Celebration Of Friendship Day Worldwide

Friendship Day, a day to honor friends and their selflessness is celebrated from across the world with utmost happiness and enjoyment by friends. As the name of the day very well denotes, ‘friendship day’ is a day celebrated to honor friends and friendship. Many South American Countries has been celebrating this day for several years and particularly, Paraguay, the country of origin of this day celebrates this day in a grand manner. The first International Friendship Day was proposed in this country in the year 1958. Even though it was not celebrated in many countries previously, but now with the marketing done by greeting card industry and also by the development of social networking, this day is celebrated in many countries afresh like Malaysia, Bangladesh, and India. The chance to send greeting cards through social networking and through mobile phones is even popularizing the custom in many other countries these days. The popular tradition associated with this occasion is gifting flowers, friendship bands, and greeting cards to friends.

Friendship day 2016

Date of celebration:

This day is celebrated on different dates in different countries and the first World Friendship Day was actually proposed on the 30th of July. This day was also declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations as World Friendship Day. However, some nations including India celebrate this day on the First Sunday of the month of August every year. In Oberlin, the day is celebrated on the 8th of April every year. Let us gather some details about this day in different countries:

The United States:

In the United States, the world Friendship Day is celebrated on the 30th of June in areas of Massachusetts, Ohio and sometimes in New Hampshire. Locals observe the holiday generally on the prior Saturday and they celebrate both old and new friends on this day.


In this country, the day falls on the 20th of July and as this is not a public holiday people generally gather in the evening to celebrate their old and new friends. Right after the death of the popular writer Roberto Fontanarrosa in the year 2007, there is a proposal to celebrate Friendship day on the 19th of July, which is the death of his death, to honor him.



In this country too, July 20th is the day dedicated for Friendship.


In this country, July 30th is the day chosen by the locals to give gifts to their friends and neighbors to honor their friendship. In this country, people also play the game of secret friendship as they choose one from the group of cards in which all their names were written. On 30th July those unknown friends reveal themselves to each other to share their gifts.