50 Best Fathers Day Gifts Ideas – Ultimate Gifting Guide for Fathers Day

The tradition of celebrating the Father’s day is dated back to the 14th century in Spain, Portuguese, and Latin America. In the United States, the tradition was started to complement the Mother’s day celebration that was successfully promoted by Anna Jarvis in the beginning of 20th century.

50 best Fathers day Gifts Ideas

The father’s day celebration was not welcomed by the people for a long time and it was officially made a holiday only in 1972. The father’s day is normally celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June. You know your father has been there for you in all your difficulties. Most people face difficulty in finding the perfect father’s day gift. We have compiled a list of the best fathers day gifts ideas to help you decide. The list is divided into two sections – DIY gifts and ready to give gifts.

DIY gifts – the DIY (short for Do It Yourself) are special gifts wherein you put a personal effort in building the gift item. Sometimes, these are both inspirational as well as emotional as you get to customize the gift the way you want and the person getting it would appreciate the hard work you had put in creating it.

Best Fathers Day Gifts Ideas

1. Footprint stepping stone

Footprint stepping stone

Giving something in remembrance of his children will be one of the best gift ideas for your father. You can make it with the help of concrete mix and a mold. Mix the concrete and you can add color if you want. Then pour the mix into the mold and level it. Once the mix is level place your foot and palms on it to make a mark. Keep it aside to dry and your fathers day gift will be ready in one or two days.

2. Spending time with him

Well, this is one the best fathers day gift ideas even if you could not get a gift for him. Our parents just want some time with us because we are always busy with our jobs and our own lives. So on his special day spend some time with him and do things that you used to do when you were a kid. You can go out with him for a trip or fishing.

3. Book a vacation for your parents

Another one in the list of gift ideas for your father on this year’s fathers day is the ticket for a vacation. If he wants to go alone you can book it only for him or else you can go with him as a family outing. With that, he will get time to spend with his family and also will be able to enjoy the day. It should be a place where your father always wanted to visit.

4. Personalized t-shirt

A personalized t-shirt

Next in the fathers day gifts is a t-shirt that is personalized with something (a quote or picture). You can either print yours and your sibling’s photos or else you can print a beautiful quote describing him. In my opinion, the first one will be the best choice. You can either get it printed from a shop or else you can do it yourself with the fabric paint (If you are writing quote).

5. Father’s day wreath

Father’s day wreath

One of the unique fathers day gift ideas is making a Christmas wreath especially for your father. This can be easily done if you buy a plain wreath that is not decorated. Then wrap it in a cloth in your father’s favorite color. You can further decorate it with words “dad” or “world’s best dad” or even with his name. Cut out a thick paper in the shape of the letters and stick them onto the wreath.

6. Personalized photo frame

Personalized photo frame

One of the best fathers day gifts is reminding him of the beautiful moments he has spent with his children. This is possible through photos. Buy a photo frame and decorate it with quotes and your photos. You can either get the printed photo frames or else you can write a personalized message using a permanent marker.

7. Eyeglasses case

Eyeglasses case

When I said eyeglass case I meant a case that can be worn around his neck. This will be comfortable for him to carry around the glasses. The case can be made from a tie or you can just stitch a small case with cloth in which his glasses will fit in. Stitch a strap that is made of cloth so that he can wear it around his neck. This is one of the gift ideas for your father that will come handy for him.

8. Personalized coffee mug

Eyeglasses case

Next in the fathers day gift ideas list is a coffee mug that has his name printed on it. Buy a white and plain coffee mug and then you can write the name on the mug or else you can get it printed. If you are ordering online the sellers will be helping you to get the job done. You just have to inform them the message you want to print or your father’s name.

9. Hand warmers

Hand warmers

Well, hand warmers are used in the rainy season and in the winter season. From the month of June rain starts to pour down. Hand warmers will be a great help for your father when he goes out. The only materials you need are cotton cloth, sewing supplies, and rice. Make a small pouch with the cloth and fill it with rice. He should keep it in the microwave oven for five minutes before he uses it. You can gift a set of these to him so that he can carry it when he goes out.

