Time for the Style Icons to Try These 13 Funky Christmas Sweatshirts!

Winter is setting in, trends are changing, but sweatshirts continue to be in fashion!

These sweatshirts are simple, stylish, effective and extremely comfortable for anyone – men, women or kids. So, as the 25th of December is approaching, secure your loved ones these exclusive Christmas sweatshirts and spread happiness.

Christmas Sweatshirts

Or, be a jolly, good looking fellow this season!

Here is a collection of 13 funky sweatshirts you can purchase for yourself or your loved ones as a gift for Christmas. Want to check out? Scroll below!

13 funky Christmas sweatshirts for this season of glee:

1.Funny Christmas Sweatshirt This Guy Hates Christmas Jumper Gift Ideas For Men

green hate Christmas sweatshirt


Is your friend always the grumpy Grinch when it comes to Christmas? Then, this green ‘I hate Christmas’ t-shirt will seem rather appropriate for him/her. Available in green and black, it is funny and will certainly bring out a smile or two, giving the concerned a change of heart regarding the season.

2. A Santa drinking sweatshirt for the friend who loves to drink

A Santa drinking sweatshirt


Do you have a friend who loves to drink? Then the “Totally Blitzened” write up on the sweatshirt will invoke quite a laugh. The picture of Santa drinking is a big icon that your friend would definitely love to sport.

However, make sure to consider his/her beer belly and choose the appropriate size, or else, all the effort will go in vain.

3. I got ho’s sweatshirt for any woman

I got ho’s sweatshirt


To bring out the joker in your lady friend, you can gift her the ‘I got ho’s’ sweatshirt! The sweatshirt is available in a variety of colors and is incredibly stylish. Women will surely love this off-shoulder garment plus the witty print!

4. Got a lover of Pokémon? The Charmander sweatshirt would be an amazing gift!

Charmander sweatshirt


If there’s someone in your circle who loves Pokémon, then a Charmander wishing Merry Christmas will make up his day. This sweatshirt would be the best for men who are crazy about Pokémon!

Think of the popularity of Pokémon Go, after all!

5. Unite the family with customized family sweatshirts

customised family sweatshirts


As far as the best Christmas sweatshirts for families are concerned, the customized family sweatshirt is definitely the best. Sport this sweatshirt or get it for the whole family and make them look picture perfect. What’s more, you can add in your family’s name for a more customized look!

6. Make America great again with the Trump sweatshirt

Trump sweatshirt


The face of Trump on a Christmas sweatshirt – let the President join you in the celebrations! Sport this ‘Make America Great Again’ sweatshirt or gift it to a friend to incite a lot of laughter. After all, who could say no to Trump on Christmas?

7. Gift a kid the Rudolph sweatshirt

Rudolph sweatshirt for kids


Need something great for a kid? Get this Christmas sweatshirt with Rudolph as the subject. Undoubtedly a cute and perfect choice as this will also match with the theme of the day flawlessly.

Note: Get them matching pajamas and everyone will definitely praise their style statement for sure.

8. Make your friend an elf with the elf sweatshirt

Make your friend an elf with the elf sweatshirt


Want to get your friend who is really quirky a Christmas sweatshirt? This elf costume sweatshirt will undoubtedly do the trick. The sweatshirt from Ann Arbor is a perfect gift for the caring friend who gives you a hand even when you don’t really need him.

9. Embody the spirit of Christmas with the Santa sweatshirt

Red is the color of the season and Christmas is incomplete without a sweatshirt that contains snowflakes, reindeers and Santa. This Sweatshirt contains all of those three and is made to be sported during Christmas parties.

Embody the spirit of Christmas with the Santa sweatshirt


Get it for your lady friend or relative and reduce their worry of choosing the right clothing for the evening!

10. Gift cat lovers the meow sweatshirt

Gift cat lovers the meow sweatshirt


Selecting gifts for cat owners and lovers definitely is problematic but not anymore! With this meow sweatshirt, you can make them fall in love with you. It comprises of cats, multiple ones etched on it, wishing people a Meow Christmas! Absolutely adorable, right?

11. Announce the coming of Christmas with the Starks

Announce the coming of Christmas with the Starks


You can spot a GOT fan from the crowd with the tagline ‘Winter is coming’. Now make that GOT fanatic happy with the ‘Christmas is coming’ sweatshirt! Comprised of the stark banner, it will make them proud as they wear this in Christmas. After all, not all can survive beyond the wall!

12. A quirky reindeer t-shirt for that quirky friend

A quirky reindeer t-shirt for that quirky friend


Ever seen a reindeer skiing? You can now as you can have that fun scene on a sweatshirt! The quirky but cute sweatshirt captures the spirit of Christmas with the picture of Rudolph skiing. Get these and make your loved one melt over with that cute reindeer eyes.

13. Snowman sweatshirt for that cute friend

Looking for a sweatshirt that is cute, simple and yet fun? The snowman seems to fit the bill. This is one of the best Christmas sweatshirts to gift anyone for its simplistic design and celebratory spirit.

Snowman sweatshirt for that cute friend

Well, did you like the options? Now, go ahead and get into your Christmas shopping spree!