Best Diwali gift ideas for your loved ones

As we all know, Diwali is the celebration of lights. It marks the arrival of Lord Rama from the 14 years of exile. In order to celebrate the arrival of their king, the people of Ayodhya lit earthen candles all over the place. And from then onwards, this day started to be celebrated as Diwali. Also, on this day people worship the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. They symbolize wisdom, wealth, prosperity and happiness. It is also celebrated to mark the significance of love, care, and brotherhood. People exchange gifts, blessings and rejoice the day with their family. So, are you still waiting to find the perfect product to gift your loved ones? Worry not. We will help you out. We have shared some Diwali gift ideas to suit your every requirement and will put huge grins on everyone’s face.

Diwali Gift Ideas

1) Solimo’s Wax Tealight Candles (set of 100)

Solimo's Wax Tealight Candles (set of 100)

These tea light candles come in a standard packaging of aluminum cases. Being available in sets of 50 and 100, these candles leave no stains of wax and are completely unscented. Each candle weighs 10 grams and is highly compact to fit into your hand-made diyas.


  • The product comes as a set of 100 unscented tealight candles.
  • Overall, the candles can burn for duration of 2 hours and 50 minutes.
  • These special set of candles are completely odorless, smokeless.
  • After burning, there is no trace of soot residue.
  • These can easily be used with or without candle holders.
  • These are extremely perfect for parties, weddings etc.
  • Its diameter is of 3.7 cm with its height being 1.2 cm.
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2) TIED RIBBONS’ Lord Ganesh Idol Showpiece

TIED RIBBONS' Lord Ganesh Idol Showpiece

As we all know, Lord Ganesha is the god of prosperity and marks the beginning of auspicious occasions. This musical idol of Lord Ganesha comes in a wooden base. It has been painted in the best combination of colours to bring out its best features. Carving of jewellery, his musical instrument and clothing has been done intricately and with proper finish. So, hurry! Grab your own Ganesha and make your house yell in happiness.


  • This idol of Ganesha is manufactured from premium quality polyresin.
  • This unique piece is hand-made and has been painted manually.
  • This can be given as a gift in house warming parties, anniversaries, wedding etc.
  • The idol measures a total dimension of 22cms, 35cms and 14cms.
  • It comes in a safe packaging to assure proper handling of the product.
  • This can be your perfect Diwali gift ideas.

3) Trendy Crafts’ Metal Feng Shui Tortoise

Trendy Crafts' Metal Feng Shui Tortoise

Tortoise possesses a huge importance in the scriptures of Feng Shui and Vastu. It depicts long life and symbolizes determination, stability and firm will power. A metal tortoise is believed to possess great powers. It can facilitate in stabilizing the environment around us and harmonize it.

Metal tortoises are believed to be so auspicious that they can wipe off negative energy from the house. This product comes in a good display of floral designs on its glass plate. It has been carefully adorned with a golden border and numeric patterns to enhance its auspicious sheen.


  • The product comes in a dimension of 5.5 inches.
  • It is made up of metal and also, comes in a glass plate.
  • Designs on the tortoise have been done with minute detailing.
  • This tortoise can be among your Diwali gift ideas.

4) SAF’s ‘Ganesha’ Framed Painting

SAF's 'Ganesha' Framed Painting

This product from SAF brightens up the room. It is purely made of wood and has been painted in several shades of colors. This painting can perfectly suit your living rooms, offices etc. It adds a vibrant touch to the space and brings out its ethnicity. It can be one of your best Diwali gift.


  • This painting is made of wood and is multicolored.
  • A clean dry cloth can be used to remove dust from it.
  • It does not involve glass frame and the framing material is synthetic.
  • The painting comes in a square shape frame.
  • The product has a length of 30 cms, breadth of 3 cms and a height of 30 cms.

5) eCraftIndia’s Jaipur Golden Handcrafted Palm Buddha Showpiece

eCraftIndia's Jaipur Golden Handcrafted Palm Buddha Showpiece

This antique piece comes well decorated in black color with intricate golden designs. Its material is 100% polyresin. The product depicts an idol of Buddha on a handcrafted palm. In all, the product brings prosperity to the house and promotes positive energy and happiness.


  • This showpiece is made from material known as polyresin.
  • It is completely black in color with golden designs.
  • It comes in the category of religious idols.
  • The product bears a size of 12.5 cms × 7.5 cms × 17.5 cms.
  • This spiritual piece of Buddha will fit your Diwali gift ideas

6) Pure Source India’s Ceramic Aroma Burner Candles

Pure Source India's Ceramic Aroma Burner Candles

This aroma burner is extremely versatile to use. It can be used to burn a number of aromatic oils according to your pallet. It also comes in a sleek design with a beautiful touch of modernization.


