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A Dozen of Christmas Tablecloth to Adorn Your Home this Season!   

An attractive Christmas tablecloth adorns the big Christmas dinner table. Beneath the amazing dishes, spread a pretty tablecloth with trendy prints that can just add on to the festive mood.

Christmas tablecloth

Or, cut the cake against a backdrop of a vibrant cloth covering your table-top.

Wherever it is, this small piece of cloth can simply intensify the décor of any space to a notch up.

12 excellent choice of Christmas tablecloth as gift!

1. Check print

Checks are so in trend right now! Grab a stunning combination of red and white (the theme colour of the Big Day!). The icing on the cake? The small Christmas tree prints on the entire cover, perfectly matching with the party décor.

Check print


The best part is you can use this tablecloth for the entire festive season.

2. Christmas tree prints

To pair with tablecloths, there should be pretty table napkins too. The square cuts of Christmas print napkins play the ideal match to any variety of cover, especially a red Christmas tablecloth.

Christmas tree prints


Mark the words; this product is going to fetch you lot of appreciation from your guests.

3. Ribbon it up!

For that round table in your drawing room, try out a fancy round Christmas tablecloth with ribbon entangled in a floral garland, printed. This combination of class and trend is sure to drop all jaws around.

Ribbon it up4. Pompom Lace

Well, so no ribbons, no big prints! You want something minimalistic yet eye-catching, right? Go for table covers with pompom laces. The traditional red and white will be the winning combination to uplift the Christmas spirit!

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One small tip – While decorating the room, avoid overdoing to highlight your new table cover collection.

Pompom Lace


I got this for my mom and she just loved it! From the print to colour and design, it all screams CHRISTMAS!

5. Holiday trimmings

Holiday trimmings


Holiday tablecloth is something that everyone fancies to have. Pretty colours, popping patterns and designs on tablecloths are just the right choice for the ‘table of celebration’!

6. Vintage love!


While everyone else is going for the latest, modern, chic designs, you can stand out in the crowd with your vintage collection. Cover the dining table with a handmade product that celebrates designs of the 20th Century!

Vintage love

Button Undoubtedly, you’re going to get some appreciation for your taste of décor.

7. Nordic Christmas

Reindeers and Christmas, these two are so well connected and as a holiday tablecloth, this print is simply going to lift the mood at the dinner table.

Nordic Christmas


It’s one of my personal favourite as there’s also an ethnic touch to it.

8. Vintage sledge


Need something for the table at the children’s corner? Go for a snowflake tablecloth design with a city of the 90s gearing up to celebrate the Christmas. The attractive part is that this time, little children are riding on the sledge

Vintage sledge


Make the celebration more happening and spread the warmth of Christmas among the little gang with this beautiful cover.

Note: You can also use this later on as cloth wall hangings too or maybe for the centre table!

9. Embroidery tablecloth for Christmas

Another unique pick can be a hand-woven embroidery work. If you are a creative person, let this tablecloth reflect that choice and fondness.

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Embroidery tablecloth for Christmas


Again, talking of the colour, there’s nothing better than an embroidered red Christmas tablecloth.

Tip: Make sure to check about the washing procedure in details.

10. Holly & berries

Have you planned the party or dinner in an open space? Then, select a tablecloth with holly & berries print to sync with the nature outdoors.

Holly & berries


The extra advantage is that, you don’t have to think anything else for décor as this design with go with both – Christmas and nature!

Spread happiness among your loved ones and celebrate at the dinner table with glee and joy!

11. Snowflake tablecloth

Willing to turn all heads? How about getting a tablecloth matching with your apron? If you are the organiser of the party, go for this pair. Choose a stunning party with Xmas tree, reindeer and everything celebrating the joyous mood together.

Snowflake tablecloth


Be prepared to earn some compliments that day!     

12. Tablecloth placement

Now, this one is a little unconventional tablecloth. These are more on the tablecloth mat side! However, the patterns are quite exciting and can go with any contrasting cover.

Tablecloth placement


Click on the link below to check out the product!

So, be it a round Christmas tablecloth or rectangle, any pattern or print, tablecloth for Christmas can not only augment the décor but all draw all jaws for your choice! So, make sure to get the best one.


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