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12 Crazy Christmas Hoodie Options to Beat the Boredom This Year!

Winter is round the corner; did you buy your funny Christmas hoodie?

It’s next to impossible to survive the Christmas chill without a hoodie that’s warm and comfy. However, it’s okay if you haven’t bought them yet because here are 12 crazy hoodie ideas to look out-of-the-box this festive season.

funny Christmas hoodie


These ideas of Christmas hoodies are sure to leave you on a shopping spree!

1. A Rudolph hoodie

A Rudolph hoodie


Don’t you remember Rudolph – the red nose reindeer? Well, he is the customary Christmas celebrity who drives Santa’s sledge. Those of you too lazy to dress up in fancy clothes can wear a funny Christmas hoodie with a cartoon Rudolph. It’s smart, funny and also, attractive!

2. For the wine lover!

For the wine lover


What’s a Christmas celebration without some wine? Or, is it your tonic for the whole year? Whatever it is, this Christmas, let’s make it evident that wine is true love. Pick a hoodie that has something quirky and witty about this grand celebration.

3. The starry sky hoodie

The starry sky hoodie


Want to sport something unique and attractive? Well then, go for a digital print hoodie. Say, a starry night with a funny snowman? These are unisex hoodies, so both boys and girls will fit in those!

4. Typical Christmas

Typical Christmas


The merry spirit of Christmas is revelry of joy and delight. Similarly, you must be clad in happy clothes too! A typical red Christmas hood that celebrates this spirit will be a great buy for the soul that wants to feel the mirth of the happiest festival!

5. The one in white and pink

The one in white and pink


For girls who want to flaunt their curves this Christmas yet cannot wear something fancy for the severe cold, a glamorous hoodie might serve the purpose. Stitched especially for girls, these warm sweat shirts have a feminine cut and will fit a lady’s body perfectly. Moreover, the white and pink combination will be a pretty choice!

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6. A geometric one!

If you like prints that are out-of-the-box, then you might like a geometric printed sweat shirt. These are usually made of polyester, so the finish is a little shiny and not drab like cotton garments. Moreover, sharp end geometric shapes like prism and pyramid make the individual look smarter and thinner!

A geometric one

Again, these are unisex garments. So, twin with your brother/ sister/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ parents on Christmas Eve!

7. Convey the season’s wishes with your hoodie!

Christmas is the time to express gratitude and love. Why don’t you wear something that humbly conveys the season’s wishes? No need to go searching for such a hoodie. Browse the leading online stores to find one for yourself.

Convey the season’s wishes with your hoodie


Need a reference? Here’s a link below!

8. Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas hoodie time!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas hoodie time


Ho Ho Ho, Santa is here! Looking for funny Christmas hoodies? Wear these simple, casual and comfy hoodies with comical prints and quotes for the Christmas party. It’ll both keep you warm, relaxed and happy.

9. Show some love to your pug!

Show some love to your pug


Do you own a pet pug who is likely to join this year’s Christmas celebration? Then, a “pug-ly” hoodie will be an ideal choice. Replace the Rudolph fever with some pug-love! It would both gear you up for the Christmas swing and express the love for this little pug of your family!

10. A snow flake printed hoodie

A snow flake printed hoodie


Christmas necessarily implies snow time. Celebrate this season with your hoodies. Gift or wear a hoodie with snowflake prints; it enhances the wintry mood of Christmas! These are available in different attractive color combinations!

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11. Ugly hoodie for ugly mean!

Few men have no shame in accepting and declaring that they are, well, ugly! Above that, they like wearing funny and weird hoodies that escalate their weirdness quotient a few notches up. So, if you know such a guy who is chilled out and comical, get him an ugly snowman hoodie for Christmas this year! He will love it.

Ugly hoodie for ugly mean

Last year, I gifted this to a male friend of mine, right out of a no-shave November mission and you won’t believe how happy the brute was to receive this funny Christmas hoodie that matches his spirit!

12. Baby-it’s-cold-outside hoodie!

While some people party like crazy, others prefer some snuggle time during the Christmas chill. For the latter, a hoodie with a cuddly quote is the perfect garment for Christmas!

Liked the idea, get one now!

Baby-it’s-cold-outside hoodie


Ditch your fancy clothing for some warmth and comfort in these cool hoodies. Get these for yourself or your loved ones this Christmas. Moreover, the hoodies are extremely casual and can be worn throughout winter months. With that hood cover and perfect pockets, these are the coolest things to wear this Christmas, next Christmas and all the coming Christmases!


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