  • This premium quality aroma burner has a size of 4 inches.
  • It is multifunctional in carrying any tea candle or oil.
  • It requires no extra efforts in cleaning and can be used for a longer period.
  • It can be the perfect set of Diwali gift.

7) Borosil’s Akhand Diya (Large, Brass)

Borosil's Akhand Diya (Large, Brass)

This Akhand diya is safe and easy to handle and also creates an auspicious tranquillizing aura in the house. It is made up of premium quality borosilicate glass and incorporates high-quality brass for its body. It is designed in such a way that it is resistant to thermal shocks. The luminosity of its glass is perfect to add a religious, ethnic and festive sheen to the decor.


  • This set of Akhand diya possesses the finest metallic lustre.
  • The product does not get hot when after repeated sessions of burning.
  • Refilling of oil and cleaning can be done easily.
  • It has an overall size of 13 cms × 13 cms × 18 cms.

8) Collectible India’s Akhand Diya Decorative Crystal Lantern

Collectible India's Akhand Diya Decorative Crystal Lantern

This product illustrates a unique style and portrays the creativity of Indian artists. This diya is extremely easy to handle, carry and maintain. Bring your home this piece of diya set and lighten it with divine and spiritual vibes.


  • Its design emits more light.
  • It is made from high-quality brass and glass.
  • It incorporates a sturdy glass which cannot crack even after using it repeatedly.
  • This diya is perfect for occasions like Puja, festivals, wedding, house-warming parties etc.

9) Quace’s Battery Operated String 20 LED Blossom Flowers

Quace's Battery Operated String 20 LED Blossom Flowers

These lights come beautifully in the shape of flower blossoms. They are composed of premium quality LEDs which bring out a mellow fairy effect and also, does not overheat easily. They are ensured to be guarded with proper heat insulation. This means that even after hours of being used, they can be touched easily. They are completely safe for your children and are the perfect means to create your own fairytale type romantic setting.


  • The product is beautifully shaped in blossom flowers.
  • It incorporates premium quality string lights.
  • It can be put into several uses from decorating a birthday party to decorating your house during Diwali.
  • It consumes low power.
  • It is also provided with proper heat insulation.
  • The lights are powered by AA batteries.

10) Earthen Metal’s Dome Shaped Glass Table Lamp

Earthen Metal's Dome Shaped Glass Table Lamp

This beautiful piece of lamp incorporates the outlay of colorful crystal glasses all over its body. It also comes with designs of big and small flowers for enhancing its beauty. Its beauty gets reflected when supplied with any yellow or white color light. So, still confused for a perfect set of lamp for your living space? Worry not; this piece will bring back the charms that your decor was lacking earlier.


  • It is extremely convenient to clean with the help of a dry cloth.
  • It is 100% handmade.
  • It incorporates a fascinating mosaic design.
  • It gives a whimsical touch to the living space.

11) ILU’s Dream Catcher

This beautiful piece of dream catcher has been decorated with multicolored features and a flower-shaped network of threads. It can be hung from anywhere and is believed to keep your nightmares away. Its beautiful design with the perfect assembling of feathers adds a vibrant touch to it. It can efficiently be used to decorate your house and make your dreams nightmare free.


  • It is completely handmade.
  • It has been weaved intricately.
  • It has a diameter of 16 cms.
  • It can be the perfect gift for your children.
  • It can also be used as a hanging craft for your gardens, houses and cars.

12) Sethi Traders’ Positive Energy Windchimes

Sethi Traders' Positive Energy Windchimes

This beautiful piece of wind chime allows positive energy to enter the rooms. It is made for high-quality material which can last for a longer period of time. It can also be used for decoration purposes and can suit every house decor. Just place it in your garden or balcony and enjoy the natural flow of happiness, peace and success in your house.


  • It is made from long-lasting materials.
  • It can be a beautiful piece of craft for your decor.
  • This accessory works well with every kind of place, either be it your living room or bedroom.

