Celebrate rakshabandhan with your closed ones in a traditional manner

The relationship of a brother and sister is the purest form of all relationships. RakshaBandhan is a celebrated to rejoice the fraternity of a brother and sister.

No other place celebrates this occasion as India. This festival is celebrated to show the bond and affection between a brother and a sister. On this special day, the two siblings pray for each other’s happiness and goodwill. As the name suggests, RakshaBandhan means a ‘bond of protection’.

The brothers promise to protect their sisters from all harm and the sisters pray to God for their brother’s good health and protect them from all evil.

Significance of rakshabandhan

This festival is celebrated on a full moon day in the Shravanmasa and different places have different names given to this occasion.

In history, this day was celebrated to remove all sins and protect one another from evil by tying a sacred thread to one another. ‘Raksha’ means to protect, it could be tied by a wife, daughter or mother. RakshaBandhan is now a day to celebrate the relation of a brother and sister.

Previously, this festival was celebrated to share the warmth between the siblings but now it has gone way beyond.

RakshaBandhan facts

There are many interesting facts on RakshaBandhan that you sure did not know. Few interesting facts are as follows

  • The history of RakshaBandhan goes back to the time when the devas and auras were involved in a violent warfare
  • Traditionally, the tying of threads wes also practised by the Rajputs of the medieval ages
  • This day is celebrated on a full moon day and is called the rakhiPurnima
  • The siblings exchange gifts as a symbol of love and affection
  • Another interesting fact is that this occasion goes back to the time of Alexander. He was a Macedonian who attacked the Indian subcontinent but was unsuccessful in defeating king Puru. Alexander’s wife tied the sacred thread on Puru which made him agree to not harm Alexander

RakshaBandhan facts

RakshaBandhan Gifts

Getting gifts for your closed ones can get a little confusing at times. It can get more confusing when you have a lot of options in front of you. Here are a few gift ideas that will help you pick the right gift for your siblings.

Gift ideas for Sisters

  • Jewellery – If your sister is fond of jewellery then you can get her a fancy jewellery that she has been looking for
  • Fancy gifts – Fancy handbags, tops, footwear, perfumes, ethnic jewellery boxes and other such fancy things that a girl craves for can be given
  • Teddy bear and soft toys – If your sister is still little, you can get her a teddy bear or any soft toys that will excite her when she sees it
  • Household items – If your sister is married then you can get household items, for more Ideas Click Here.

Gift ideas for sisters

Gift ideas for brothers

  • Shirts – You can gift a shirt to a sibling of any age group
  • Fancy gifts – You can get fancy gifts like watches, cologne, mobile phones, sunglasses and other such fancy gifts
  • Games – If your brother is little, you can get him video games
  • Household items – These can be given to siblings who are married, for More Ideas Read Here.

Best Rakhi Gifts

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