53 unusual Christmas gifts for coworkers in 2022

Christmas is coming yet you are still unsure to pick up gifts for your coworkers.

What type of unique Christmas gifts for coworkers can bring forth both laughter and happiness you wonder?


You may have tried some special categories last year but this year your mind is aiming for a Christmas blast! This is not an easy task indeed. But if there is enough planning then you can actually find a perfect match for each of your colleague.

1. Car Trunk Organizer by Starling’s-Premium Cargo Storage Container


This is no doubt a cool Christmas gifts for coworkers. Many people have their cars full of important tools but when they need something especially they don’t find it! This mystery is now solved with this cargo storage container.


2. Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker


How many times a guy has to cook? The hassle-free breakfast sounds dreamy. Yes, keeping the boredom in mind this ultrafast sandwich maker can easily be an ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers.

3. Donald Trump Toilet Paper


Help your colleagues to wipe away all their sad and old memories a this funny donald toilet paper in this year’s Christmas with the face of Donald Trump. There are lots of funny jokes included to help them LOL!

4. Matthew Magnetic Tool Cuff Wrist Band


This is unique Christmas gifts for coworkers who love to get on the floor and work with that hammer. Pleasing them with such useful kit this year is now possible.


5. Car Escape Tool Emergency Kit


Who knows when it is absolutely impossible to get an engineer at the middle of a night? Having a pack full of necessary car kits is always a clever trick. This idea now very easily realized through this gift to your best buddies and collegues.


6. Luxury Business Gift Set

Elegant Gold Monogramed Mousepad and Coaster Set

If your colleagues are little more than flashy and stylish then this gift set is amazing for Christmas this year. An Elegant Gold Monogrammed Mouse pad and Coaster Set


7. The Elite Slim Money Clip and Wallet


Wallets are always a grand selection for cool Christmas gifts for coworkers. Men and women both prefer classy wallets in their pocket. They are not just important but this specific one has style encoded.


8. Såk Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag


You may have that special buddy who likes to mingle with the nature. A waterproof bag is very much essential to battle tough weather. This year make a difference and gift something useful.

9. ELEOPTION Male Watches Waterproof With LED


Watches are not just grouped in classy but in essential gifts this year also for Christmas. Everyone would be thrilled after receiving this sports collection with LED lights.


10. I. Auto Store Premium Digital Tire Inflator


Cars without emergency kits sound dangerous. This is another useful car kit that can save someone from any type of car emergency. This Christmas find this as a unique Christmas gifts for coworkers.


11. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Happy Times Gourmet Food Basket


Food is something that puts smile to everyone’s face. It is Christmas overall! So help your colleagues find best moments with this basket that can bring the happy memories back with you in your Christmas party.


12. THE BEST Organic Coffee Scrub 7 oz


Coffee for those who wants to wake up and stay up right? If you have that lazy buddy who just can’t wake up without a cup full of coffee then this organic coffee scrub is exactly that one of those ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers.


13. Qshell Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphone Headset


Hat and headphone set altogether? This is another word for fight the cold with ultra-tech. Yes now this can be an amazing collection for both yourself and someone you like. Gifting such gadget-ed care is just on in this Christmas!


14. I Do What I Want Cat Funny Coffee Mug


Does someone of your colleagues a cat-person? That means this coffee mug can add extra points to your reputation as a best Christmas gift selector. Help them cherish their fetish a little more than ever!

15. Luffy Marimo Ball Gift Set


Is there a person you love from your work place but just couldn’t find a perfect gift to convey your feelings? Stop fidgeting and get yourself Marimo ball gift set as a perfect love cue disguised as Christmas gift.

16. Leather Journal Writing Notebook


Who doesn’t love to go find vintage and show off a pure leather-made antique piece of journal? It sounds old-fashioned but this piece of work will only help your buddy win extra attention. Fulfill that wish and include this unusual Christmas gifts for coworkers.


17.Pocket knife in shape of rifle

Pocket knife in shape of rifle

Are you in a mood for pranks? Christmas isn’t a bad time to plan for one extremely funny. Find this gun and knife combo for adding extra heat to that joke you’re planning for that special coworker this Christmas.