10. Photo pillow cover

Photo pillow cover

We all use different types, colors, and sizes of pillows. Some of them will be throw pillows and some of them will be used as cushions on the couch. A Photo pillow cover will be one of the unique fathers day gift ideas. Select a photo of you with your father to print on the pillow and you have already created that perfect recipe for a fathers day gift.

11. Cast molds for keeping items

Cast molds for keeping items

Well, next one is one of the best fathers day gifts I have ever seen but it is a bit difficult to make. You can make bowls of any shape using the mold and ceramic powder that can be bought from stores. For example, you can make bowls in the shape of apple, watermelon, and any fruits or vegetables you like. Paint it with a suitable color and gift it your father. He can use it to keep his keys and other small items like pins.

Ready to give gifts

If you are somebody who does not like to spend time using your creative energy to build a gift for your loved one, but still are ready to shell out some buck and choose a good gift for him, then we do have a list of ready to give gifts that will significantly make your gifting choices easy to pick.

12. A Book


This is one of the best gift ideas for your father if he is an avid reader. Check with him about his reading interests such as favorite author and genre of the book he enjoys reading. Then buy one book that he loves to read or had a wish to read. Visit him with this gift and a greeting card to wish him on his special day.

13. Coffee maker

Coffee maker

A coffee is one of the best beverages known to man and your father would know that better. Give him the luxury to make his own coffee in his own style at home. Yes, all you have to do is get him a good coffee maker. He would love the taste and aroma of hot coffee till the last sip. Your gift will make him cherish the drink to his heart’s delight.

14. Shaver


Every man loves grooming as much as woman loves her make-up. Overcoming the monday morning blues or every morning blues for that matter is of great importance. In this context, gifting a new electric shaver is one of the best gifts you can give to your father. He is going to love grooming himself every morning using one of the best fathers day gifts that you are going to present him.

15. Turntable


If the person is one who has got a penchant for music, a turntable is one of the amazing gift ideas for your father, especially if he is somebody in the classical mould. He can turn this on and listen to his music of his choice. There are quite a list of turntables that can be chosen from. Pick one for your father and let him relive those old moments is a modern way.

16. Infused coffee

Infused coffee

Infused coffee is becoming quite a habit for coffee drinkers these days. The trend is catching up pretty quick among authentic coffee drinkers. It is collusion of science with traditional coffee to bring about a new flavor that is quite exciting. If your father is somebody who loves hot beverages, add this to your list of best fathers day gifts. You can even buy coffee infused with energy drink to improve memory power and alertness.

17. Toiletry case

Toiletry case

Well, keeping one’s things such as face wipes and other toiletry items organized is not confined to women alone. Some men too like to keep their items organized. This is what makes the Toiletry case one of the best fathers day gift ideas for the man who loves to stay organized with his toiletry items. The case can be used to keep the grooming items organized so that when he goes for a trip it will be easier.

18. Cooler for dads who love to travel

Cooler for dads who love to travel

If you have a dad who loves to travel, you can look forward to finding a gift that could be his travel companion. That is why the cooler features among the best gift ideas for fathers who have a penchant for travelling. It would keep his stuff such as beer cans and food items cool while offering him the much needed portability during the travel.

19. Branded watch

Branded watch

A branded watch is not just a device that shows the time, it is also one of the components that makes a gentleman complete. This makes a watch one of the best fathers day gift ideas as it is something that would remain attached to the person wearing it and hence your gift remains attached to the deserving father. Buy one that has the latest technology and should come under your budget.

20. Golf kit

Golf kit

This one is specific for men who love to play golf. Golfers are one of a kind. Not everybody has a flair to play golf. It happens to be royal sport! So, if your dad is trying to get into the game, it is time to consider this as one of the best gift ideas for your father. I am sure your father is going to love golfing using the kit you presented him.

21. Tie clips

Tie clips

If your father is somebody who is often found sporting in a tie, there is something that you can gift that would accentuate his formal looks. So, a set of tie clips or even one would be one among the wonderful gift ideas for your father. It is going to make him look more elegant and he would love wearing it. You get these in different shades and designs but keep the formal touch.

22. Formal shirt

A formal shirt

A formal shift is something every gentleman would love your wear. Find a good one from a nearby store (you can take him with you) or you can even order one online. Make sure that the one that you are getting is not something that he already has. He would love to wear it and enjoy the admiration that it garners for him. The size of the shirt also should be correct.

