Birthday gifts for kids

With the way technology is making progress these days, there are a number of things that kids can choose from, to play with. Kids are also the easies age group to please. But as kids grow older they tend to have specific wants, especially when it comes to birthday gifts. So, you should probably ask the parent or child, itself, what he or she would like for their birthday. You could also surprise them and look for an unusual gift idea – something that is both fun and meaningful at the same time. There are a number of things that you can choose from depending on the age group of the child, your budget, and what their interests are.


Unusual birthday gifts for kids

Below are a bunch of birthday gifts for kids that you should definitely keep in mind when doing your shopping. These gifts are fun, interesting and definitely something that every kid would love. It will help you narrow the number of options that you may be turning over in your head.

1. Disney Infinity 3.0


This is the ideal starter pack for any little Star Wars fan. You can get this for anyone with an xbox or playstation and it comes with many other things than just a game. The pack includes a Disney Infinity 3.0 base, Anakin Skywalker and AhsokaTano figures, an entire play set piece, a web code card and even a KananJarrus Light FX figure. You get all of this for the most affordable price available and it is definitely the kind of geeky gift that kids loves; especially since the recent release of the latest Star Wars movie.

2. Star Wars PS4 controller

PS4 custom star wars

For every playstation and Star Wars lover, this gift is the ideal combination of both. You can get this amazing three horned PS4 controller at a steal deal on Amazon. It an authentic Sony product and considering kids tend to be a little rough with controllers, they will be more than excited to receive one as a birthday gift. It will also be something cool and fun they can show off to their friends, with its shiny gloss finish and the entire controller is of the best quality there is!

3. Barbie

barbie birthday gift

Every little grows up with some rather fond memories with their Barbie’s. This doll has stuck with children through many generations and many little girls even enjoy collecting them. This exclusive Barbie is definitely something any girl would love to add to their collections. It is pretty, and comes with a beautiful red and white flare dress. This Caucasian festive doll is definitely one of its kind and is rather cheap as well. It is definitely an unusual birthday gift idea that you need to take into consideration.

4. Dhoom 3 Barbie

dhoom 3 barbie

Most Barbie doll enthusiast love keeping a number of Barbies that represent different cultures or movies. This Barbie is not only for those kids who love the doll but also many little Dhoom 3 fans. It is meant to represent Katrina Kaif as Aliya in the movie. The doll is attached to a gymnast ring, much like in the movie itself. It is a fun and attractive doll that is sure to make the birthday girl really happy. If you can’t think of a unique Barbie as a birthday gift idea then you should definitely opt for this particular one.

5. Swing for Barbie

barbie swing

If there is one thing that every Barbie doll house needs, it is this swing. You can keep it inside the house or even in the backyard or in the front porch. This swing is made from safe plastic and is a gift that is light on your pockets. This swing is a pretty little addition to any doll house, and will most definitely be appreciated by any birthday girl. This swing has a few small bits and pieces which is why it is meant for kids above the age of 3.

6. Spinner Swing

super spinner swing

If you want to find a way to get kids to go outside and play, then this is the way to do it. This green super spinner swing is something that every kid enjoys. It is a birthday gift idea that works well for everyone. Older kids can even sit on them during the day time and read out in the open if they would like to. Most kids enjoy it because of how dizzy it makes them, and it requires team effort to use the swing. This also exhausts them, so that they are not consistently hyperactive. It also gives the parents an opportunity to complete other work while the kids play,

7. Pogo Jumper

Air pogo jumper

This pogo jumper for kids is the perfect unusual birthday gift that you could give them. It will keep them entertained for hours on end and also teaches them skills like balance and coordination. With practice kids tends to get better at it; this is how they learn to push themselves at this they are not instantly good at. It is definitely a fun game, just make sure they do not hurt themselves too much, or break anything around them.

8. Book of Knock Knock Jokes

knock knock jokes

You know who the next comedian is going to be thanks to this gift. It is a lovely book by Rob Elliot that is sure to keep kids in a split of laughter. This unusual birthday gift idea is something that will be appreciated by those telling these jokes and those listening to them. It is fun, innocent and lovely keepsake. All kids love something that can make them laugh, this even ensures that they get some reading done while they are at it!

9. Fun Simon

Simon game

If you are looking for a birthday gift for kids of ages 8 and above, then fun simon is something you should keep in mind. It has lights and buttons as that light up as you play the game. It is definitely one of the most fun games around and it is rather simple to learn as well. All it requires are 3 1.5V AA batteries to keep you entertained for long stretches of time, especially during power cuts when everyone is getting bored.

10. Kawasaki KFX

power wheel kawasaki

Trying to find a birthday gift idea for a kid that is a thrill seeker isn’t very easy. However, this Power Wheels from Kawasaki are one of the best imitations of dirt bikes for kids. They are fun and safe as well. Of course, there needs to be proper guidance around at all times.

11. Lamborghini Aventador

lamborgini birthday gift

This Lamborghini Aventador toy car is one of the best birthday gifts that any kid could hope for. It a fun and easy to operate, and is ideally meant for kids between the ages of 2 and four. This car can also be remote operated, in case the parents would prefer to be in control of the steering wheel. It is a clean black color, an looks like the posh cars that all grown drive too!

12. Pool Ride

pool ride birthday gift

This inflatable pool gizmo is for kids aged between 3 and 5 and is definitely something that will make that summer pool experience a lot more enjoyable. It has soft and large enough leg holes to ensure that the child is comfortable at all times. It even has three different designs to choose from: a frog, a penguin or a tiger. It also means that you do not have to constantly worry about the child’s safety.

13. Seesaw for the pool

CaptureKida inflatable seesaw

Who knew that it was even possible to play on a seesaw in a pool?!Well, now it is absolutely possible. This inflatable pool seesaw is definitely a fun birthday gift for kids that you should consider buying. It is, however, something that may keep them in the pool longer than they are meant to be. This gift is one that is rather reasonably priced as well.

14. Watercolors

watercolor birthday

Encourage the artistic side of kids with these washable paints from Crayola. This is a pack of 24 colors that will definitely keep the kids painting for quite a while. It if fun, and can get messy, but it is absolutely safe for children. It enhances they hand-eye coordination, understanding of colors and drawing and painting as well. The next artist may be born thanks to this lovely birthday gift idea. This is not the most unusual gift idea, especially if you know that the child enjoys any kind of art work that they are handed.

15. Sports cars

sports car

There is no such thing as having enough sports cars to zoom around the house. This is the ideal birthday gift idea for kids who love to play with and collect small sports cars. They will be exceptionally thrilled with this gift simply because it comes in a pack of 25 little cars. It is bound to keep them entertained for quite a while. This gift also ensures that they have back up sports cars, just in case a few happen to go missing while they play.