Best Retirement Gifts To Your Colleagues

Retirement from the career is actually the entry for a new life. So, it needs the best honor in the form of gifts. Hey, are you worried that one of your colleagues is going to retire from work? The thing to remember here is that retirement is a big deal and it is true that you are going to miss his/her presence at work hereafter. Retirement actually marks the beginning of another chapter in his/her life. It need not essentially be the end of the career, but it can open up the door for a new career. It is actually a life event that changes each day that the retiring individual experiences. It is something that brings changes in co-worker interactions, customary patterns and also relationship changes. You can take the opportunity to make the retirement most memorable for your colleague and you can take this as a chance to honor him/her.Best Retirement Gifts To Your Colleagues

It is true that retirement of a valued colleague is something that will bring mixed emotions. At one time, you will feel happy that your friend is going to begin a new chapter in life, but on the other, you will also be sad about losing your daily interaction time with him/her. Remember that routes diverge with the retirement of your colleague and you cannot predict your future time with him/her. However, you can take control in the present and so take his/her retirement ceremony as the opportunity to appreciate his services. You should be careful about selecting the most memorable gift for him/her. Here are top 20 retirement gifts to help you out:

1. Saks 31″ Expandable Rolling Trolley Duffel: 


Expandable Rolling Trolley Duffel


Most retirees have extensive travel plans. So, if your colleague has such plans, the best thing you can do is to opt for this trolley duffel bag. This bag will be of great help for his/her tour itinerary. This nylon bag with interior lining comes with rollerblade skate wheels for easy movement. This is exceptionally lightweight with tremendous capacity and this can be the most useful gift for the retirement ceremony if your colleague has extensive traveling plans after retirement. With trolley, he/she need not have to carry the bag and every time the person starts for a trip, he/she will be remembering you for the great gift.


2. Humorous retirement t-shirt:


The retirement celebration can be enhanced with a good-natured humorous gift. This T-shirt that is available in different colors like black, navy blue, olive and slate will remind your friend that he is just retiring from work, but he is going to work at home for his wife. The t-shirt comes with the print that says that ‘I tried to retire, but now I’m working for my wife’. But, this can be the suitable gift only if your retiring colleague is a fun-loving person. Otherwise, he might feel otherwise. So, if you are confident about his nature, you can very well opt for this great gift that can turn out to be a memorabilia.

3. Get sentimental with scrapbook:





Scrapbooks with a collection of letters from colleagues, clients, and customers can turn out to be a keepsake quality retirement gift for your colleague. It is true that it takes some efforts to compile the thoughts about the retiring colleague from all your co-workers. But, this can turn out to be a sentimental gift. But, you cannot shop this at last minute. You will have to make your shopping well in advance, such that the book can reach each and every table of your staff members to share their best memories and thoughts about the retiring person. Whenever your colleague feels bored after retirement, he/she can just get into this scrapbook and can cherish the great memories at the office. This is a 12×12 top quality scrapbook that comes in 8 different colors and 10 acid free and top load pages for your colleagues to share their thoughts and words of love.


4. Passport holder:

Passport holder

If the retiring colleague has plans to travel extensive to foreign countries, this passport holder can turn out to be the most useful gift. This neck pouch comes with RFID blocking and it is made out of 100% durable water-resistant rip-stop nylon material. As it is comfortable, breathable, lightweight and has a passport holder to store the documents like passport, credit cards and other valuable records safely. The RFID mechanism will block unwanted scans to make sure that the cards and personal information remain confidential and private. Flexible storage and also suitability both for men and women make this gift the best choice for the retiree with extensive worldwide traveling plans.


5. Hobby gift – DIY Project box set:


DIY Project box set


If you find that your retiring friend has great attraction towards Do-It-Yourself stuff, you can choose this gift to satisfy her. This is a set of 10 books written by different authors, such that your colleague can keep engaged after retirement and even can make some business out of the ideas from these books. Generally, retired women wish to keep themselves engaged even after retirement and they do not wish to spend their days just watching television. You can make your retiring colleague to turn out to be even more creative with her past creative skills with this great gift suitable for the retirement ceremony.

