Birthday gifts for wife

If there is any date that can be tagged as the most important one in a married man’s life, it has got to be the birthday of his wife, his better half. If he forgets to get birthday gifts for wife, it can spell doom. Remembering the date is just the start, you will have to get birthday gifts for wife that pleases her well. Men are known to have a bad memory, and of course sometimes are accused of having a bad taste in choosing things. So, this guide should help you choose the best birthday gifts for wife and bring you a lot of applause.

A ring


The business of ring does not end with wedding. It is still considered one of the best birthday gifts for wife. It serves to relive the moment when you proposed to her or your engagement or even the wedding. Be sure to keep this a surprise and pop it up at the most opportune moment, when she least expects it. Be sure that when you pop-it up, you stay the same romantic guy that you were when you asked her hand in marriage or when you pronounced those wedding or prenuptial vows. Look straight into her eyes and wish her birthday reminding her about how special she has been all these years. This simple gesture of yours would stir her thoughts and make her birthday even more special. Don’t get emotional on seeing a drop or two of tear on her face. Those are just tears of joy. You can get one similar to this at

A necklace or a jewelry kit

Jewelry set

Women love jewelry of any kind. They have an eye for detail that looks for aesthetic value in any jewel. It would be a good idea to consider a necklace as one of the birthday gifts for wife. She should fall in love with it the moment she sees it and a note saying that it is “for the most beautiful women in your life” will make it even more special. You can visit any jewelry store and choose from the numerous designs that they have on display. Just be sure that you do not get a design that your wife already has. If you are having trouble choosing the right one (as most men have) you can look for some exquisite designs online.

This is jewelry kit that includes a Silver Watch, a silver Necklace, ring and a pair of ear rings well-crafted to a high quality finishing. The material is hypoallergenic and the entire set is packed in a glossy Glittering Gift Box. I am sure if you are going to spend some time looking for a good jewelry kit, you will easily find a similar one.

Picture frame with a beautiful poem

i Love you wife

This would be one of the most romantic birthday gifts for wife. Find a picture (photo) frame that includes a romantic and touchy poem (of course addressed to a wife).  I found one online and ordered it immediately. In fact, this frame has a very romantic poem and a provision to include your photo (both of you together). The design is pretty well done and the quality of the frame is also top notch. I am sure your wife is going to love it.

A dress


Get a beautiful dress that she would love to wear and remember it for a long time. Take her out and as in a surprise lead her to a boutique and make her choose the dress that she had longed for quite some time.

A romantic novel


This would be the best birthday gift for wife, if she has a penchant for reading. Go to the book store and find a romantic novel that she would appreciate and wrap it in a gift cover. Do leave a note – “To the most romantic person”.