Best Get Well Soon Gifts For Your Acquaintances

You know someone, but do not know him personally. Now, he is ill and you wish to send get well wishes. Here are some gift ideas for you. Do you know who is an acquaintance? He/she is a person, whom you know or even you might have met, but you do not know much about his/her interests. Now, you get to know that the person is ill and just because you know him, you want to send your ‘get well soon gifts’ to the person. You might be thinking what can be the apt gift to carry forward your wish to the ill person. You know rather than sending the right gift, it is highly important that a wrong gift should never be sent. The reason is that an inappropriate gift can hurt the person, who is already ill and worried about his health. So, here are 15 get well soon gift ideas that will make the person feel happy and will give him a boost to recovery quickly:

Best Get Well Soon Gifts For Your Acquaintances

1. Green flower bouquet:


Green flower bouquet


You can send or take this green colored flower bouquet to meet the person in the hospital or his home. Researchers show that just having a look at the shades of green will boost the motivation and creativity. This color is something that links evolutionary with nourishment. This is why most hospitals and doctors recommend their inpatients to have a walk at the garden to ensure a speedy recovery. Even though flower bouquets for a recovering person are a common and traditional gift, they have a true meaning and they show your care towards the person in ensuring a speedy recovery.

2. Ice pack for pain relief:


Ice pack

Items that can reduce pain can be excellent additions to your get well soon gift ideas. This hot/cold therapy wrap with adjustable straps will help with instant pain relief for the patient. This pack comes with specially formulated gel to stay colder for longer and will help with relieving pain. Also, the gel pack can be microwaved for quick heating, if the patient looks for hot massage as against cold. Also, to ensure flexibility, it is designed in such a way that the gel will not freeze. The patient can strap it to his shoulder or back or any other areas of pain to get relief.


3. Hermell Foam Slants for neck and back support:

Hermell Foam Slants

When an individual is confined to bed for longer, it will be detrimental to back health. This is why doctors recommend a recovering patient to initially sit on the back for some time before he/she begins mild walks. When the patient sits, this slant that can support neck and back will be of great help to him. This is an orthopedic aid and even though you might feel that the hospital would have provided the right cot for the patient, this get-well-soon gift will be of great help to your acquaintance.

4. Soft blankets:


Soft blankets

Soft blankets are always a welcome gift for a recovering patient. This particular blanket that is available in different colors is from Threadart. These super soft plush fleece are so soft and cozy and also it can be personalized with embroidery as well. This is made out of 100% low lint polyester and the size is 50” x 60”. This can be a gift of comfort that can be sent along with your get well soon message to help your acquaintance for quicker recovery.


5. Cube Puzzle:

Cube Puzzle

Any puzzle can be highly relaxing for the recovering person. In this puzzle, each puzzle features Elsa and Anna, the most popular characters of the film Frozen. It is non-toxic and so it can be useful and safe for the recovering person. The small size of the cube will help the patient to easily handle it. He/she might feel bored about spending time in bed for long and so will be looking for some entertainment in the middle. So, this can be a relaxing gift to relieve stress and also to keep the recovering speed.

6. Soft Pajamas:


Soft Pajamas

It is generally recommended that the individual recovering from illness should wear comfortable clothing. It is always better to opt for cotton blended clothing that will not cause any disturbance to the patient. This is why Benson & Brown Soft Men’s Cotton blend woven pajama can be the best gift to help with recovery. This pajama comes with strong thin and light fabric with a full wide cut for easy movement and utmost sleeping comfort. It features long leg and long sleeve for utmost comfort to the patient.


7. How about a fruit basket with your recovery message:

fruit basket

Generally, for a recovering person, fruits are suggested by doctors as they are easy to digest. In addition, nuts are also suggested for helping the patient get the right level of protein and other nutritious benefits. This fruit basket has two variety of pears and apples each, mandarins and oranges and will also come with a seasonal fruit. In addition, you can find a delicious natural cheddar cheese. It also has premium salted and roasted nuts and is presented in a woven basket with faux linen and also a green bow to show your interest towards a speedy recovery of your acquaintance.


8. Consider Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime

You can consider giving your acquaintance with an Amazon Prime membership. This membership has many exclusive benefits. For instance, prime members will be in a position to enjoy exclusive access to exclusive television shows and movies. In addition, your friend can enjoy ad-free music, kindle books and also unlimited photo storage. Entertainments like music and television shows can bring great relaxation for your recovering acquaintance. He can get instant access to video streaming and unlimited music streaming is possible with millions of songs and thousands of stations and playlists. The membership is valid for a year and it encompasses more than 8 lakh free ebooks. This can be the ideal gift for delivery.

9. Funnybone:



The more an ill person laughs, better will be his recovery time. So, you can consider gifting this book that will tickle his funny bone. This book will have jokes about old age and many other things that will remind your friend of the old funny days at the office or at home. Even though this book is suitable for old people, even if your recovering acquaintance is young, he will enjoy the book to a great extent. This book will work as a laughter therapy for him to recover soon.


10. Ultimate mind game:

mind game

Gifts that can help with fighting boredom are something important for a recovering person. If you wish to provide the patient with some brain-teasing trivia, this book of mind games with more than 400 puzzles can surely be an excellent gift. This book can keep them thoroughly entertained and there are different types of puzzles to solve like logic puzzles, crosswords, word searches and Sudoku. This tiny book can be a good addition to the items of entertainment and fun for the recovering person.

12. Aromatherapy diffuser:


Aromatherapy diffuser

Aromatherapy is known to be highly relaxing and so in the stressful situation of recovering from illness, your acquaintance needs some sort of relaxation. This is where this aromatherapy diffuser can help him/her. All that is to be done is to add two or three drops of essential oil to the pad and this can be plugged into the wall. This can be used in an 110 voltage outlet. It comes with 5 refill pads and the pads can be used until it starts to lose color. You can also present a pack of aromatherapy scent along with this gift that will help with quick recovery.


12. Brain sensing headband:

Brain sensing headband

Even though your acquaintance cannot move from the bed, he can meditate. Muse is a personal meditation assistant and will help with excellent mind relaxation. When the mind is highly stressed, this unit will help with calming the mind to a great extent. The patient can just put on the Muse headband and can put on the earbuds along with application on mobile phone. He can relax himself with the sounds of rainforest and beach. When he meditates, the headband will measure whether the mind is calm or active. This can be an excellent gift for a recovering individual as the calm mind will help with quicker recovery.

13. How about a reading pillow?


reading pillow

If you get to know from one of your colleagues that the acquaintance has great interest towards reading, you can opt for this San Francisco Giant Bed Rest Backrest reading pillow. This will help with not just reading, but when he plays some puzzles. He can use this when reading and then can remove when he gets to rest. This will also help with entertainment like when watching television, it will help with better relaxation and pain-free reading and watching television.


14. Get well soon plush toy:

Get well soon plush toy

When your gift carries your message along, it will be a great idea, isn’t? Plush toys are not just great gifts for kids, but adults also love them. When you choose this toy for gifting, your acquaintance will remember your gift forever. This toy itself looks like it is ill and so it will make your friend giggle. Yes, the teddy has a boo-boo on head, leg cast and arm cast. Also, you can autograph the toy with your message for your recovering acquaintance.

15. Acupuncture eye massager:

Acupuncture eye massager

This can be the best gift for relaxing eyes. Eyes get strained when your acquaintance spend too much time in reading books and watching movies and videos. This unit comes with a permanent magnetic field for influencing blood circulation and metabolism.

So, choose any of these gifts that will take your get well soon message along for your acquaintance to feel happy about.