101 unique Christmas gifts for dads in 2022

‘Dad’ is the word that comes to our mind as soon as we talk about the ‘ideal person.’ From the first adventure to the biggest savior, our dads are our hero.


They keep on doing something or the other, every now and then for us. So it’s a child’s duty to make your dad feel special on the most important family day, ‘Christmas.’

This is why we have come up with ideas for unique Christmas gifts for dads.

Every kind of dad is special and as an appreciation, they should be gifted with things they love to do most.


The first step towards buying a gift is to know what would be best for your dad based on his characteristics:

  • The Foodie dad

If your dad loves to eat, treat him with these special assorted gift baskets:

1. Art of appreciation gift baskets


This gourmet assorted gift basket has everything that to treat the sweet taste buds of your dad. The basket is handcrafted and has beef salami, cheese spread, Almond Roca candy, fruit candies, and different types of cookies, Columbian coffee, chips, and smoked almond and chocolate candies.


2. Bag of Unicorn Farts


Give him few packs of soft cotton candy that will just melt in his mouth and leave a big smile on his face. At the same time, make sure calories are counted (106 calories per bag).


3. Grand Gift Basket


It has chocolates, caramel and sweet, crunchy gourmet to munch on. It has a variety of white, milk and dark chocolates along with peanut butter cups and caramel drizzle pretzels in it. The happiness is packed in a Christmas grand gift basket and is tied with a gift ribbon.

4. Beer and whisky flavoured Gourmet Nuts

Beer and whisky flavoured Gourmet Nuts

Good taste wrapped in healthy eating is what this gift can be defined. The pack consists of whisky almonds, stout cashew and lager peanuts. These crunchy nuts will burst flavours in the mouth. This 16oz pack of nuts by Sugar Plum Chocolates is the sweetest gift for dads.


5. Assorted Dried Fruits and Nuts Gift Basket


This 7 sectioned gift box of kiwi, apricots, plums, dried mango, honey glazed pecans, roasted salted pistachio and peanuts. These are not only tasty but very healthy too. Make your dad’s Christmas special with this box of happiness by GIVE IT GOURMET.


  • The Tech savvy dad

If your father is into new technologies, encourage him with the following gifts:

6. Multi-angle portable stand for phones


This will help them to keep their phone, tablets and e- reader pads at a comfortable angle while working. This multi-angle portable stand by JETech is compatible with Windows, iPhone, as well as with Android.


7. Portable power bank

Portable power bank


This 12000 mAh external battery charger is a very useful product. It is compatible with many things like tablets, iPads, iPhone, Android phone. It is made up of polymer battery which is 20% size and 30% lighter than lithium batteries. It is even 75% more compatible with devices than normal charger. This portable power bank by DULLA comes with LED indicator.

8. Wireless Bluetooth


Is dad inclined towards new technology? Then get a wireless Bluetooth for her. Help her answer all her calls automatically and never miss a call from you.

9. Pack gift box


Do you want an amazing Christmas present for your father? Get him the ideal iDrive prank pack gift which has amazing technology based goodies and will make any dad happy on this joyous occasion.


  • The ‘Loves to drink’ dad

Dads all over the world love to drink. These cool Christmas gifts for dads will surely surprise him a lot:

10. Personalized Beer pub glass


Make your dad’s beer a bit more special by pouring it in a personalised glass. These are tall beer glasses which look really cool and have a 16 oz capacity.


11. Pack Beer Caddy


This wooden beer pack holder by Barbuzzo is a perfect gift for Christmas. It also has a bottle opener. This wooden beer holder can easily be cleaned with damp cloth. Help your dad to build his personal home bar.

12. Plastic Ice Cubes


Help your dad to keep his drink cool without diluting his drink with these plastic ice cubes. This pack of 12 colourful ice cubes by Items 4U will make a normal drink look exotic.

13. Chef on the go wine bottle holder


Dress your dad’s favourite wine bottles with the help of this wine holder. It is made up of superior quality handmade metal. This is the perfect combination of creativity and wine. Make your dad’s wine collection look fancier with this Bekeley Designs wine holder.