13) Zaavic’s Lucky Bamboo Plant

Zaavic's Lucky Bamboo Plant

Being one of the popular Feng Shui plant, it is believed that two stalks of bamboo symbolises the expression of love. It is also believed that keeping the bamboo plant at home can increase your luck. This green gift is suitable for every genre of person. Also, the plant’s stalks are tough enough to survive both in soil as well as in water. It can also bear a wide array of lights. So, why are you still waiting? Go, grab your own bamboo plant and shower your house with prosperity, happiness and wealth.


  • The product comprises of two components: a natural plant and a glass pot.
  • It has a pot size of 3 inches and a plant height of 6 inches.
  • The plant is appealing and is very easy to grow and take care.

14) Nourish’s Magnetic Fridge Memo Pad

Nourish's Magnetic Fridge Memo Pad

This magnetic mechanized memo pad is perfect for your important notes. It aids jotting down of notes easily and with convenience. Only, you are required to put this up on your fridge. And voila! You are now ready to indulge yourself in an effortless and organized form of taking down your notes either from the phone, tv or from a newly discovered recipe book.


  • It comes in a spiral-bound.
  • It has a magnetic mechanism.
  • It consists of a total of 50 pages.
  • It also comes along with a free magnetic pencil.

15) Paper Plane Design’s Inspirational Wall Poster (Set of 10)

Paper Plane Design's Inspirational Wall Poster (Set of 10)

This product is extremely ideal for your living spaces. Either it’s your living room, bedroom or guest room, it can go really well. It is completely non-toxic and is waterproof. It cannot be torn easily. Therefore, now kids won’t be a problem. These wall posters are designed in such a way that they not only boost motivation but also bring out the inner brightness and happiness. So, grab a few of them and you are ready to create your own space of positive environment.


  • Its material is 100% paper and comes in a wide array of colours.
  • It has an overall rectangular shape.
  • The package comes with 10 posters in total.
  • It includes HD prints along with usage of long-lasting non-toxic adhesive.
  • It has a premium quality matte finish.
  • It also comes with a proper plastic protection in order to avoid scratches.

16) Altra Plastic’s Pendulum Wall Clock (Brown)

Altra Plastic's Pendulum Wall Clock

This commodity can perfectly add a new definition to your decor. It has been designed in a ship steering wheel which adds a rustic look to the piece. Its material is mostly plastic but the colour in which it has been tinted resembles an exact replica of a ship’s steering wheel. The static pendulum at its bottom successfully enhances the clock’s design.


  • It is made from plastic and is painted in brown color.
  • It incorporates an analog type of clock.
  • It also incorporates a white colored dial.
  • It requires 2 batteries for power supply.

17) India’s Bullock Cart Coaster Set of 6

India's Bullock Cart Coaster Set of 6

This exquisite piece of craftsmanship will set your house decor on fire. The product involves a beautiful handcrafted bullock cart which has been detailed with intricate designs. Involving a proper structure of a sturdy cart, this product is completely made from mango wood. It is made generally to promote the craftsmanship of Indian artists. So, if you possess a profound taste in Indian art and want to promote them, then you can obviously go for this product. In addition to this, the product also houses a perfect rural design of a bullock cart.


  • It has dimensions of 14 inches × 15.5 inches.
  • It is made from mango wood.
  • It comes in an authentic design.
  • It promotes the skills of Indian artists.

18) A10SHOP’s Omega 6 Wooden Key Holder – Mahogany

A10SHOP's Omega 6 Wooden Key Holder - Mahogany

This product is made from premium quality MDF wood. It also involves a premium wood finish. This commodity is extremely compact and can fit perfectly. It can be placed in your hallway or entryway where you wish to hang your keys. It also comprises of 5 sets of metal key hooks and a shelf to showcase any figurine of your choice.


  • It is built from premium quality engineered wood which has been pre-laminated.
  • It comes with 5 metal key hooks.
  • It also comes with a shelf to facilitate showcasing of any decorative item.
  • It requires a basic and easy assembling.

19) JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Gun Metal)               

JBL C200SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Gun Metal)

This set of earphones provides the purest form of bass. It is extremely comfortable to wear and is lightweight. It is also compatible with Android devices and get easily synced with them for activating it’s Google Assistant or Siri. The whole set comes in a premium quality metallic finish and incorporates one-button remote. It also comes with a 3.5 mm gold plated jack which promotes lossless data transfer.


  • It provides an extremely powerful bass.
  • It requires the mechanism of one-button universal remote.
  • It gives quick access to both Google Assistant and Siri.
  • It also incorporates a noise-cancelling microphone.
  • It has been designed ergonomically with premium finish.
  • It is lightweight and comes with 3 sizes of ear tips.

