Best graduation gift ideas

Graduation gift is a celebration of an achievement in its own way, and it describes your appreciation of somebody’s talent and perseverance. It also serves as an encouragement for him or her to do better in future. The graduate is going to move on to the next phase of his or her life and so the gift that we plan to give them has to be well thought about.


graduation gifts


In the past, most of the graduation gifts used to be in the form of cash or different kind of watches. However, nowadays there are lot of options to choose from for a graduation gift besides the money and watches. To make things easy for you, let us list out some of the best graduation gift ideas that you could think about:

It’s the time to change the dirty and disgusting backpack


It’s been more than 4 -5 years using the same old backpack and now it is the time to discard the old one and get a new stylish backpack.They are definitely in need of one which can be useful at college and work as well. Choose something that is stylish and serves the purpose well. There are lots of stylish backpacks available in the market, like casual backpacks, daypacks, and many more.




Done with schooling; New place and New Home


Money in the form of cash would be quite a helpful graduation gift for those who’ve just started working after graduating from high school.  These kids would be in need of money initially to fulfill their daily needs like gas, rent, household supplies and they will also need cash to buy college books.As we know cash can be always a useful gift and it teaches them the lesson of finance management!

Gift Card

A gift card is a perfect graduation gift and it can be utilized to buy anything starting from personal care to study items. If a student is moving out of the town to some other place, they can utilize the gift card to buy cloths, or household items. Few people think that a gift card will be the best gift instead of buying something as the youngster will have the liberty to buy whatever they are in need of.


gift card


Time to get new technology; Lets go for a Laptop

Out of school is something special, where children will feel like their wings are free and they can fly like a bee.Thought process of these youngsters at this stage will be different and they will start thinking like grown ones, which is true.  A gift should meet their expectation and fulfill their needs, so buying them a laptop would be one of the best graduation gifts.


mac book


There are lots of discounts available for student laptops and you should utilize this to buy a good laptop with discount keeping the budget in mind.In this electronic world, everybody become computer savvy and fond of social networking and teenagers hold the highest share in using electronic gadgets including laptop.

A laptop will be helpful in completing the assignments, watch their favorite movies in study breaks, and for job search as well as for social networking.

Look out for alternate transport arrangement apart from public transport – Biking


Going to college on a bike would be memorable moment and gifting a bike after graduation will make them to remember it for lifetime.  Bike is useful mode of transport for the students to be outdoor and to reach the class without delay. For the students without car, having a bike will be more helpful to go out of the campus to get grocery and much more. Moreover, biking is useful for them to keep their body fit and healthy.



Smart Watch

Watch is a common graduation gift; however, let us look at gifting the watch in an entirely different form.  So instead of the regular watch, smart watch would be a useful graduation gift.


smart watch


Smart watch is computerized equipment that offers more functionality beyond just displaying the time. It works like a basic computer and it runs on a mobile operating system. Some of them have FM radio and music players as well. The market is flooded with different models at different prices depending on the functionality. Choose one as a gift!

Time to start working – In search of a job

A Blazer

Graduated students have to attend job interviews and they will prefer to wear a blazer for that professional look. Blazers are also worn at night parties, so it becomes a preferred item in their wardrobe.




Ease out the stress with some entertainment in new place

Ticket or Entry Pass to a concert/show

Every student is will have some interest towards different kinds of shows or music concerts. Arranging a ticket for his/her favorite show or music concert (or standup comedy) will be a valuable graduation gift than any physical object. If student is out of home and new to the city, it will give an opportunity to explore the new location and would be helpful to make some good friends there.




Along with entertainment, it will also give them a break from stressful study schedule.

A Netflix Account

Most of the students will be out of home and stay in new city/townfor their college education. As we know they will be busy with the studies, however, they need something to entertain themselves in the free time. A Netflix account with monthly subscription would be a right pick as a graduation gift and it will provide the access to their favorite shows, music, movies and much more.

This will help them to overcome the stress and relax their minds in between their schedule.

Inspirational/Motivational books

An inspirational book can motivate them to get new ideas to transform their life. It will show the path when a student is in depression and gives new energy to change the thought process and bounce back.


Motivational book


A book is a knowledge bowl and some books can change the lives and bring in some positive energy. There are lots of inspirational books available including biographies of great people, success principles, and much more. Get one to gift them. You can also read some beautiful gift suggestions for your beloved teacher on teacher’s day.