14. Whisky Gift Set

Whisky Gift Set

This 7 piece whisky gift set contains 6 designer glasses and a decanter with stopper. It is made up of high-quality glass and is dishwasher safe.  This is the ideal Christmas gifts for dads. Enhance your ‘best man’s’ whisky drinking experience at home.

15. Luxury Wine Opener


This is one premium quality opener made of zinc alloy that has a beautiful metallic finish. The texture has been made in a scientific manner that ensures that with a minimal force a major power can be generated for removing the cork.


  • The Coffee Sipper dad

Make your dad start his day with a perfect cup of coffee that has your touch in it.

16. Burton Super Power Coffee Mug


How about gifting your dad a customised ceramic coffee mug? Well, a man loves prints that are masculine and this mug comes with tiny prints as neck ties and tools. Most importantly, you can leave a short message from him that will remind him of you every time he takes a sip from its green interior.


17. French Press Coffee Tea and Espresso Maker


For that dad who loves to make a cup of coffee for himself at any hour of the day, this coffee tea and espresso maker is that unique Christmas gifts for dads. Being both dishwasher and microwave safe, this can be carried for any outdoor occasion as well.

18. Café Don Pedro


Is that morning coffee very special for your dad? This pack of mountain grown Arabica beans is that ideal Christmas gift. Make his morning flavour all the more special.


  • The ‘Mister- Maker’ dad

To us, our dad knows it all. This is the reason why we should encourage them by providing them with the following toolkit. This unique Christmas gifts for dads is the way to encourage his passion and creativity.

19. Metal Pegboard


This tool kit with 10 times stronger capacity can be slotted at any part of the wall or mounted on to sheet rock. Its durable galvanised end coating gives a perfect and attractive look to it. Get this cool Christmas gifts for dads.


20. Steel Hammer with Wood Handle


How about thanking your father in a unique style? Thank him for being with you by gifting this cool Christmas gifts to dads. This shock-absorbing hammer will help him handle things in a jiffy!


21. Pocket Knife


Be safe than sorry! Gift your father this anodised aluminum pocket knife that will help him solve things out in a jiffy as well as protect him when required. Quite one of those unique Christmas gifts for all dads!

22. Pen Screwdriver Tool


In case your dad loves gadgets and wants something that can easily fix up things, then this pen screwdriver tool is the perfect option for him. As one suitable for DIY projects, this can fix up a lot of projects in very little time!

23. Customized Shirt

A shirt with ‘’If papa can’t do it then nobody can’’ will not only show your immense faith on him but it will also be a memento when you are away from him. This cotton tee is just an ideal Christmas gifts for a dad. Get him one now!

Customized Shirt


24. Household Sign


Do you have a quirky dad who likes to work in peace? How about giving him this sign that can be hung when he’s working? With a 5’’*8’’ shape, this is just the unusual Christmas gifts for dads.


  • The Travel lover dad

Everyone loves to travel but dads they mostly travel for work. From now, make this tour a bit more exciting with the following unusual Christmas gifts for dads:

25. Compact Monocular Telescope


In case your dear father loves to travel and watch those lovely birds out this upgraded telescope is a great option for him to ensure that he can see the nature in a realistic manner! Also, the caps are placed in a manner that protects its lens.


26. Canon EOS Digital SLR camera


This DSLR enabled with 1080p HD movie mode can help your dad capture the most realistic snaps in an ideal manner. This is truly one of the best gifts for those who love to travel the world.


27. DSLR Waterproof Camera Bag


Gift your dad a DSLR waterproof camera bag this Christmas to ensure that he can keep his dear camera in an ideal manner. Having the capacity to hold the camera along with two extra lenses, this is just perfect while he is on a travelling mode.

28. Travel Tumbler Mug


Searching a gift for a dad who loves to travel? This insulated stainless steel tumbler is a great friend for him as he tours the world. Coming with fitted cups, this one needs to be washed by hand. This could surely make one of the most unusual Christmas gifts for dads.