18. The Nutsnacker Delicious Roasted Healthy Nuts Gift Box Basket Tray


Healthy and tasty can be something of a rarest combination these days. The boundary of junk foods is now crossed after finding this Roasted nut gift box. Place this as a perfect Christmas gift to show your care and affection in this Christmas.Button

19. BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories


Having an outdoor barbecue party and without any tools to pamper your taste buds? This sounds unrealistic. Find this 16 unique BBQ grill tool set to satisfy your colleagues long awaited BBQ dream. Now they can invite you in their BBQ party too.

20. Office Gifts – 29 Emoji Faces


Now this is named perfectly. It shows what they are feeling at that exact moment. Out of computers, these 29 emojis faces are going to work as perfectly as they meant for. The fun part is that they are going to be useful for both you and your coworkers.

21. LIP BALM Uniquely Refreshing Exotic Flavors (4 Pack)


Ladies just love to color their lips with flavored lipsticks or lip balms. So this year you can easily find these 4 packs of exotic flavored lib balms as one of the ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers, ladies special. They can now color their lips with the care you have stored inside.

22. La Chatelaine 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream


That is a harsh cold weather outside on the Christmas. Not just kids but also adults suffer from many skin problems, especially hands and toes. So this special Shea butter hand-cream can be an amazing gift for those colleagues you just can’t stay without.

23. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Tranquil Delights Lavender Spa Bath


Does your lady boss seem upset? Not to panic as now you can set her mood on the right track this Christmas with this eye-popping lavender spa bath gift basket. This total body care product isn’t just a looker but also a perfectionist.


24. EcoFarms Wildflower Seeds Kit


How fantastic it will be if you know how to please those colleagues of yours who have an urge for beautiful wild flowers? You can now present this amazing gift box of wild flower seeds to them on this year’s Christmas.


25. Qianse Rose Lover Bangle Bracelet Made With Heart Shape Swarovski Crystal


Christmas can be more than anything this year if you are just lucky to show your feelings for that colleague altogether. Don’t waste time anymore and make this moment your own moment. This lover bangle can do the miracle! You might just become the luckiest guy this Christmas.


26. Lovef Thick Hair clip combs hair accessories for girls bun hair


Hair clips are something of a dire need for girls. But don’t misjudge their capability as now ladies are also in need for them. These twelve unique pieces are not just cute but also useful as to be included in Christmas gifts.


27. Best Women Lady Retro Vintage Flower Small Wallet Hasp Purse Clutch Bag


Can you separate a lady from their purse or wallets? No; and why should you? Finding such fabulous piece isn’t difficult as it sounds. Gift this amazing collection of a lady purse to those lady colleagues who breathes fashion.

28. Usstore Women Lady Rhinestone Chain Crystal Pendant Necklace Jewelry Gift


Jewelry is something that adds charm to the beauty. Women just love to be jeweled. This year you can add more glamour to the lady of your life. Get this as Christmas gift for those special coworkers.


29. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set


Hair care and shampoo are inseparable twins. Bad products can harm the hair. This year as Christmas gift get a tea tree shampoo and conditioner set for your coworkers who are suffering from hair problems.

30. Nevayah Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Multicolor Dye Pens


Everyone loves to highlight their hair but the necessary steps to prevent the damage are sometimes ignored. Gift these set of temporary hair dye multicolored pens to find their special shade without harming the hair.


31. E-rainbow 500GB 500g Hard Disk Drive


If you are thinking of unique and cool Christmas gifts for coworkers then this Hard Disk Drive can conquer any gamer and their heart. After all, gamers know the meaning of HDD in a whole new level. The unique look is also very stylish.

32. Youphoria Yoga Towel – (24″x72″)


Are your colleagues losing their fitness for some reason? Don’t let them gain weight and help them regain that fitness back. Show them that you care for their health by gifting this yoga towel in Christmas.


33. ”Robert Frost Poem” Engraved Brass Compass with Embossed Needle & Leather Case.


It is time to find their way in old fashion. Gift them this unique compass if one of your colleague prefers to be a Pirate in the Caribbean seas.Button

34. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board


How many times did you hit its target while drinking out with your buddies? You bet this is going to be a hit gift on this year’s Christmas.Button

35. 9GreenBox – Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift


Is that coworker of yours a tree lover? But in a small apartment it is next to impossible for growing their garden? Don’t wait a second for choosing a beautiful bonsai for that special person in this festive occasion.


