Collect These 50 ROFL Gag Gifts for the ‘Howlarious Attacks’     

Gifts – supposed to be meaningful and quite beautiful, right? How about something weird and quirky, this time? Well, gag gifts are just what you need! From the giver to receiver to the world around, these not only spread laughter but also bring out the funkier side in you.

gag gifts

Every occasion of gift-gifting can be an opportunity of playing a prank and these small tokens can generate a lot of fun, no matter whatever situation it is. Think out-of-the-box for your next victim.

“The most wasted of all days is the day you don’t laugh. So, spread laughter!”

Collection of 50 hilarious gag gifts:

[Note: Make sure you don’t laugh while gifting before the receiver sees it.]

1. Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy

Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy


Do you want to make your nosy sister the next victim of your prank? This tangle Jr. Fidget toy is just right to keep her mind busy. The product comes in a package of 3 different colors ensuring continuous flow of twistable energy. Twist it – turn it – roll it – it’ll never be the same!

2. Fake Poo

Fake Poo

One of the hilarious gag gifts for women specifically, place this Fake poo anywhere, probably on the lady’s purse, and watch her freak out. This 4 inches artificial yet realistic poop will just make everyone laugh out loud.

3. A sack full of shit

A sack full of shit


If one is not your thing, get hold of this sack full of shit, smaller in size, much like the real ones. This can be an ideal gag gift for a colleague, friend, family member, sibling or anyone who is close to you. Wondering what’s the secret? Wood composite! Sshhhh!!!

4. Rubber Black Mamba

Rubber Black Mamba

It is one of the best gag gifts for crazy friends on Halloween. The black mamba snake is made of rubber and has a yellow belly for the ultimate realistic feel. While it’s already scary, no matter wherever you keep it, you can make it more frightening by stretching it to full 52 inches length.

5. Liquid Ass

Liquid Ass

Time to poke fun at the prankster in the lot! Get hold of this liquid ass with terrible fart smell and spray. Or you can send it to the person in a beautiful gift wrap, labeling it as a kitchen spray and watch the facial grimaces.

Note: Don’t forget to remove or cover the product’s label.

6. Fake Cockroaches

Fake Cockroaches


You know for whom you have to get this wicked gift! Although fake, these do look much like the real creepy creatures. The product is available in various colors and can serve to be ideal for Halloween. One packet has a dozen so that you can use it in different areas in different circumstances. Let’s freak out!

7. Shock Pens

Shock Pens


As you can guess by the name, these pens give electric shock when pressed. Don’t worry as shock pens are 100% safe and harmless. Ladies, this is one of the ideal gag gifts for men above 14!

8. Emergency underpants

Emergency underpants

Do you have a Plan-B for underpants disasters? This product is what you need. Emergency underpants are not just funny gag gifts, but these are also usable for adults. Compact in size, one can easily carry it in pocket and be ready whenever emergency strikes and one needs a fresh underpant. ROFL!

9. Yellow Round Toy Vomiting Egg Yolk

Yellow Round Toy Vomiting Egg Yolk

It’s just for fun! This rubber ball that looks more like an egg, can suck yolk and vomit it. Yaak!! The game is simple. Take the egg, hold it upright and make it suck the yolk that comes along with the package. Next, watch it vomiting the yolk out till it comes out completely.

10. Fake pregnancy test kit

Fake pregnancy test kit

Are you looking for something to play a prank on your husband or boyfriend? Use this fake pregnancy test kit that always turns positive. Urine is not necessary for this; you can use any liquid. Even the cover of the packet is professionally designed so that the victim gets no hint of it. All the best!

11. Prank Pack Bathe & Brew

Prank Pack Bathe & Brew


Want to showcase your creative side? Pack any real present in this gift box and let the person guess! This Bathe and Brew box is only a gift box and that’s the excitement. With clueless jokes and real graphics, this package will keep everyone guessing what the prank is.

12. Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game


Have you ever tried potty fishing? No! Try this. While you respond to your nature’s call sitting astride, try catching 4 fish using the fishing rod that comes along with the package. If you know an avid fisherman, there can be no better gift than this. Let him enjoy some peace of mind with this game. It is one of the finest gag gifts for Christmas.

13. Funny Bathroom Art

Funny Bathroom Art

If you need that one single thing to pep up the bathroom, get a funny bathroom art. It’s quirky and real fun for both kids and adults. You can present it to anyone on Christmas or housewarming parties. Gift a reason to chuckle, even in the bathroom!

14. Denture Soap Set

Denture Soap Set


The Denture Soap set is sure to make everyone out there ROFL. It looks like a real set of teeth and available in various flavors. The best is to gift it to a dentist friend. He/she can use it both for bathing or washing hands; the product is made with moisturizing ingredients. What can be better than ‘brushing teeth – treating treat – washing with teeth’?

15. Animal Butt Magnets

Animal Butt Magnets


You can get these amazing butt magnets of various animals for both adults as well as kids. One package includes the butts of six safari animals. One can use it simply on the wardrobe or to stick notes on the refrigerator door. Need a prank idea these gag gifts for Christmas? Stick funny photos of people using these magnets.

16. Bacon Adhesive Bandages         

Bacon Adhesive Bandages

That foodie brother of yours just needs this Bacon themed bandage for sure. Let him cover his cuts using bandages that mimic his favorite food. There are 15 adhesive bandages available in 1 tin. Now, heal the wounds with the power of meat.

17. Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Fun Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser


Looking for wacky gag gifts? This runny nose is basically a shower gel dispenser that looks like a big nose. It comes with 3 suction cups enabling easy installation. Simply press the nose; you’ll see the nostril oozing out the gel. Just one tip – get a colorful gel for the ultimate fun.