20) Artis’ BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Artis' BT08 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This commodity can provide an effective playback for up to 3 to 4 hours consequently. It incorporates a rechargeable battery of 4000 mAh and promotes hands-free calling. It comes with firing sets of speakers to create the purest sound playback. It also features facilities like possessing a micro SD card reader, an Aux input etc.


  • It comes with hand-free calling facility.
  • It also has a LED light facility.
  • It produces the best dynamic sound effect.

21) Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

This portable 2000 mAh Mi power bank is an ultimate powerhouse for your phones. It provides an 18W fast charging to ensure that you are always on the go. This product comes in a wide array of designs and is also accompanied with dual USB outputs. This enhances its utility with compromising on its size, design and functionality.


  • It is powered by a 1000 mAh lithium battery.
  • It is accompanied by an 18W fast charging.
  • It comes in a uniquely designed aluminum case.
  • It comes with added protection of 9 layers.
  • It can make two-way charge easily possible.
  • It is highly compatible, possesses great portability and comes with a 6 months warranty.

22) PopSockets Mobile Holder

PopSockets Mobile Holder

This product superbly exemplifies the capabilities of the phone. Whether you want to adjust your texting grip, scrolling grip or your grip while taking selfies, this product is an add on for all these purposes. It suits every type of smartphones. It possesses a washable, reusable and a repositionable kind of adhesive which assures its firm grip on the devices and the cases.

It can easily work on different modes like landscape mode, portrait mode etc. It gives relaxation to your hands which have been securely holding your phone daily. So, just tilt, wrap, pop and collapse. And voila! You have your new assistant ready to help you to get that much-required grip.


  • It provides the firmest grip.
  • It can be used as a stand.
  • It can be mounted and attached anywhere.
  • It can also be used as a cord wrap.
  • It can provide a firm grip while holding your tablets.
  • It can easily be repositioned according to your convenience.

23) Rajasthan Emporium and Handicrafts German Silver Bowl, Spoon and Tray Set

Rajasthan Emporium and Handicrafts German Silver Bowl, Spoon and Tray Set

The brand Jaipur Ace diligently brings out the silver sheen and finish of the product. This exquisite piece comprises of puja utensils, bowl sets, etc. This brass made utensils have been designed by the best craftsmen of Rajasthan.

The company also assures its quality with the perfect touch of silver finish. It comes well packaged in a velvet box which adds a further touch of royalty. So, be quick! Go and grab your own set and wish your loved ones a happy Diwali.


  • The product is plated with German silver.
  • It also comes with a German bowl.
  • It comes packed in velvet boxes.

24) Hosley’s Wall Sconces 40 cm Long with 8 Glass Cup Candle Holders

Hosley's Wall Sconces 40 cm Long with 8 Glass Cup Candle Holders

This beautiful piece of wall sconce provides the most appropriate rustic look to the house. Being handcrafted from iron and coated with multiple layers of black powder, its design portrays the beauty of dry maple leaves, thereby giving out relaxing autumn vibes. When used as a base for your favourite tealights, this product can efficiently light up the whole living space with serenity. So, be it your hallway or doorway, it can beautifully accentuate every corner of your house.


  • It depicts the texture and beauty of dry maple leaves.
  • It can be used along with your tealights.
  • It is made from iron.
  • It adds a vintage look to the decor.

25) SNICKERS’ Shubh Avsar Assorted Chocolates Diwali Gift Pack-150g

SNICKERS' Shubh Avsar Assorted Chocolates Diwali Gift Pack-150g

This set of assorted chocolates provides the undeniable charm. These delicious treats can be the perfect gift to distribute among your loved ones and see them rejoice every bite of it. Being curated with love, these premium quality chocolates bring out the inner happiness and put huge smiles on everyone’s face. You can readily add the set in your list of Diwali gift ideas.


  • These are made from superior quality chocolate.
  • They come in several flavors.
  • Every chocolate comes in individual wrapping, therefore making it easier to distribute.
  • They can be given as Diwali gift hampers.

26) eCraftIndia’s Shadow Ganesh Ji Metal Tea Light Holder

eCraftIndia's Shadow Ganesh Ji Metal Tea Light Holder

This exquisite piece of candle holder comes in a beautiful array of designs. It has been carved out from metal sheet to present a divine look of Lord Ganesha. It comes with proper shielding to prevent the spillage of hot wax. Manufactured with the trust of eCraftIndia, it displays the traditional creativity and artistic skills of Indian craftsmen.


