Why Black Friday is the best time to start holiday shopping

That festive time of the year is around the corner. People like to enjoy and celebrate holiday season to the fullest, as most families come together for dinners and other celebrations. However, that is not all they do, this season is also ideal for holiday shopping.

In fact, if you consider the things you have to buy for Christmas, and the rates at which they are normally available in stores, you will realize that the only way you can get everything and still not end up broke, is if they buy these gifts and other items on great discounts.


Now, a lot of big brands and department stores offer good discounts during holiday season. However, you are not likely to get these discounts on everything you want, on the same day or even in the same week. That means, either you will have buy a few things on discount and others on regular prices, or you will have to wait for the discounts to be introduced on the products you want to buy, be it gifts or bulk items.

From a consumers or customers point of view, either approach is not ideal. In fact, you may end up losing time or money, no matter what approach you choose.

So, the solution is to find one day of the year, when you can get great discounts on almost all the products, be it gifts for Christmas or stocking up on everyday products or just buying for pleasure.

That one day presents itself as the Black Friday.

Black Friday is understandably the best time of the year to buy bulk products, may be electronics, as well. Though, the Christmas gift shopping is normally considered an important event, almost like a sacred tradition, by many people. So, why should it be mingled with the other shopping extravaganzas?


The answer is simple, when you think about the number of people you have to buy gifts for, and the past experiences of the last minute shopping sprees, where you end up paying huge sums, just because you were running late on your gift shopping schedule, you will realize that starting on the black Friday itself, is not such a bad thing.

And considering the fact that black Friday is traditionally celebrated only about a month before the Christmas, it is certainly not too early to start buying gifts for holidays.

There are number of advantages that customers have when they buy things on Black Friday. Surveys show, that more than sixty percent of customers prefer to do in store shopping for black Friday. In fact, the average spending rate is somewhere around four hundred dollars and the median is around two hundred. They may sound like very high number for a day’s shopping.

However, given the crowds we see coming in to the stores, the queues forming up outside the big discount stores from early mornings, these numbers seems to be on the conservative or the lower side of things.

To give you a better understanding of why people buy so much on black Friday, we decided to put together a few advantages and crucial points together for your perusal.

Black Friday

  • You can get discounts on items like laptops, computers and most of the other electronics on Black Friday. In Fact, most of the stores run certain product specification discounts. However, it is advised that you read the offers carefully, as many times the discount is only available for a limited period of time or for a limited number of products. But then, to avail great discounts, you may have to do some research


  • Most Black Friday discounts are available on in store shopping, which means you will have to go and physically shop for the products to avail the discount. Some people may think of this as a chore or hassle; however it could be a blessing in many ways. For example, you will not have to worry about the canceled orders. Just consider the scenario, where you ordered something special for your best friend or a close relative for Christmas; however the order got canceled for one or the other reason. This may leave you in a tangled situation, where either you buy a less ideal gift for your loved one, or you pay an extortionately high price for the same product in some other store. Though, if you go for the in store shopping, the moment you put the product in your cart, it is yours, all you have to do is, check out and load it in the trunk of your car


  • Another of the advantages is free shipping. So, you are getting great discounts on your holiday shopping list, and since most of these products are available in brick and mortar stores, you will not have to pay any kind of shipping fee, as well


  • A hidden advantage, which a lot of people miss out on, is the exclusive or the unadvertised deals, available only on black Friday. Some stores, big or small, run discounts that they don’t intentionally advertise about, it is for the customers, who show up regularly for the in store shopping


  • The other big advantage of buying gifts on black Friday is the in person shopping advantages. When you walk into a store to buy something, you can try it on or check every detail of your product before buying. You will not be denied this advantage, just because something is on sale or has been heavily discounted

To avail the great discounts black Friday offers, all you have to do is wake up at 4:00 Am in the morning, or a little later if you are not a morning person, and go camp outside the store front, because remember, a lot of stores gives an additional discount to its first few customers.

With this we wish you happy shopping for your Christmas gift lists.




Sravan Kumar

Sravan Kumar

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