6. Celebrating excellence in service:


Celebrating excellence in service

If you wish that the retiring person should be honored stating his/her years of service to the organization, you can choose this gift to celebrate the excellence in service, which comes with the number of years inscribed on it. You can gather details from your organization about the number of years of service and can choose the appropriate year inscribed pin. This pin features a 3mm genuine Australian Crystal and the solid pin is made out of brass. It is also gold plated and has cloisonné hard enamel. The pin comes with a magnetic backing and it is poly bagged as well and the size is ¾”.



7. Retirement Blessings:



Retirement Blessings


You might feel that you are too young to bless the retiring colleague. But, if you want to share some inspirational words for him stating that he is going to get a new life from here on, you can choose this gift. Some people feel highly worried about their retirement as they feel that life comes to an end after retirement. If your colleague has such a thought, this can be the excellent gift for him. The inspiration quote in this gift that can be placed on a table, desk or mantle will praise his hard work so far and also will state that he will get the blessings of the god for a new life that begins from the next day of retirement. This gift will also share that he will have more time for many things from hereon, such that he will turn his retired life to be meaningful.

8. Tumbleweed ‘Retired’ Definition Occupational Ceramic Coffee Mugs: 


Ceramic Coffee Mugs


As you might be aware, coffee mugs are always useful gifts for anyone, who generally have a cup of coffee, tea or any other beverage daily. When the coffee mug is printed with a suitable message, it will turn out to be the memorable gift for the occasion. As you are looking for the best retirement gift for your colleague, this mug with the meaning of ‘retired’ printed on it can be the best choice. This gift can turn out to be the inspirational item every morning for the retiring individual. It is made out of quality and durable ceramic and not just for drinking; it can also be used for holding things like candies, paper clips, pens and pencils.


9. Complete golf set:

Complete golf set


If the retiring colleague has plans to spend most of his retired life in golf clubs, this can be the most useful and most used gift item for him. This set comes with a stand bag, putter, iron/wedges, hybrids (4H, 5H) and also a pair of Callaway balls. He will be highly thankful for this great gift that will play a major role to keep him engaged and entertained after retirement.

10. Gift to track fitness:


track fitness

If you have heard your retiring colleague stating that if he gets time, he would spend more time towards fitness, this fitness tracker can be the best choice. Besides fitness, this item will track his sleep cycles. Generally, after retirement, some people do not sleep properly in the initial days as they feel highly emotional. On the other hand, some people tend to sleep more considering that there are no time restrictions for them. Both these types of sleep patterns can affect health. So, if you are concerned about his health, you can opt for this fitness tracker as the best gift on the retirement ceremony. This item comes in different colors to make the right choice.


11. Margarita and Slush Maker:

Margarita and Slush Maker

Most retirees love to spend time sitting by the side of a swimming pool and having cups of margarita. This margarita and slush maker can be the excellent gift for the retiring lady or man. This item can make 64 ounces of slush drinks and its powerful motor can slice the ice to a perfect consistency. It will dispense consistently smooth frozen drinks and it includes a detachable cup rest and drip tray. Having fresh fruit juices is something health for old people as well.


12. Consider a digital camera:


digital camera


Hey as you know, nowadays, digital pictures are getting more and more popular and people these days rarely show interest towards printing their photos. For the retiring colleague with frequent traveling interests or even any other interest, this digital camera from Olympus can be the excellent choice. It is waterproof, freeze proof, crush proof and also shock proof. Even, your friend can use the underwater mode to capture images underwater, if he loves swimming and scuba diving. This 1080 pixel HD video camera comes with GPS and Wi-Fi facility.