  • The antique collector dad

Every man loves to remember their roots and culture that is passed to them by their ancestors. These gifts will make him jubilant and will add more to his collection:

29. Manual Table top wooden clock


This 9.5 inch wooden clock with inset face and carved with the distressed gold trim finish is just that ideal clock that can decorate your dad’s table. With an antique look, this is truly a fascinating gift.


30. Manual Coffee Bean Grinder


In case your dad is just tired of the stale coffee that is stacked up at the house, this coffee grinder blends fresh coffee every time he wishes to have a cup!  Styled in a traditional way, it is attached to a drawer to ensure that there is no wastage of pure grinded coffee.

31. The World Globe Decanter


This handmade world globe decanter with mahogany support is a must for every antique collector. Tastefully made, this decanter can hold close to 850 ml wine and is just one of those perfect gifts for dad.

32. Clock


 There are many options from which you can make your choice. Wondering how to find a good clock in a small budget? Look no more as the best item is here!

33. Antique Gold and Silver Finish Chessboard


How about an antique chessboard for your father? With this heavy pewter metal and 32 piece set of men, the whole enjoyment of the game reaches a different level. With gold and silver finish, this is just the ideal Christmas gifts for dads who love antique things.


34. Medieval crusades chess set

Medieval crusades chess set

This can be an amazing present for any dad who enjoys a good game of chess. Not only will it leave you energised and wanting for more but also can prove a fun pastime for you and your dad on Christmas.


  • The ‘be on time’ dad

If you dad believes in maintaining punctuality, this following gifts will help him to remember that you appreciate his precious time.

35. Classic watch



36. Stainless steel


This is a great option if you are looking for unique Christmas gifts for dads within a small budget. It is stylish and sensual plus any man will be able to carry off this design.


37. Leather


For those who need to find leather belt watches in a pocket-friendly budget, this watch is the best option. Get your one today!

38. Long lasting watch


Need something to last your dad a few years? A model that s suitable for constant wear is this one. Be sure to get this gift for dad now!


39. Skeleton Pocket Watch


This antique skeleton pocket watch with the sturdy finish is just perfect for that dad who loves collecting antique things. This skeleton watch is one of the ideal Christmas gifts for Christmas.

40. Lancardo Water Resistant Watch


This SEIKO Japanese watch with gold plating and allergy proof metal is just perfect for that dad extremely punctual dad. As a water resistant watch, this is one durable product that has been upgraded to IPG environment-friendly electroplating technique.


  • The Musical dad

Did you dad leave his musical passion for his career? Or does your dad absolutely love music? It’s him to charm him up by giving the following presents:

41. Chromatic Harmonica Mouth Organ


Be it the blues or the rock music, this slide harmonica with 40 tones is just perfect for learning a new music form or trying out some old tunes. It has a durable plastic body and a brass reed section that gives a polished appearance to the whole.


42. Elvis Christmas album


Elvis has left a mark on all minds and if your dad is no exception then get her the Elvis Christmas album. This will be one of the unique Christmas gifts for all dads.

43. Acoustic Guitar


This is a 6 string  Acoustic guitar with 25-3/8″ scale length that has C-shaped fingerboard and nickel hardware to support it. A cool Christmas gifts for dads who just want to start off their music lessons!

44. Legend


Who is not a fan of Bob Marley? If your dad too liked the legendary man then get him the album legend. Purchase the album at cheap rates and make sure it is the best gift ever!


45. Sennheiser Professional Headphones


Coming with a frequency range of 18Hz – 18 kHz, and impedance of 32 Ohm, this Jack plug 3.5/6.3 mm stereo has a perfect bass sound that is suitable for dads who love to spend their time listening to some cool tracks.


46. Guitar Picks Plectrum

Guitar Picks Plectrum

How about a colourful addition to those guitar chords? These multicoloured guitar picks plectrums are just the perfect option to ensure that your dad has a perfect evening playing his old guitar! This is an ideal Christmas gifts for dads who love their soulful evenings.