  • Its material is metal and is painted in brown.
  • It has a size of 8cm × 8cm × 8cm.
  • It is one of the affordable gifts you can choose this Diwali.

27) International Gift’s Silver Plated Laxmi Ganesh Idol


This beautiful piece of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi spreads positivity all around the house. Being designed with premium quality aluminum and architecture with intricate designs, these figurines symbolize wealth, auspiciousness and wisdom. The product sets the perfect example of true craftsmanship and also comes with ensured durability.


  • It is made from premium quality aluminum
  • It has a dimension of 6cm × 24cm × 16cm.
  • It comes in a velvet box.
  • It can be gifted as a wedding gift, housewarming gift etc.

28) Bodyherbals’ Rose Soap Spa Set

Bodyherbals' Rose Soap Spa Set

This product can be the perfect rose soap spa set. The unique blend of Ayurvedic soap with other kinds of herbs gently scrubs away dead skin cells from the body. Its natural loofah is extremely smooth on the skin and the bath puff helps in exfoliating even the tan. The spa set also comprises of a premium quality towel which can absorb water easily. It also comes with an aroma diffuser which creates the perfect atmosphere of relaxation. This product can be a perfect gift for those who enjoy the ambience of a spa.


  • It comes with hand-made bathing bars.
  • It also comes equipped with a natural loofah.
  • It comes with a premium quality towel.
  • The set also comprises of bathing puff and aroma diffuser.

29) Wall1ders’ Atulya Arts 3D Acrylic Mirror Hexagon Shape Wall Stickers

Wall1ders' Atulya Arts 3D Acrylic Mirror Hexagon Shape Wall Stickers

These wall stickers are a unique way to decorate your house. These 20 pieces of wall stickers come in safe packaging and can be mounted on the wall as per your choice. You can design your own creation by placing these stickers all over the wall. They have been uniquely cut via computerised laser cutting method. Its shining surface accentuates the beauty of the house.


  • It is shatterproof.
  • It is reusable and is easy to clean.
  • It is manufactured from premium quality cast acrylic.
  • It is 100% resistant to scratch and is waterproof.

30) Ghasitaram Gifts’ Diwali – Orange Dryfruit Box 200 gms

Ghasitaram Gifts' Diwali - Orange Dryfruit Box 200 gms

This Diwali gifting set comprises of the best selection of goan cashews, raisins, American almonds and Aghani pistachios. The whole product weighs about 200 grams. In order to assure its freshness, the dry fruits have been nitrogen flushed and are packed in vacuum. The whole set also comes with a handmade rakhi, roli and chawal. So, still confused about what to gift? Go with this dry fruit set and enjoy the sweetest smiles with satisfaction.


  • It is a form of Indian sweets.
  • It does not contain preservatives.
  • It is the perfect set of Diwali gifts online.

31) International Gift’s Red Rose 25 cm Gift Box and Carry Bag

International Gift's Red Rose 25 cm Gift Box and Carry Bag

This product is a true indication of love, care and affection. It consists of a red rose with gold plated petals. It describes and portrays the craftsmanship of the artists indulged in crafting it. Its red polish is long-lasting and its design is so intricately done that it can melt the strongest hearts. It can turn out to be your best Diwali gift ideas.


  • It comes with a red rose and golden leaves.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It can be the perfect gift for your Valentine.

32) ExclusiveLane’s Terracotta Miniature Small Pots (Blue, Set of 3)

ExclusiveLane's Terracotta Miniature Small Pots (Blue, Set of 3)

These charming sets of earthen miniatures can be the perfect Diwali gift ideas. This terracotta product comes in a set of 3 and has been molded into unique shapes. They have been patiently hand-painted with colors like golden, blue, red and white. The golden color gives a touch of ethnicity.

The overall blue color seems to sum up the whole combination of vibrant colors. With the perfect blend of colours, uniqueness in design this product stands out in imparting the sense of belongingness to our native homes.


  • They have been beautifully carved.
  • They come in shapes of 3 miniature pots.
  • They have been hand painted in Warli style.
  • It promotes the craftsmanship of Indian artisans.

33) Milton’s Orchid 3 Piece Junior Insulated Casserole Set, Green

Milton's Orchid 3 Piece Junior Insulated Casserole Set, Green

These casseroles come extremely handy when struggling from a situation of keeping food warm for a longer period. They come in green color with the latest display of designs. Its high-quality plastic and high-grade steel ensures safe and proper storage of food.