23. Wallet


Men love wallets. Ask any man and he would say that it is not just a sleeve for him to store his cash. Of course, they do store cash and credit cards but they also store a few memories. Yes, there are wallets that have compartments to slip in a picture of your loved one. So, don’t hesitate in buying this best fathers day gifts. Gift him a wallet that is made of quality material like leather.

24. Pair of Gloves

A pair of Gloves

A pair of gloves is always a great gift idea be it for a gentleman or a lady. Go get a pair of attractive gloves of any material, be it genuine leather or synthetic and gift wrap it to build your perfect gift ideas for fathers day. He will be grateful for this gift especially in winter season.

25. Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have a certain flair when worn by men. To make your father stand out and look elegant, try adding a pair of aviator sunglasses to your list of best fathers day gifts. You have the option to choose the best from online stores after checking the features. Watch out for that Tom Cruise look in Top gun!

26. Perfume


Fragrance is one aspect that every man aspires to have only the best. This is why I have included the perfume as one of the idea gift ideas for your father. If you know that he loves a particular fragrance, it is time to go hunting for it from a nearby aroma shop. Well, start sharpening your sense of smell if you intend to gift him a totally new one.

27. Briefcase

A briefcase

Briefcases are going out of fashion these days, maybe they already have. So, if you intend to bring him those memories back, there could be fewer gift ideas than a briefcase for your father. This would bring back those old memories when it was a regular one for most travel requirements. You can search online for the companies and models available now.

28. Cocktail kit

Cocktail kit

This is one of the best fathers day gift ideas if your dad is someone who loves to party with his friends. The cocktail kit will help him serve drinks easily in a party. Most of the cocktail kits will contain mojito muddler, Cobbler shaker, double-jigger, mixing spoon, and liquor pourers.These products will come in a bag so that it can be carried around easily. Be sure that his friends will be jealous of him.

29. Shaving kit

Shaving kit

If your father has the habit of wet shaving, and is reluctant to use the automatic ones that are available in the market today, you have to respect his decision. Show your respect by gifting him a shaving kit that includes the razor, a set of blades, a shaving foam, and of course an aftershave lotion. This would be one of the most classic and best gift ideas for your father.

30. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

This is something that is useful for anyone. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you to locate your misplaced belongings. This works with the smartphone. The tile is very small so you can let your father strap it to his keychain or anything that he misplaces quite often. Buy it and pair it with his phone. He can find out the lost thing using the phone and he can find out the phone with the use of tile.

31. Smart watch

Smart watch

Smart watch is a good way to introduce your father to the world of smart living. So a smartwatch found itself a place on my list of the gift ideas for your father, especially when your father is somebody who does a lot of stuff and would require a gadget that brings the goodness of most of them in one. This will also allow him to keep track of his health condition the organs like heart.

32. Leather jacket

Leather jacket

An attractive and durable leather jacket is something that every man would long for. Sometimes, it is difficult to find them easily. So, if you are willing to do that extra bit of search, then the leather jacket is for sure one among the best fathers day gifts you can ever find.

33. Hammock


Well, this is for someone who loves to spend some time alone near the river or the lake in the evenings. This can be connected between two trees using the rope. Most of the companies will provide ropes and steel carabiners with a storage bag. This is one of the best fathers day gift ideas for those who loves traveling and camping. Lying down in this and reading a book in the evenings is very refreshing.

34. Virtual reality glass

Virtual reality glass

Virtual reality is the new buzzword around the technology circles. If you intend to surprise your dad with something that he never expects, this one is it. Get a pair of virtual reality glass that would amaze him and welcome him into the world of virtual entertainment. So, the VR glass is definitely one of the best fathers day gifts that you can think of getting for your loving dad.

35. Many-Tools-In-One System

Many-Tools-In-One System

Men are always interested in tools and mechanic works. If your father knows the way around the household work you can gift him a multipurpose tool that has hammer head, screwdriver, nail claw, and cutting blade. This will be one of the best fathers day gifts.

36. Pen stand

Pen stand

We all love to keep our items on the table organized so that they are easily available. Buy a pen stand for your father so that he can keep his pen, pencils, and visiting cards on the office table. It is better to buy one that is made of wood. There are models that even come with a small time piece.