  • The Fashion Freak dad!

Fashion is not just limited to women or teenagers; dads have the equal right to do that. This year, impress him with these cool Christmas gifts for dads.

47. Brass Cufflinks


This 18K gold plating and brass cufflink is just perfect for every party that your dad may attend. This hand polished mosaic designed cufflink can perfectly match with suits and other formal getup. Gift your dad a fashion statement this Christmas.

48. Timberland Men’s Glove


A purely acrylic glove suitable for machine wash, this is suitable for touch screen conductivity as well. This three fingered glove makes for a great Christmas gift with the bone twitching cold tugging at your hands!


49. Winter Cuff Hat


Thinking about the bone twitching cold? Made of a combination of wool, fleece and acrylic, this double layered winter hat provides excellent protection from the cold. With stripe knit exterior this is just that ideal Christmas gifts for dads.


50. Pack of Socks

Pack of Socks

Made of pure cotton, this ‘Dare to Wear’ pack of socks range is just perfect gift to show him your care. As a fabulous gift, this is one bunch that has some quirky and fabulous designs that would bring out the most fashionable side of your dad. Gift it now!

51. Tie bar


This classic tie bar with antique finish comes with a dimension of 2″ L x 0.38″w x 0.38″H. To enhance the look you can surely add up a personal message to it that would show your love for him.


52. Adjustable cap

Adjustable cap

Is your dad the one who loves outdoor activities? Well, this adjustable polyester cap with foam at the front and strap at the back makes for a great option for your dear father.


  • The Décor admirer dad

Is your dad into designing the house to make it a perfect home? This year help your dad to do the same with these following gifts to brighten his face with happiness:

53. Lantern


Does your father have a liking for lanterns? Get him a unique vintage lantern to hang in the living room. This item will change the aura of the house and be a gift perfect for this joyous season.

54. Lady figure table lamp


This polyresin based lamp is just the perfect choice for your art appreciative dad. With a cord length of 6 inches, this specimen of nouveau art is just suitable for making your drawing room all the more gracious. Truly an ideal Christmas gifts for dads.


55. Colourful Solar String Lights


This eco-friendly colorful solar string of lights with inbuilt rechargeable battery is just perfect for ensuring that the drawing room is illuminated in a perfect manner. Being water resistant, they can be cleaned with a simple cloth thereby enhancing look of the hall.

56. Tiered shelf


Did your dad tell you he needed to make some room? Why not get a tiered shelf and allow him to make more space in the cupboard? Get something stylish and useful this Christmas!


57. Musical water globe


Is your dad a lover of music? Well, a musical water globe with the tune wishing Merry Christmas is just perfect for ensuring that the décor of your house is enhanced to a great extent. Make sure to gift your dad this piece this Christmas.

58. Fish catches


For that dad of yours who loves quirky things, this comical fish catch is a great option to make sure that his boring evenings are spent chuckling. As one of the cool Christmas gifts for dads, this is just perfect to enhance the beauty of the room.


  • The Sporty dad

Every guy in this world loves sports. Be it small or a big match, the excitement always remains the same. Your unusual Christmas gifts for dads will enthral him with happiness.

59. Golf balls


If your father loves to play sports and especially if it is golf balls, then this is the perfect gift for you. Ensure he has a lovely Christmas with this gift.

60. Mini pool table


Why not gift your father a mini pool table? It will be a wonderful way for you to spend time with him also it is something he can enjoy playing with his friends and relatives.

61. Tennis shirt

Tennis shirt

If you cannot gift a sport related gift, you can always gift your father a t-shirt related to sports? Try this unique shirt for tennis and surprise a sports loving dad.


  • The ‘Fancy bathing accessories’ lover

Being hygienic is normal but dads at times love to soak themselves into aromas. These gifts will help your father to refresh himself after every tiring day at work. This year make his Christmas exotic with the following gifts:

62. Bath bombs


Have you been thinking of getting bath bombs for your dad? Get one today as the perfect Christmas gift for all those dads who love to bathe in luxury.