13. Garden Apron:


Garden Apron

If you find that your friend has great interest towards gardening and has plans to spend most of his/her time in gardens after retirement, you can choose this garden apron as the best and useful gift. This super-convenient garden apron comes with 8 pieces of gardening tools and everything needed for home gardening. It has tools that will be perfect for home gardens. The set has tools like pruner, gardening wire, spray bottle, spade, trowel and rake along with a set of gloves.


14. Picnic backpack:

Picnic backpack

If your friend has plans to visit many places that are located in short distances from his home in most of the days of his retired life, this picnic backpack from Plush Picnic brand can be the best gift. This backpack can hold cutlery set, plates, fleece blankets, detachable bottle holder and cooler compartment. As the bag comes with all these items included, it can be the most useful gift for your retiring friend and his wife to remind you on all the days they go for the picnics together. They can keep their foods hot or cold as the bag comes with iThermashield insulated cooler.


15. Cord manager:

Cord manager

If your friend is a tech savvy and will have to handle a lot of cords for his mobile phone, tablet PC, headphones, memory cards and flash drives during his travels, this cord manager from Patu brand can be the most useful and memorable gift. It comes with a folder design and it is the ideal choice for carrying digital devices safely besides cords. All the mobile phone and tablet accessories can be kept safe in a single place and this pack is made from high-quality nylon fabric. It is also lightweight and will be easy to carry for your friend.

16. Pendleton Men’s Shetland Crew-Neck Sweater:


Pendleton Men's Shetland Crew-Neck Sweater

If your friend has plans to visit some cold destinations after retirement, a sweater can turn out to be the best and memorable gift. This sweater comes in different colors and also you can choose from different sizes like large, X-large, XX-large, small and medium that you feel will be suitable for the retiring colleague. This is made out of 100% Shetland wool and imported sweater is machine washable. This is a long-sleeve wool sweater with crew neckline and ribbed-knit trim at neck, cuffs and at hem.

17. How about a fishing rod?


fishing rod

If you know that the retiring coworker has great interest towards fishing, you can gift him a fishing rod. This specific rod is actually a starter pack and this entire fishing kit is made for novice. It comes with a sturdy and durable rod, lightweight and compact construction and the collapsible fishing poles make this unit the best choice if your friend will be frequently traveling. This unit also comes with 12-months of hassle-free warranty, such that your friend can learn fishing right from the beginning to keep him engaged after retirement.


18. Why not consider a lounge?


At least for the initial few months after retiring, your friend might be looking for complete rest and relaxation at home, before he actually begins his next step of action. So, to provide him with the best product to relax himself, you can choose this inflatable ultra lounge with ottoman. As it is inflatable, it is portable as well and your friend can carry the chair wherever you goes on. Also, inflation can be done within a few minutes. So, without any doubt, this can be an excellent gift for a retiring person, who needs rest.


19. Suggestions on what to do after retirement:

Funny Guide to Life After Work

If your colleague is yet to decide about the things to do after retirement, you can gift this book from Stella Rheingold, where he/she will be in a position to get some useful ideas based on his/her interests. This is actually a fun-filled book that your friend will enjoy reading. In fact, he will show his eagerness towards reading the book right on the first day of retirement life to plan things ahead. So, if you are looking for an useful gift, you can choose this option.

20. Acupressure mat:


Acupressure mat

If you find that your friend has been recently complaining about back pain and neck pain due to age or long sitting work or any other reason for that matter, you can gift him/her with this acupressure mat. This mat as the name implies has acupressure point triggers for pain reduction, full support, relaxation and stress relief, increased energy and circulation. This set of mat and pillow is made out of 100% high quality thick cotton and also plant-based eco foam.



The main thing to remember here is that you should choose any gift that will suit the interest of your retiring colleague. To know his/her exact plans after retirement and also his areas of interest, you should start talking to him well in advance, so that selection of the right gift with utmost usefulness to your friend will be highly possible. We wish you all success to make the retiring ceremony, a great success and the most memorable for your retiring co-worker.