37. Poem for your father

A poem for your father

You would have seen scroll cards used by Kings and queens to send messages in the movies. Just like that you can buy poem printed and framed for your father. Order one from the online store for your father and visit him on his special day to read it out to him.

38. Backpack

A Backpack

If you are looking to find some simple gift ideas for your father, a backpack would definitely feature in them. This multi utility bag is a must have for any kind of travel be it for a small distance or even on a flight. So, the backpack finds its way to my list of best fathers day gift without any difficulty!

39. Pen set

A pen set

A pen is mightier than the sword and a pen set is definitely twice mighty! Find a good pen set from a store that looks best on your father’s shirt pocket and adds to his charisma. The pen set should definitely feature in the best fathers day gifts ideas list. Usually a pen set will come with two pens and a box to carry it.

40. Piece of antique

Piece of antique

Well, this can sometimes be expensive. Nonetheless, you are going to gift it to someone who deserves every penny spent on it. If you have an antique shop nearby, throng it and look for a piece of art that your father would appreciate owning. Try to find out something that is of his young days. Keep it as a surprise until the father’s day!

41. Camera

A Camera

With the smartphones stealing the sheen from the pocket cameras, it is time to get original. This makes the regular camera one of the best gift ideas for your father. Let us just be the original optical zoom rather than the modern digital zoom. It is time for him to learn the manual controls in a camera and depending on your budget you can buy advanced models like SLR cameras.

42. Hat


Hat has been a symbol of tradition and finding one that suits the person is quite task. So, put on your thinking hat and go shopping. Look for the hat that best suits an old man. He should look brilliant on it, when he goes for fishing wearing it or indulges in other activities such as horse-riding.

43. Sipper

A sipper

A sipper is a must if your dad is somebody who frequents the gym often. It is good to have addition to the kitty even if he is not a gym freak. So, do not hesitate to add the simple sipper to your list of best fathers day gift ideas. Let him put it to good use to keep himself hydrated whether in the gym or otherwise.

44. Pair of shoes

A pair of shoes

Footwear is something one never complains about even if there are many to choose from. It is often an indication of the person’s individuality and at times the occassion. Here, you get to decide which one are you going to go for. Get a pair of formal shoes if you want him to put up a professional look. Else, even a casual pair of shoes can be one among the top gift ideas for your father.

45. Bath suit

A bath suit

The next one among the list of gift ideas for your father is something that he can use every day. In fact, anybody would love to use it every day. A bath suit is something anybody would love to use and having an extra one is a welcome deal. Get a good bath suit for your father on this father’s day and bring out a smile on his face.

46. Table lamp

A table lamp

This is one right out of the history books. These days, with the advancement in lighting technology the good old table lamp has slipped into oblivion. It is time to re-ignite that old feeling on a fathers day. Find a table lamp that suits the table that your father frequents for writing. He would be surprised to see the antique quality table lamp there.

47. Traveler’s file Bag

Traveler’s file Bag

Now, let us get a bit specific. Some men travel more often than others. Nonetheless, even a first time traveller would need something to keep his stuff organized. This is what makes the traveller’s file one of the best gift ideas for your father. He is going to love to have a single file that he can pull documents from at the travel counter.

48. Pair of cufflinks

A pair of cufflinks

Well, any gentleman in his right mind would love to have a new pair of cufflinks. If your dad is somebody who loves to dress well, a pair of cufflink would delight him. You can get many cufflinks with different designs and various patterns from both online and local stores. This makes it one of the best fathers day gift ideas to any man.

49. Key chain

Key chain

If you are looking for simple, yet useful gift ideas for your father, then the humble keychain could well be the topper in the list. Though this would not be the gift that is going to have a wow factor like an iPhone, it is still a thoughtful gift for your dad without all those whims and fancies! If you are out of bucks, don’t get depressed. You can still get a decent key chain for your father.

50. Kindle


If your old man has a habit of reading, be it the hard copy or online it is a good option to gift him something that will improve his reading experience. In this context, the kindle is definitely one of the best gift ideas for your father. Though a trifle expensive, it would be a worthy gift for your father. Invest in a good kindle that suits the dimensions of a regular tablet, and the return that you get will be invaluable – a sign of happiness on your dad’s face.

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