63. Fogless Shower Mirror


ave you been wondering if these presents will be a good Christmas gift? This festival is all about spreading happiness. If your dad likes these items, then gift it to him.


64. Luxury Barber Men’s Grooming Box


This is a great option for getting a gift if your old man likes to use expensive Not only will it be an instant hit but it will be pocket-friendly too!


65. Peppermint aromatherapy


Wondering if this will be an unusual Christmas gifts for dads? The answer is if your father loves these kinds of things then why not gets him something he will love? Get the present today!


66. Natural soap


Not all kinds of soaps are goof for skin. Help your dad have a lovely Christmas and gift him the perfect natural soap which smells good and is healthy for the skin today!

  • The Master chef dad

Encourage your father’s cooking skill and help him to improve them with these ideal Christmas gifts for dad and next year the family Christmas dinner will taste much better.

67. BBQ Grill Accessories


Why not enjoy Christmas in an unusual way with a BBQ Grill? If your dad is that kind of person who loves to cook, then this is the one you need to purchase!


68. Digital meat thermometer

Digital meat thermometer


Wondering if a meat thermometer classifies as a cool or unusual Christmas gifts for dads? It is not peculiar if your father really loves to cook and be a chef. The best gifts are those which are well thought out and with meaning. Get this item today!

69. Gloves for cooking


Does your father love to cook? Then get him a pair of cooking gloves which are resistant to heat and suitable for all occasions. Make the purchase fast!

70. Electric Grill

Electric Grill

For those fathers who are passionate cooks, there is no escaping their grills? Why not your father one this Christmas? It will not only save him some cash but also make him very happy.


71. Stainless steel tableware


Have you been looking for the perfect stainless steel tableware for dad? Then get the best one today and surprise him this Christmas.

72. Bamboo heart shaped wooden


Why not get unique Christmas gifts for dad? Choose the perfect item now and make your father a happy man. Buy the best items at the greatest rate today!


73. Roasting sticks


It might not seem like a good idea at first but for men who love to cook roasting sticks are the best. They are cheap, convenient, easy to use and very unique presents. So get one for your dad this Christmas!


  • The Nature lover

Gardening is a very sweet hobby. At the same time, it can be a very tedious job too. If your father is into plants and flowers, encourage him with the following special Christmas gifts:

74. Garden pruners


Do you need garden pruners for your father? Get him this great set today for Christmas!


75. Lane design


Waste no more time in finding Christmas presents for your daddy with this ivy lane design squares today!

76. Birdbath installation


How about a birdbath installation this Christmas to your father? For a gardener dad, it is a very good idea!

77. Pond lighting


Can you buy your dad pond lighting this Christmas? It is not only affordable but a great way to help him have a joyous time installing it.

78. Kitchen Herb Kit


Is dad fond of gardening? In that case, this self-watering herb kit is just perfect for keeping up that love this Christmas! This has reuse facility and a capacity to refill the water as and when required.


79. Outdoor chairs


Want ideas for the perfect collection of unique Christmas gifts for dads? Then get him outdoor chairs to recline and enjoy his free time.


  • The ‘Oops! I lost my key’ dad

It is a universal truth that dads often lose their keys. Help them to keep their keys safe by giving him these gifts:

80. Leather Christmas present


Is there a chance that your dad might lose his keys? Why not make life simpler for him and buy him the best Christmas gift of all time? Dads will love this leather pouch to store all his keys and carry around easily.


81. Holder


Does your father desperately need a key holder? Are you worried he will lock himself out without help? Then this is the gift you are looking for because key holders can come in handy. Buy this item for Christmas this year!

82. Keychain


What is so special about a keychain? Well, most ideal Christmas gifts for dads are not high priced things but the simple ones. Why? This is because small gifts are most useful. Get the stylish keychain for dad and make him a happy man this Christmas.