So, next time if you want to dine with style, grab your own set of Milton casseroles. They can not only make your dining experience trendier but will also never compromise in its utility.


  • It is made from superior quality food grade plastic.
  • It consists of steel round containers inside.
  • The casseroles display latest designs.
  • They come in color green.

34) Decals Design’s ‘Chinese Lamps Lantern Wall Sticker

Decals Design's 'Chinese Lamps Lantern Wall Sticker

These wall stickers are perfect to decorate your living space. They can enhance your decor’s beauty by adding features to it. They are very convenient to put on. Just you are required to have a clean surface, on which you wish to put these stickers.

These pre-cut pieces of stickers can easily be pulled out from the baking paper without any mess. So, next time if you are looking for something quirky yet unique to fit your house decor, then these stickers can actually become your time savers. This decorative piece can certainly go well with your Diwali gift ideas.


  • They are made from PVC Vinyl.
  • They provide a matte finish.
  • They come in multiple colors.

35) Anee kee’s 10 inch Hanging paper lantern

Anee kee's 10 inch Hanging paper lantern

These premium quality paper lanterns are manufactured from the best quality rice paper. They also come pre-equipped with metal expanders to provide support and hold the electric cords. These lanterns are an assurance of their quality and design. They are perfect for your Diwali nights and can be used to decorate any corner of your house.


  • It gives out a soothing glow.
  • It adds an elegant and classy touch to the decor.
  • It can easily be set up.
  • It can be used as a decorative item for your celebrations and parties.

36) Jiada’s LED Balloons (Set of 25)

Jiada's LED Balloons (Set of 25)

This set of 25 LED balloons comes in different colors and textures. They can be the main attraction of your parties. It gives a great opportunity to play with balloon colors and mix them with the color of LED lights. These can prove to be a great decorative item for your late-night Christmas parties, New Year parties or for your Diwali nights.


  • It is a unique set of balloons accompanied with LED lights.
  • The LED lights can last for hours.
  • They are highly affordable and make your parties look lavish.

37) Parker’s Vector Camouflage Gift Set

Parker's Vector Camouflage Gift Set

If you are fond of collecting pens, then this can be the perfect gift for you. Parker’s pen comes in unique design and mechanism. It adds glamour to your existing collection. The pen features a moulded plastic barrel. The whole set comes with a refill and unique piece of keychain. This can be a great gift for your loved ones.


  • It comes in blue ink.
  • It comes with a cool pen opening mechanism.
  • It is a type of roller ball pen.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • The whole set consists of a pen and a keychain.

38) Jarved Teas of The World Assorted Gift Box Set

Jarved Teas of The World Assorted Gift Box Set

This tinned box comprises of the finest blend of tea leaves. From premium quality Turkish tea to Roman Chamomile to Indian Masala Chai Tea, it has every variety of aromatic tea. So, next time if you want to tour the world in search for the perfect blend of tea, then gives this product a try and you won’t regret your choice ever.


  • It is great for every purpose.
  • It comes in s recyclable tin box.
  • It comprises of the finest blend of aromatic tea.
  • It can easily fit into your Diwali gift ideas.

39) Weird Wolf Johnny and Jasmine Coffee Mugs

Weird Wolf Johnny and Jasmine Coffee Mugs, Set of 2

These quirky set of ceramic mugs adds fun to your favorite cup of beverage. They depict funny characters to spice up your drinking experience. They can easily be used to reheat the beverage in microwave. So, still looking for a unique mug for your mug collection? These mugs can definitely be your prime choice


  • Its material is completely ceramic.
  • The cup is resistant to chip and unbreakable.
  • This cup is 100% microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

40) ITOS365 Jewellery Box Wooden Flip Flap Flower Design

ITOS365 Jewellery Box Wooden Flip Flap Flower Design

This traditional piece of jewellery casket depicts royalty. The floral designs on wood showcase the skills of the artisans involved in its manufacturing. It comes with practical compartments to ensure proper storage and organization of your jewellery items like earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. It also stands out in quality and material.

This can be the perfect gift for your female loved ones who are crazy about jewellery but are always careless in handling them.


  • It is made from wood.
  • It showcase intricate designs
  • It provides a safe and organized storage of your valuables.
  • It is a great gifting option for your female loved ones.

These are some of the Diwali gift ideas which can be given to your loved ones as a token of love. So, no more worrying about what to gift your cousin, parents or friends, this Diwali. Grab any of the products mentioned above and wish them a very happy and safe Diwali.