These Stunning Etsy Engagement Rings Would Surely Impress your Better-Half!

Engagement gets us all excited. This ritual of exchanging rings marks the beginning of a new phase of your life; hence you have to make it a special one. But wait…

Etsy Engagement rings

Do you know from where did this concept come?

The tradition of wedding rings can be traced back to the times of Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The earliest instances specifically come from the Egyptians who believed that the ring finger of the left hand has a vein that is directly connected to the heart. They later named it in Latin as “Vena amoris”.

Upholding this sensitive and heartfelt belief, ring exchange ritual remains as a traditional ceremony till this day. Usually, precious metals like gold or silver are used but couples can get unique designs for their wedding rings?

So, when your engagement is just round the corner, make sure you choose the rarest of ring for your to-be spouse! Here is a list of total 11 Etsy Engagement rings that are going to bind you both together, forever!

Etsy Engagement rings for Her:

1. An attractive solitaire:

An attractive solitaire


Nothing beats a bright diamond solitaire when it comes to engagement rings for her! However, you can augment that as well – get her a solitaire with an extra line of embedded gemstones. She’ll love the ring and you even more!

2. Antique rings!

There’s hardly any woman who doesn’t like antique jewelries. So, why not get your beloved an antique engagement ring? Leading online sites now sell these at discounted rates!

Antique rings


P.S. – Don’t forget to wrap it in a copper or bronze box! A royal gift for the gorgeous bride.

3. Late Edwardian engagement ring:

If you wish to surprise your bride with a really unique ring, try one from the late Edwardian era. It will emit that old world charm.

Late Edwardian engagement ring


Liked the idea? Then check out the link below!

4. Dried flower rings!

Dried flower rings


The latest in the engagement rings are the real flower rings. These have dried flowers instead of gemstones, locked inside a crystal case. It is said that these flowers are a symbol of love and would stay fresh as long as the love remains alive in your hearts!

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5. Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine ring


Is your fiancée a nature lover? Then you might want to gift her something right from the laps of nature. Aquamarine rings embedded on copper are indeed a unique idea! No, it might not be an extravagant investment, but it would truly be a heartfelt one.

6. Double diamonds when single ones seem too stereotypical!

Have you ever thought of a double diamond ring? Well, it’s time you try this exclusive option for your beloved.

Double diamonds when single ones seem too stereotypical


Check the link below for some inspiration!

Engagement rings for Him:

Wait, did you think that engagement rings were only meant for the bride? No! Even the groom has quite a number of options when it comes to engagement ring ideas!

1. Mineral stone ring:

Mineral stone ring


What have you planned for the engagement ceremony for your beloved man? Try a Titanium ring with turquoise mineral stone inlay. These will look extremely sophisticated and sturdy on your man’s ring finger.

2. Rose gold wedding band:

Wedding bands are the more preferable options when it comes to engagement rings for men! You might get a solid rose gold ring with a line of diamonds in the center. Your man will forever love you for gifting something so beautiful, unique and precious. Let the holy bond of marriage grow stronger with genuine metals that do not get dull over time!

Rose gold wedding band

Here’s some inspiration for you-

3. A sturdy solitaire!

A sturdy solitaire


Who said that a solitaire is meant only for men? Being the bride, you can also buy a stunning, sturdy solitaire for your beloved fiancé. Only make sure, the build of the ring is broader and has the diamond solitaire square in shape. Four-sided edges would give a robust look to his ring finger!

4. Titanium wedding band:

Titanium is a metal that lasts lifelong. Get a titanium engagement ring for your man on your special day and see the happiness on his face! After all, why should girls have all the fun?

Titanium wedding band


Try Etsy engagement rings for a variety of options in titanium rings! One is here for your convenience.

5. Did you check the couple wedding bands?

If you haven’t, you must now. Recently, there has been hike in popularity of engagement ring pairs. The set includes two identical engagement rings, one sleeker and smaller; for her slender fingers; and the other, sturdier and broader in width for Him.

couple wedding bands


Pick the best engagement ring ideas from here to impress your spouse on the special occasion. Let your hearts stay connected with precious rings on the Vena amoris!