14 Designer Etsy Earrings That Will Refurbish Any Jewelry Box!

Are your earrings becoming commonplace wherever you visit? Well, gals! Time to get new pairs to go with the dresses in your wardrobe. Check out the 14 exquisite earrings below and grab the one you love!

Etsy Earrings

Accessories are but the compliments you pay yourself.

Not only for you, but you can also buy these for gifting all those ladies out there.

From gifting loved ones to making better jewelry choices, these Etsy Earrings can be the answer to all your fashion troubles.

Etsy Earrings from the designer collection:

1. Ivy leaf dangle and drop earrings

Workday accessorizing becomes tough when you have a party to hit later. You do not want to make it too glam, neither do you want to be little miss misfit.

Ivy leaf dangle and drop earrings


Where could the answer be?

These dangle and drop ones could strike the perfect balance between casual workday and afew-drinks-later day.

2. Graphic clip-on earrings

Graphic clip-on earrings


If you are trying to think of some cool earring options as gifts for your hippie friend, go for the clip ons. A pair of these multi-coloured, bohemian earrings would compliment their funky style statements.

3. Thread gold bar earrings

Girls just wanna have fun. How many times has this been your Saturday night-out slogan?

Thread gold bar earrings


Did you find a dress from your early days and want to give it a new edge this weekend? Well, you are in luck! These earrings will make you an instant head-turner in the club.

4. Bronze hoop earrings

Are you always too busy at work? Is that why you missed your sister’s birthday?

Don’t worry! This is the story of most mother-daughter relationships today. However, nothing makes a woman happier than some classy jewellery surprise!

Bronze hoop earrings


These earrings from Etsy could be the key to make her smile once again before you take her out to spend some quality time.

5. Fake wave earrings

Is your best pal an ocean lover? Does she always talk about her love for the sea and her desire to surf?

Any thoughtful friend would love to celebrate her free spirit. This wave earring is going to be the perfect extension of her sensitive nature.

Fake wave earrings


Plus, she will love you even more when she finds that you celebrate your relationship on a much deeper level.

6. Vintage chandelier earrings

Diamonds and pearls are just too mainstream sometimes! If you are looking for a dashing accessory with your elegant black thigh-slit gown, gift yourself these earrings for any classy event.

Vintage chandelier earrings


From charity dinners to workplace galas, these vintage earrings from Etsy are absolutely chic.

7. Ornamented gauge and plug earrings

Thinking of surprising your mother on her 50th anniversary? Or maybe on her upcoming birthday? Go for a classy pair of stone studden waterdrop earring.

Ornamented gauge and plug earrings


These are elegant just like her and can uphold the aura she has even at this golden age. 

8. Gemstone dangler earrings

Gemstone dangler earrings


If the previous suggestion was too heavy for her, you can also go for a simple yet classy pair of gemstone earrings. No matter what her age is, these are simply going to amplify her style statement.

9. Christmas studs

The 25th of December is fats appoaching. So, what have you planned for your best friend? This Christmas, surprise her with Rudolph or snowflakes studs.

Christmas studs


However, not only your friend, but you can get these for any special lady of your life – your sister, your mother or anyone.

10. Bridal sapphire earrings

No one is going to argue that weddings are not hectic. Period.

Bridal sapphire earrings


However, you could at least commit to these beautiful sapphire earrings. In that white wedding gown, these are going to make you look like a blue iris popping out in a bed of white roses.

Aren’t these just the thing you dreamt of when you were a little girl?

11. Black stud earrings

A ripped jeans, a black tank top, with sandals or combat boots! Definitely, a stunning and casual day look! But oh, what accessories could you pair up with this no-nonsense look?

Black stud earrings


Stylish yet straightforward black stud earrings can add that extra tinge in your style statement.

One of the best Etsy earrings, this could complement the rugged look you are trying to go for.

12. Cute girly earrings

Did daddy’s little girl just get her ears pierced so she could look more like mommy?

Cute girly earrings


Nothing would mean more to her than getting these cute girly earrings. Imagine how adorable she is going to look with these pairs adorning her sweet little features.

13. Diamond hoop earring

Diamond hoop earring


The diamond hoop earring are the stunning pieces to match any bold red gown or an elusive peach dress. This pair of jewelry screams of class and elegance and would make you a showstopper in the crowd!

14. Emerald Drop Earrings

Another piece of classic pair – these emerald earrings can match with any light coloured dress or even a plain white gown.

Emerald Drop Earrings


Guess what? I dared to pair this with a peach gown on my wedding day and I did earn all the glares and appreciations! You too can try.

Among all the aforementioned, which one did you like the most? Do share in the comment section below.