83. Durable gift


Wish to get something for dad that will last him quite a while? Why not get this gift and watch him use it for several years? It is not only useful but durable gift too. Make wise choices when it comes to Christmas gifts for dad.

  • The reader and writer

If your father is into literature, the following gifts are perfect for him:

84. Kindle reader


Does your father love to read? Then get him some cool merchandise like a Kindle reader? Why buy one book when he can read thousands? Spend a bit and this perfect gift for your old man.


85. Cubicle organizer


Worried that your dad will not be able to stay organised? Help him make smart choices by staying clean. Get him a cubicle organiser this Christmas and make his life simpler.

86. Wall organizer


Do you wish to help your father stay better organised? The most unique Christmas gifts for dads are the simplest ones. Get her a wall organiser and watch him become more organised and stay sorted!


  • Superhero dad

Everyone’s father is their own superhero; so this Christmas, make them feel the same with the following gifts:

87. Super dad gift


Do you know what will really make your dad’s Christmas special? It is by showing your father how superb he is that you can make his day. Get this item today and bring a smile on his face!


88. Superhero Shirt


Do you need a collection of ideal Christmas gifts for dads to choose from? Then pick this shirt and send your dad a strong message that you are lucky to be his child. Make dad happy on this occasion.


89. Coffee mug for super dad


Does it feel like you need help finding dad something? To every kid, their dad is a hero, so why not shows him the fact? Get this exclusive gift today and make this Christmas for dad oh so special.


  • ‘The Family Guy’

The most important this to a dad is family and everyone knows. This Christmas let him know that how much his family loves and adores him with:

90. Gift for Christmas


This can prove to be a very unique and special gift for your father. Watch his face light up as he falls in love with your present.


91. Special gift

special gift for dad

Being a father is hard, but it is not hard to be a child. Get this amazing present for your father and do your job right.


92. Desk supplies


As a working person, you and your father always need desk supplies. Why do you not get him a complete set? This will save him a lot of money and be a perfect Christmas present.

93. Press calligraphy


This can be an excellent way to help dad improve his handwriting skills and make him a happy man. This Christmas get him this special surprise today!


94. Spectacle Holder


Will you want to gift father a spectacle holder? Why not get a fashionable one he will not displace? This can be one of the unusual Christmas gifts for dads that he will love!

  • The Videogamer dad

Does your father love to enjoy good video games? Wondering if it can be a good present this Christmas? Find out by browsing through your options.

95. Tales of berseria


Christmas goes hand in hand with relaxing. And what better way to relax for game lover dads than by playing tales of berseria. It is an enthralling video game suited for dads and tailor made to ensure a special Christmas. So, get this present for your dad and enjoy this Christmas.

96. Berserk and the band of the hawk


Some video games just stand out and if your dad is newly getting hooked on to games then get him this one. It has some exciting features and intricate tasks which will keep him hooked.


97. Yakuza


Video games are something that literally never gets old no matter how old a person gets. If your dad loves to play games then why not get him Yakuza which he can enjoy playing this holiday season.

  • Exciting gifts for dad

Sometimes you may want to gift your father something which is more than his personality. At times it is the thought that matters more than the gift itself. Hence check out gifts which have a deeper meaning than most other gifts:

98. Christmas at the movies


This can be a lovely book and movie combined for your lovely father. Help him have a merry little Christmas with this sweet gift.


99. Assorted gift set


Why get one gift when you can get many meaningful yet useful gifts at the same price? Get an assorted gift set for dad this Christmas!


100. T-shirt with a message


This can be a fascinating gift for your dad. It sends a strong message that you are daddy’s girl and you love him dearly. Get this one today!


101. Matching pendants


This definitely under the category of cool Christmas gifts for dads. Not only can you and your dad get matching pairs but it sends a sweet and joyful message to dad that you love him.


Make your favourite man happier this Christmas with these unique Christmas gifts for dads and brighten their day. Show you appreciation; encouragement and gratitude towards the one who dedicates every day of his life to his family. Have a happy holiday!