Friendship day celebration plans

Meeting old friends can be a rescue when you have lost midway in your journey of life. You become overwhelmed with the emotional detachment feelings and realize how much you have been missing each other in your lives. Having your friends around will remind you of all those amazing memories you spent together amidst the morning mist, under the scorching sun or in the rains. It takes you back to all those golden moments in your life when you were a kid, shared lunch together and exchanged friendship bands.

Friendship day fun

So just like the world gears up to celebrate Friendship day, you must also be eagerly waiting for the first Sunday of the month of August. It is that special day of the year when you show your best buddies how much fun and frolic you can have together. Some plan for the day well in advance, some realize too late. Some have a clear idea of how to spend the day while some remain confused. But this day comes only once a year. So let your heart out and make your dear friends realize how special they are for you. Here are some fantastic friendship day plans to create a memorable time for yourself as well as your friends. Incorporate them in your celebrations and bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

Connect with your friends:

The best way to strengthen your bond is by celebrating things together on this day. So if are fortunate enough on that count; just freak out with funky beats, food and fun. Picnics are always fun ideas and great for ages, so invite your close buddies for a sleepover. Order some junk food, chocolates, popcorn and rent some movies so you can have a blast together just like old times.


Express gratitude:

You always have a few friends whom you have appreciated time and again in your mind. Well, call them up and tell them. Even better, write a gratitude letter and read it out to them. Spill out your heart on this special day as you may not have another opportunity to thank them better.

Camping out:

Drive down to some pre-selected place with all your closest friends to celebrate the occasion together. Ensure that you carry game equipment such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, swimming, rugby and others along. If you are there physically, you can also try going to a theme park or to the beach.

friends camping out: friendship day

Sharing your views and thoughts:

Friendship day is all about enjoying and sharing special moments with your friends together. So if you have been really busy throughout the day, chill out with friends at a dinner and recall the best times you have spent with everyone. One of the best ways to get back to those times is by browsing through old photographs and reliving the memories yet again.

Gift your friend:

When it comes to choosing gifts, one has varied options. You can pick from things like fresh flowers, chocolates, show pieces, photo frames, books, CDs and attractive show pieces. Also, you can create your own handmade gifts to add glamor to the occasion. Paper jewelry boxes, bookmarks and beaded bracelets can be great options. Another wonderful way to connect with friends is by making a special friendship craft book and including quotes, poetry and photos of all of you together.


Dedicate a song: Ring up a radio station and dedicate your best friend his/her favorite song. It is one of the classic ways of how you can really impress someone and start the amazing day ahead of you together.

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