How Can You Celebrate 40th Birthday For Your Dad?

Summary: In case, the 40th Birthday of your father is fast approaching, you might have plans to celebrate the same. Here are some ideas to help.


People say that life begins at 40. Yes, as your father is nearing 40, you might have plans to celebrate the beginning of the next decade of your father with great surprises for him. Just take the help of your mother in planning things. You can talk with your mom about the gifts to choose for 40th birthday, as she would be more aware of your father and his needs as compared to you. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate the 40th birthday of your dad:

1. Arrange for a surprise party:




Remember that you cannot do this on your own, but you will have to take the help of your siblings and your mom. But, a surprise party can be an excellent idea to make your father excited. Even, you can inform your father in advance and can invite some close friends with his acceptance. You can surprise him by inviting an old friend of him without his knowledge.

2. Book a magician:


Book a magician


If your father has a great attraction towards tricks, you can invite a magician on your father’s birthday to your home. Magicians are great entertainers, who can make the day memorable for each one of you.

3. Arrange for a visit to an orphanage:




As a tribute to your father on his 40th birthday, you can arrange for a surprise trip to an orphanage along with your father. On the day, you can get some special gifts for the kids and elderly people in an orphanage and can ask your father to present those gifts to the children in the orphanage. Your father will surely feel proud about your interest towards charity. It will be a memorable day without any doubt.

4. Get a suitable 40th birthday gift:




Just get some useful ideas from your friends about the right gift for a man in his 40 and choose the best of them. Remember that the gift should be useful for your father to make it memorable.

5. Take him virtually to the good olden days:




Each one of us feels happy when we get a chance to recollect the past enjoyable events in our life. Photos and videos are the choices to bring them back. Just prepare a photo collage/video that depicts the young days of your father and telecast on the day to bring a great smile on his face.