wear one for their boring corporate job. These may (or may not) make their job a bit interesting!

13. Keychain

Keychains might not make that much impact to someone because of its commonness but you can make them special by putting an intriguing engraving or even someone’s name on it.

Key chain


If you’re looking for something utterly cheap, then these are the perfect gifts for that special one in your life.

The personalized gifts mentioned above are definitely worth checking out and are perfect if you are looking to make someone delighted and special this Christmas!