Best ideas for executive gifts

It’s the time to splurge your office guys with gifts. This time it is going to be a set of unique executive gifts that you plan to award. Many organizations have a culture of awarding or rewarding their employees including the ones in the Management cadre with executive gifts. Taking a leaf from that culture we will try to create a list of executive gifts, so that you spend your time on other productive activities. Let’s get going –

Card holder Desk set

Pen card

Executives love to have a decorated (of course mildly) desk that features utility items. Our first contender in the list of executive gifts also does something similar. It is a card holder desk set that can hold two pens (or one pen and one pencil), as well as a beautiful clock. This would be an ideal accessory for an executive desk. I am sure the person is going to love this gift and put it to good use. It could be something like this – It would help the desk wear an executive look and further enhance the professional outlook of the desk or the cabin as a whole.

Luxury Portfolio pad

leather gift prime

Next in our list of the executive gifts is a luxury business portfolio, preferably zippered that can be ideal for gifting both men and women. If it is going to be made of leather, it would enhance the style and grace of the individual using it. This would be well-suited for business executives and professionals during meetings as well as business trips. A typical business portfolio pad would have a placeholder for print outs, pens, credit cards, a notepad and of course business cards. I found one such product online. Look for something like this that offers maximum utility while remaining compact and stylish.

Executive decision maker

Executive decision maker

Let us get a bit less serious because the next among the executive gifts is an “Executive Decision maker”. This features a “Schrodinger’s cat” that will help you make tough decisions logically. This is a funny way of making complex decisions look simple. All you have to do is ask the cat a question that requires a logical answer – Yes or No. The cat would flux between dead and alive. If it ends up alive, then the answer is yes, else it is a No.

Sand timer

sand timer

As a professional, often you will have to work on tight schedules. The deadlines can be even just an hour’s time. The next item in our executive gifts list has something to do with the unstoppable – TIME. It is a Sand timer that was used as a timing device to set deadlines. This Sand timer is a magnetic one that sets a time-out for a minute. Interestingly, the magnet creates unique sculptures that anybody would admire. I guess more than the 1 minute (60 seconds) timer, the various sculptures that it creates would gather more attention.

Vintage fountain pen

handcrafted natural pen

Fountain pens have become a thing of the past and every item that has a history finds its place in the vintage collection. Next, it is the turn of the Vintage Fountain pen to feature in our list of executive gifts. The fountain pen that you choose to gift has to be well –crafted and have an aesthetic look. This is made of natural bamboo, handcrafted to perfection and packed in a matching case that is made of bamboo too. The very look and feel of the product is ample evidence of the workmanship involved in creating this masterpiece. Find a similar one and gift it to somebody who deserves it!

Travel Tie Case

Travel Tie Case

Let’s get a bit specific now. We are going to look at one of the executive gifts that are specific to men. This is ideal for men who travel. The travel tie case that I found online is a simple padded case made of polyester that can hold about 6 ties. It also has a separate zippered pouch to accommodate tie clips and cufflinks. Elastic straps are provided to hold the ties firmly while lining is cushioned to prevent the neckties from developing wrinkles. Find one from a local store or order it online.

Cufflink Case

executive cufflinks

Yeah, it is the cufflink case. Though labeled as a cufflink case, it can store up to two watches and either two rings or cufflinks in an additional compartment that it houses. This item is more like a jewelry box for a man or woman. It has a roll-style design that augurs well for individuals who travel often as it fits well into any luggage. It is an ideal gift for anybody, especially the folks who travel a lot. Spend some time to look for a reliable case similar to the one mentioned and wrap it well with gift wrappers before you present it to the deserving individual.

Paper weight


Well this is the simplest of the executive gifts that I’ve listed – A paper weight. Choose something that is quite different from the regular ones that you usually find. Look to get something that has an aesthetic value so that the person, to whom you are gifting it, cherishes every moment he uses it. You can raid a local fancy store or a gift articles center and find a similar one. Though paper weights have a limited utility, I found one online that is certain to make the person admire it. This paper weight that features in the link that I’ve shared looks like a solar system, but is made up of pure glass. This would be ideal for the desk of a corporate executive. He or she would love every moment they look at it.

This sums up my list of executive gifts that you could consider. For sure you would love to gift these wonderful items while the recipient would appreciate the thought and effort you have put forth in planning and bringing those awesome gifts.