Everything To Know About Christmas

Many of us have heard about Christmas celebrations around the world, but many of us are not aware of the significance of this festive season. Let us learn more. Many of us see Christmas as the holiday season. But, it is actually a festive occasion in Christian religion to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This day is observed on the 25th of December each year by the Protestants and Catholics.

Most in the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianity observe this festival. Nowadays, even non-Christians celebrate this day in a traditional manner by following the Christmas traditions like Christmas trees, decorative candles, etc.


Other names for Christmas:

This holiday season is called by many other names other than as Christmas. For instance, here are some other names:

names for Christmas

  • The Anglo-Saxons refer to this holiday season as midwinter or even some rarely call it as Nativity, which means birth.
  • In Old English, Geola is the term used for referring to the period from December to January, which is eventually seen alike to the Christian Christmas.
  • Noel is another term from Old French, which brings the meaning as birthday.


Christmas is actually a compound term that was arrived at by combining two different words and they are Christ and Mass. It was actually obtained from the Middle English Cristemasse and literally translated as Christian Mass. Xmas is the abbreviation of this festival as many of us know. This day is celebrated on the 25th of December by the Christians at least from the early 4th century.

The initial evidence of its observance was found in Rome and it was believed to have been celebrated in 336 AD.

Customs and traditions associated with Christmas:




This day is celebrated as an important festival and public holiday in many nations from around the world, including in countries where Christians just live as minorities. In some non-Christian nations like Hong Kong, the era of former colonial rule introduced the celebration. In other countries, foreign cultural influences have made people start celebrating this festival.

In some countries like Japan with minority Christian population, traditional values like Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations are followed even today.

What do people do on Christmas day?

The day is actually celebrated in a different manner in different countries. As far as India is concerned, most Christians visit the Church for prayers on the day to honor Jesus Christ on his birthday. Special prayers are offered to Mother Mary on congratulating her for giving birth to the Jesus Christ. People then prepare a great feast in their home and they share the same with their near and dear.

Prayers and feasts are the important part of Christmas celebrations in India. Here are some details about what people do on this day in other countries:

The Czech Republic:




On the eve of Christmas in the Czech Republic, it is the tradition of women to put their backs to the door of their house and then they throw a shoe over their shoulders. In case, the shoe gets to the floor with the heel facing the door, she will continue to be with her parents. On the other hand, if the front of the shoe points to the door, she will say goodbye to her parents to start planning for her wedding.





In this country, people hide their brooms and similar cleaning supplies and men start firing their guns on the eve. The reason is that they believe that this is the time for the witches and evil spirits to emerge. The next day they celebrate Christmas with the belief that evil spirits are gone away.





In Australian land, Christmas falls in the summertime. So, it makes sense for them to have BBQs. Feasting is the important celebration associated with Christmas in Australia.


In Ukraine, people use fake spider webs to cover their trees. The reason is a legend behind this tradition. According to the legend, a poor widower had no money to decorate the family tree. Seeing the poor widow and her child, some spiders decided to help her out and decorated her trees with gold and silver when everyone in the town was fast asleep. After that, the poor family turned out to be prosperous.

This is why spider web covered trees are considered symbols of wealth and prosperity. So, Ukrainians celebrate the Christmas by covering trees with fake spider webs to bring in wealth and prosperity.


Similarly, each country has its own tradition associated with Christmas. However, decorations and gifts for Christmas are popular in most countries of the world. If you are planning for some gifts to your loved ones for the forthcoming Christmas, here are some gift ideas to help you out:

For your sister:




Generally, girls in a house show more interest towards decorating their house in the best possible manner for the Christmas. If you are thinking about a gift for your sister, you can present her with some decorative stuff for the occasion, such that she will feel highly happier. If your budget is short, you can follow some DIY cheap decoration ideas and can prepare the decorative stuff on your home and can present the same to your sister.

For instance, you can prepare cookie garland, glowing snowman, candy cone flower vase and many such items for your sister to present her on the eve of Christmas.

How about your mother?




Mothers generally wish to make the best foodies every year. If your mother has a great attraction towards preparing Christmas cakes in different designs, you can present her with cake/cookie cutters in different designs like Santa, Christmas tree, star, etc. They are available in different sizes for you to choose from for your mother.

Otherwise, you can also consider presenting her with wrap bows that you can prepare on your own to use in dining room chairs on the day of Christmas as a decorative stuff. With your lesser budget, you can also choose Christmas gifts under $20 for your mom like cupcake spatula, coaster set, etc.

For your brother:


For your brother


If you are looking for Christmas gifts for your brother within your budget, you can opt for gifts like a mouse pad, a magnetic frame, on-the-go men’s travel kit, earmuffs, etc. There are affordable gifts suitable for men and boys and of course, you are recommended to look for the suitability and age of your brother when it comes to selecting a suitable gift for him for the Christmas.

For your father:


For your father


When you are on the verge of selecting a suitable gift for your father for Christmas, you can choose gifts that will be useful for the entire family like affordable Christmas decorations. For instance, you can bring the nativity scene that can bring the right Christmas environment by gifting the most suitable item for your father. Otherwise, you can also opt for manly items like shaving kits, perfumes or similar stuff to your father.


Christmas is the occasion of celebration and it is the chance to get together with your family. When you will be reaching your family on the Christmas, besides getting the right gifts, never forgets to take sweets and confectioneries that will enthrall all your family members, irrespective of the age.

If you are good at cooking, you can prepare yourself some delicious dishes that are suitable to be carried to your home. A popular saying reads that ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. So, you can win the hearts of your brother, father and even the entire family by getting some special foodies that are hard to get in your hometown. Merry Christmas!