36. OutNowTech Ultra Compact Folding Binoculars


You may want to find this a spectacular gift and also guiding tool for that special coworker and friend of yours who loves to travel a lot.Button

37. Pavilion Gift Company 19110 Forever Friends Figurine, 5-1/2″


Are you trying to situate another milestone for your friendship’s anniversary? Why wait for Friendship Day? It is never too late to show your feelings of pure friendship on this Christmas. Gifting this Forever Friends Figurine will bring joy for both of you.

38. Xuping 18k Gold Plated Hoop Earrings for Women


Women love to be fashionable and when it is about this exclusive piece of jewelry then there is not a second option for selecting it as a Christmas gift this year. This amazing beauty is also a perfect match for party-goers.


39. Best Spiralizer Cool Kitchen Gadgets


Sliced vegetables may taste amazing but the task is not so easy and also time consuming. Some people have a special interest in cooking and slicing vegetables may just take away the zeal. Gift this kitchen gadget to those special colleagues of your who just love to cook.

40. Skin Care Girls Beauty Products for Face


Body spa isn’t complete without a facial spa. This modern facial spray spa will do the magic. Gifting this product of facial spa isn’t a bad idea for those lovely coworkers! They can feel the refreshing glow in moments.


41. Anpress Tumbler Mushroom Design Colorful Night Light


Night lamps are a common idea but not this one. Help your coworkers find a way out from those dull night lamps and gift them this unique colorful touch sensor night lamp this Christmas.


42. SODIAL(R)2x 128MB Memory Card for Sony PlayStation 2


Gamers will appreciate this type of unusual Christmas gifts for coworkers. Memory cards are most essential parts after all! This set is perfect for Sony PlayStation.


43. Soft Oval Makeup Brush Set Of 10


Ladies are totally aware of the makeup brush and their importance in the daily life. So if you are planning to gift one of your fashionable lady coworkers this set of 10 unique makeup brushes then you are right on track.Button

44. 3D VR Glasses


Do you love movies and in 3D? Who doesn’t right? But now it isn’t necessary to go to a cinema hall. This time on Christmas you can gift this 3D VR Glasses to your colleagues.

45. Banjo’s Box


This double dog leash can actually be very useful and thoughtful to some of your coworkers who are devout dog lovers. It is a set of two that can be interchangeable from small to large sized dogs.


46. Apple Watch Charging Stand and iPhone Dock Station

Apple Watch Charging Stand and iPhone Dock Station

Why wait for old ways of charging when they can get this beauty as a Christmas gift from you? This is a stylish version to show your taste in gadgets.


47. Happlee Professional Glass Paint Set

Happlee Professional Glass Paint Set

If anyone from your coworkers has the zeal in glass painting then this set of glass paint is the perfect choice this Christmas.Button

48. Maxxchef Knife Sharpener


Who wants a dull knife in kitchen? That is not good for your fingers too. This year you can find one of your colleagues gets this knife sharpener doing the miracle.


49. NexGadget 6 in 1 Hair Curler Wand Set


Curls are beautiful right? You can always get this set to work extremely luscious for that fashionable lady coworker this Christmas. There is the set of six types of curler that will work amazing wonders.Button

50. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation – 15ml – Crème


Makeup doesn’t start without foundation. But quality is what earns the point. Bad types of foundation will not just ruin that makeup but also your skin. This year you can please that lady colleague after gifting this oxygenating foundation.Button

51. Germany’s Stoneline Xtreme Series 11.2″ (28cm) Fry Pan


Non-stick is everywhere. But this stone coating non-stick and non-toxic frying pan will put on huge smile on the faces who love to cook. You can find that special person from your coworkers who will appreciate this gift very much.


52. Car Rear View Reversing Camera for Volkswagen



This car rear view reversing camera is perfect for those car lovers from your workplace who loves stylish gadgets.

53. Selfie Stick

Selfie lovers will know the importance of the selfie sticks. So if you are getting unusual Christmas gifts for coworkers then this is a perfect choice this year.