This Year Take a Twist in Dussehra Gifts

Dussehra is almost here!! The significance of victory of good over evil in Treta Yug is here to shine upon. Be it Lord Ram taking on Ravan or Goddess Durga slaughtering Mahisasur, the auspicious day vibes poses power, success, worth, wealth and prosperity of the righteous. Celebrated on the month of Ashwin’s tenth day, according to the religious Hindu lunisolar calendar, this year it falls on Thursday the 22nd of October.

The season of prosperity, happiness and celebration has come back again with all the surprises it has to offer. The joyous occasion of dolling up and visiting Ravan effigy burns with crackers with pandals of Mother Durga and shankanad. India it’s time to brace up for the approaching matchless celebrations! There, there!!

Ten days of fun, family time and visits to relatives that will make you forget all the hassles you came across throughout the year. It’s the time of the year to enjoy lighted streets, feasts, music along with friends and family in the winter evenings. But wait! Aren’t you forgetting something?! Visiting pandals, effigies burn rituals and poojas checked, but what about the gifts?!!

Same old dry fruits packets which are going to be gifted to someone else? Loads and loads of gifted sweets where ever you go. Then they will finally be looked at as if it were poison! No, we don’t want to repeat it all over again. The same old garb. Take a break, and add some fun twists this time! Well, here are some exciting new unusual gifts you can present and enjoy your Dussehra with this year!!

Dussehra Gifts

Barbeque Equipment

What is the most exciting thing about Indian celebrations? Undoubtedly, food. And if you belong a big fat Indian family it is the most important thing as well. What could be better than gifting your friends and family something that will help in cooking your favorite dishes?! Hey, in fact consider this as a return gift for you as well! You will get to eat your favorite dishes whenever you pay a visit!! Slimey! Barbeque equipment is the best option if you have a food lover in the list.

It can serve to make the best of the dishes. What could be a better way to spend the lazy winter afternoons? It will offer the perfect coming together fun. Well now you can buy a coal barbeque grill or an electric barbeque grill.

Prestige Barbeque grill - Dussehra Gifts

Portable Speakers

Are most of your friends hard core music lovers? Do they need music wherever they go? Or are they party freaks, always in need of loud music to shake legs to?? Here is an amazing idea. Portable speakers!! They are small; they are handy yet serve their purpose of rocking every event!

They are very cost effective and come in various attractive and funky designs. The best part about them is that they will be used very often. Gift your loved ones cool portable speakers and party your time throughout this Dussehra.

Wireless Portable Speakers

Hair dryer and straightener

Here is the perfect gift for the women in your house. Ladies! They always want to look perfect and beautiful, especially in festive seasons. The shows, trips to friends and decorations certainly deserve a lovely lady with a lovely get up.

A combo of hair dryer and straightener will be the best gift to endow ladies with self confidence of the letting their hair down perfectly this season.

The etiquette of an intelligent giver is in presenting the perfect gift. So Donne this festive season with laurels and applauds with a perfect combo! You have to know, this is truly what will win a woman’s heart. Truly, truly (winks)!

Philips HP 8643 Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer

Earthen Terracotta pots

Here’s an interesting Did-You-Know that is going to make an awesome gift! In Northern India, starting from Kashmir, Punjab to Bihar, people sow barley seeds in earthen clay pots in the beginning of Navratri and these ninth day sprouts are considered to be lucky charm and a sign of prosperity!! And in earthen pots what is more antique than terracotta?? Yes you guessed it right! It’s time to gift lovely tiny terracotta pots to your near and dear ones!!

They are the most apt with the occasion and relevant yet off the main track gifts to shower! May be drop in a hand written note about its significance to make it more heartwarming!! It’s cheap, antique and good luck charm!! Need I say more about this one killing the competition!

 Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots Bright Green

Gym accessories

We all know a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. And health is wealth my friend, so gift your loved ones the most valued wealth this time!! There’s nothing that would be more thoughtful than some encouraging wristbands or wireless jogging music players or some handy dumb bells or equipments!!

For people who are into fitness will surely remember you every day when they have their daily jogs and for those who don’t will thank you someday for being an eye opener!! Here are some rock that health stuffs!

Soft Iron Dumbbell

Body Spa Kit

Who doesn’t love a trip to pamper world once in a while?! Work pressures and responsibilities have sucked out far too much of life out of us. Here’s a lovely gift which will invigorate wellness and relaxation in the drought of day to day life.

Be the one they will thank for every time they pamper themselves with a lovely spa kit at home! We don’t just relax in life because it’s fun; rather there is actually a really strong and proved connection linking relaxation and both of our mental and physical health. Relaxation is a stress buster and there is no better way to relax if it’s done at home.

Here are some lovely relaxing spa combos exclusively to make this season into lovely holidays!

1 Minute Manicure, Hand Scrub

Kids Gifts

Why should biggies have all the fun?! If you have relatives and friends with little jumping beans with indomitable energy, it’s the perfectly fitting yet unusual gift to present them with! They are the apple of everyone’s eyes and we all know a kid’s happiness is contagious, so making children happy is winning hearts of families!

So don’t shy to gift some adorable bean less inflated sofa or a favorite talking tom cat toy to the fun and frolic little angels which will be a constant source of everybody’s joy! A must try I must say!!

Talking Tom cat

Pet Accessories

Every one of us have that relative/ friend who loves his/ her pet more than their life! So shed down that cliché of gifting for rituals and take a U turn and shower the pets this season!! You are going to be amazed at the variety of gifts and accessories in stores for these companions!! Life is much larger than the pasted smiles we hold in occasions!!

This is surely going to spread a heartfelt happiness! Booties, cozy beds for furry mates, or a lovely new bowl for the gold fishes, or may be a line for birdies the choice is yours to spoil!

Cozy Round Bed for pets

Gadget gizmos

Gadgets are today the most beloved friends of man. And gifting a best friend was never this easy! Kids or adults all are into gadgets equally. Gone are the days when we used to play out in evening, now kids play multiplayer video games! And that is not news anymore, what is going to be the news is winning your friends and family with awesome tech high gadgets! We love them!

Taking a look into them, we have cool selfie monopods to take awesome selfies with backgrounds for the youngsters, anti sleep alert gadgets for drivers, portable LED UV fake currency detectors for the elders, Guitar tuners for music lovers, oh the list is unending!! They come in all prices for all ages!!

Selfie Monopod + Wireless Remote & Phone Clamp

Amazon Gift cards

How about having your friends or loved ones choose and get their own gifts on this special occasion! You can now easily wish them a Happy Dussehra with a gift card launched by Amazon team that includes a gift voucher. offers a variety to spoil of gifting mediums with different wide denominations ranging from 10 to 10,000 rupees to present your loved ones to select from.

You can e-mail the voucher card online or send it across to them the old school way through mail. It can simply be gifted and be also used later when they go out shopping or dining at their favorite hangout.

Gift card

You can visit this URL to land in gift cards page and gift your choice of shopping card!! It’s like a ticket to love!! And yes, surely a piece of cake for shopaholics!!

So off you go with these incredible ideas of gifts on mind for this festive fever!! Spread some happiness in your own unusual and different way!! Make sure celebrations are vivified with your special flavor to them! Hope you have a Happy Dussehra and Durga Pooja!