Best Way to Celebrate Christmas – Here’s what lifestyle experts say

Isn’t Christmas the holidays when we cheer up and spend the holidays with our friends and family? YES, Definitely.

We do expect happiness all around during any occasion and Christmas is definitely one of them. There are many local customs and traditions which we stick to but there is a common feeling of joy and happiness definitely. Everyone exchanges gifts and tries to spend most of their time with their loved ones.

best way to celebrate christmas

Everything is so Christmas in their own way starting from the adorable trees to the decorations and gifts we receive in return. A family get together and a friends reunion adds to the cheer.
This year, we thought to take the views of the lifestyle experts on how they intend to celebrate Christmas.

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Let’s find out the interesting replies below:

1. Myrah Duque

“GIVE, spreading love, by doing a generous act to those that are less fortunate. Gather with relatives and celebrate those traditions of your culture.”


There is no one single best way to celebrate Christmas, but for my family now as the kids are now 12 and 15, my favourite thing to give is the gift of travel. Together we are also sure to choose some charitable gifts and support those as a family. I like the kids to be involved in choosing something that matters to them. We often scope out the World Vision Canada gift catalogue and choose something impactful to give to teachers and family friends. But my gift to the entire family is typically a trip at Christmas or during part of the holiday season. When we travel we have time to reconnect and reflect on the year that has gone by. We give each other the gift of being together without work, school or other distractions and we create memories. That’s my favourite way to celebrate the season.

3. Jana

For us, it’s two-fold. For our family, the best way to celebrate Christmas is to honor family traditions. Some of those include getting new pajamas each year on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, we open our stockings first, eat breakfast, then go back to finish opening the rest of our gifts in those new pajamas. But we also like to create new family memories and traditions. When our son was little, we started going to the Polar Express train ride each year. So we look to find new ways as a family to create new holiday memories year over year.

4. Ickle Pickle

The best way to celebrate Christmas is with family, watching movies, playing games and generally just being together.

5. Del Kristin Ruiz

I think the best way to celebrate Christmas is to make sure everyone around me goes into these holiday months in good spirits. It is important that no matter what, the point of Christmas is a time to celebrate family and the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus promoted kindness and doing well to others, and we try to follow in his steps by passing on good cheer and deeds to those in need.

5. Lylia Rose

For me the best Christmas day is spent at home with my family, lounging around in Christmas pyjamas/jumpers, enjoying the children opening presents and watching Christmas films all day whilst enjoying delicious food.  The celebrations don’t stop there however!  We also spend the rest of Christmas week visiting as many friends and family as possible exchanging gifts with one another.  Christmas for me is a time to spend with good company, good food and a time for giving.

6. Melanie Edwards

The best way to celebrate Christmas is by spending it with family – honoring cultural traditions, sharing stories, a good meal, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

7. Erin Kennedy

The best way to celebrate Christmas for me is to Eat, Drink and be Merry with Family and Friends.

8. Random Musings

The best way to celebrate Christmas is by spending quality time with family and close friends.

9. Talya Stone

“As well as honouring existing family Christmas traditions, celebrating Christmas should also be about giving back – doing a reverse advent is a great way of doing this. A reverse advent is when you donate one item for each day of the advent to someone in need and gifting it to them on Christmas Eve – it’s the ultimate in food banks.  And here’s a handy guide to how you can do one too:

It gives you the best Christmassy feeling, more than gift exchanging ever will! “

10. Pam Wattenbarger

I think the best way to celebrate Christmas is spending time with friends and family.  We also have special Christmas traditions we do with the kids, including making Reindeer food, decorating cookies, making a gingerbread house and taking a drive to see the Christmas lights. On Christmas Eve we have a tradition of  attending a Christmas Eve candlelight service,  followed by a  family meal, opening presents and reading the Christmas story.

11. Cathi Crismon

The best way to spend Christmas is with family while celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

12. Cyn Gagen

Our favorite way to celebrate Christmas as a family is by choosing some very special, meaningful moments to focus on rather than getting caught up in all of the holiday hoopla. Lighting the Advent candles, going on a Bethlehem walk, and setting up our Nativity set are all at the top of the list. They are quiet, awe-inspiring traditions that bring us closer together and looking towards what’s most important to us. To share the message of Christmas love, we like to give back to others.

There are so many ways to do this but the one that is most significant to us is choosing an angel from one of our local angel trees. We always search until we can find one named Jessica, and then in honor of my deceased niece with the same name, we purchase gifts for her in hopes that we’ve helped to create a very Merry Christmas for her as well.
Let’s hear out how you celebrate in comments!!

13. LeahSays Views

The holidays bring about feelings of nostalgia and family traditions beginning with memories of baking holiday cookies with my mother. The warm kitchen filled with the smell of spices and to this day when I open vanilla extract I’m instantly transported back to my childhood and my mother’s kitchen learning how to bake and cook for a large crowd.

When I became a mother I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with my children sharing recipes my mother shared with me; now I’m once again sharing this tradition with my grandchildren passing on the memories of family and the love we have for each other. We’re gifting our hearts and love from within when we gift freshly baked holiday treats.