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For Those Sulking Hearts, Did You Check These 11 Funny Christmas Shirts? 

What’s the party wear you’ve chosen to rock this Christmas? Or are you still struggling through the shop’s wardrobe to pick the most unique shirt among the lot? Well, relax! Don’t work too hard to choose the perfect party wear anymore as leading online stores have got some great collection of funny Christmas shirts.

funny Christmas shirts

These would instantly charm your mood, for sure!

Listed below are 11 such quirky and comical shirts to cheer you up!

#1- A nerdy Rudolph for the nerd heart!

Were you too busy reading your favorite book and didn’t find enough time to dress up? And now you are tired of explaining the same to others, right? Well then. Put it up on your t-shirt. A nerdy Rudolph is the simplest answer to all the baseless questions you face at parties!

A nerdy Rudolph for the nerd heart


Is the idea a bit unclear? Follow this link!

#2- Jolly AF when you’re low AF!

Jolly AF when you’re low AF


You’ve sulked for too long! Bring about a 360 degree turn in your mood with these cool, lightweight t-shirts that’ll make you jolly AF! Or, at least make others think that you are. Moreover, the pure cotton fabric will give you the warmth and comfort you’re so desperately in search of.

#3- Quirky tuxedo prints

Looking for funny Christmas shirts for adults? Well, here’s just the right thing. Surprise an old soul with a teenage twist. Get him a hilarious tuxedo print on the t-shirt and cheer him up from the monotony of work life.

Quirky tuxedo prints


P.S. – There’s no shame in being funny. Remember, laughter is the soul’s best medicine!

#4- A gangster cloth!

A gangster cloth


Of course you’re no gangster but, what’s the harm in pretending that you are at one of those Christmas parties! You must be sick and tired of people questioning why you don’t go out much or socialize. Just tell them, “I deal in underground business!”

#5- Jesus swag

Jesus swag


If you dig deep into Christmas celebration, you’ll realize that the bare minimum reason behind this festival is Christ’s birthday. So, instead of advocating Santa, Rudolph or the tree, let’s bring in some Jesus swag cause it’s his two thousand something birthday! If you are looking for funny Christmas shirts for adults, this is the best idea!

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#6- A cute outfit for the baby bump!

A cute outfit for the baby bump


Is there anyone in your circle who’s about to become a mother? Well then, this Christmas, you can gift her these extremely amusing t-shirts with funny quotes around the baby bump, like, “It’s the baby’s first and last Christmas in here!” or “Can I get some Christmas cookies in here?” Buy funny Christmas shirts from leading online stores to avoid the hassle of shopping on foot.

#7- For the foodie-

For the foodie


Junk food is a great mood lifter. So, if you binge eat all day to shoo that lowliness away, don’t feel embarrassed; especially when Christmas is around the corner! Don’t you know the ground rule? Christmas calories don’t count! So, munch and gulp and drink to your heart’s content. Let your t-shirt shoo off anyone who tries to lecture you on calorie intake!

#8- For the firm believer in Santa

For the firm believer in Santa


It’s sad how growing up snatches away every little fairy tale belief we harbored as kids. The whole Santa Clause story shatters to pieces with age and maturity hitting us. What is one to live with if such tender wish fulfillment dreams are taken away? Hence, it is always better to have faith in Santa and believe that your wish will come true this Christmas; ‘cause hope is all that we have in life!

#9- Night owls, here’re funny Christmas shirts for you!

People suffering from mild to chronic depression have difficulty to sleep at night. With the next morning work schedule, it gets really frustrating and more depressing. However, Christmas around the corner is surely great news as finally you’ll get to spend some more morning hours in bed! So, wish yourself a Happy Owliday!

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Night owls, here’re funny Christmas shirts for you


These are not very easily available. However, you can always buy funny Christmas shirts from leading e-commerce stores! They have huge stocks.

#10- Black and grey that matches your monochrome life

Do you like chilling with your closest few buddies on Christmas? No elaborate celebration or pomp or grandeur; just a small but hearty hangout? There are funny t-shirts to match your occasion perfectly. Something that says “chillin’ with my snowies” or “I’m packed with this gang on Christmas!”

Black and grey that matches your monochrome life


Trust me, reading that, no intruder will want to force you out of your comfortable circle!

#11- Light up, light up!

No matter how gloomy or depressed you feel, Christmas lights are meant to cheer up every spirit. This festive season, lift your mood with a lit up t-shirt!

Light up, light up


Cover up all that despair with a fine and funny t-shirt this Christmas. Be your own Santa and make yourself go ho! ho! ho! with these quirky and hilarious shirts.





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