18. Girlfriend Body Pillow Pink

Girlfriend Body Pillow Pink

Among all the gag gifts for men, this girlfriend body pillow stands unique. With the perfect curves and a womanly feel, the product will entice one’s senses of embracing their sensual desires. This can be a birthday gift, Christmas or even a bachelor’s party. The best is to gift the friend who complaints of being single.

19. The Toilet Mug

The Toilet Mug


Enjoy your morning brew in style with this toilet mug. Designed exactly like a toilet, the bowl holds the tea and the pipe forms its handle. Users have rated this product as one of the most hilarious funny gag gifts. The ceramic toilet mug is ideal for that potty-mouth friend. Don’t forget to add your creative toppings.

20. I pooped today gift

I pooped today gift


When there are gag gifts for Christmas, why not go for something even more hilarious and a little more personalized? Congratulate your victim for pooping, every day. It’s a handmade bear with precise thread work. Simply hand it in front of the toilet and smile! It’s great to appreciate the efforts of these small yet important tasks we do, isn’t it?

21. You’re So Kissable Pillowcases

You're So Kissable Pillowcases


For the naughty, crazy and adorable couple, these pillowcases are the best gag gifts. Made of cotton, these covers are quite comfortable to use. Be it a bridal shower or a valentine’s day, you can gift these queen sized covers to celebrate their love and garner giggle anytime. Let the partner know how kissable he/she is!

22. Flame Shoes

Flame Shoes

Guess what’s the irony with these gag gifts for men? Gift it to an oldie or someone who is about to retire while he embarks on the next phase of life. These are Dr. Scholls shoes with all its features and the added hint of artistic humor. This can also be a good Halloween present.

23. Pun Joke T-Shirt

Pun Joke T-Shirt


It’s a unisex T-shirt made of 100% cotton (soft and comfortable) and coming in standard modern fit. The pun-intended illustration is of high-quality and crack resistance. The drunken bird signifies embarrassment of the person; ideal to gift the would-be groom.

24. The Official BS Button

The Official BS Button


Now, you have this official BS button to alert everyone nearby, whenever you find a stinky friend or a stinky mouth of a colleague. Once you press it, the red big button buzzes loudly to announce the presence of the person. Call out BS without uttering a single word!

25. Donald Trump toilet paper

Donald Trump toilet paper1

This creative idea is trending. With this humorous toilet paper roll, you get to make the honorable President literally kiss your a** every time. It has the face of Donald Trump designed throughout the roll. This is an eco-friendly product that won’t smear or smudge. As you want funny gifts for your republican friend, try this toilet roll or the ultimate fun.

26. Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Happy Man Bottle Stopper


There’s someone happier than you about your wine bottle. Not the cork; this time, let this bright red Happy Man keep your wine fresh. Its elongated body with black rubber can give a tight fit to the bottle’s cap. The eco-friendly product is made of plastic and assures durability.

27. Fake Shocking Phone 6s plus

Fake Shocking Phone 6s plus


Yet another shocking device, this time, it’s a smartphone with only 3 exclusive features – white lightning, red laser and shock. A perfect replica, the product is safe to use and crack funny jokes to anyone – friends, family, colleagues and others. Ask them to switch on the Phone 6s using the home button, there they get – the shock!

28. French Fry underwear for guys

French Fry underwear for guys


Time to feel comfy in a pair of yummy French fries! These French fry printed undies for men are made of extra soft material to make it more breathable and flexible throughout the day. Not a foodie, but gift this to a shy friend and experience the fun. These are one the best funny gifts of all time.

29. Scary Toilet Monster

Scary Toilet Monster


Who’s the one at home yelling at you while you do your business in the bathroom? This toilet monster can play a prank on your behalf. The product has suction cups to fix with the toilet bowl so that the crazy monster pops out the moment one opens the seat cover. Watch out for the fun that follows! Good Luck!

30. F in Exams

F in Exams

No! Don’t get this wrong; here, ‘F’ signifies ‘Funny’. This book is dedicated to those students who have always struggled with their exams and now, need a great laugh. F in Exams contains all those funny answers that students have written for questions they didn’t know the answers. The book has around 250 such entries which portray failures in a positive way; something that students need the most.

31. Naked Muscle Man Kitchen Apron

Naked Muscle Man Kitchen Apron


One of the funny gag gifts for a chef is this kitchen apron with the 3D effect of a naked muscle man. Other than prank, it can be used for an apron for its moisture, pressure and shock resistance features. Inspire your boyfriend or husband to cook while you enjoy his macho look.

32. Nose Pencil Sharpener

Nose Pencil Sharpener

Is there someone in your gang with the nose picking habit? Well, this one is for him/her. Insert a pencil through the nostrils of this nose shaped sharpener, twist and your sharp pencil will gently come out. Made with high quality plastic, this product is sure to bring giggles every time one uses it.

33. Rubber Stretch Chicken

Rubber Stretch Chicken

Spread love with chicken! Measuring 8 inches in length, these rubber chickens are super flexible and stretchy, perfect to crack the funniest jokes on friends and family. These elongated flying chickens are also good stress busters that can be gifted to party guests as favors. Interesting thing is, no one can resist this chicken.

34. PooPen


If you wish to give funny gifts that are useful as well, this PooPen is your pick. It’s a perfect replica of shit, made from recycled paper and acrylic paint. This 13 cm pen is comfortable to use and available in various shades. To play a prank on a studious geek, there’s no better gift than this.

35. Accoutrements Gnarly Teeth

Accoutrements Gnarly Teeth


Instantly turn into a creepy character wearing these gnarly set of teeth. As the product is made of vinyl, it’s safe and easy to use anytime you wish to crack a joke on anyone. This product is best to scare a dentist friend or a dental hygienist who freaks out even at every “scar on the enamel.”

36. Three Snacks in a can

Three Snacks in a can


These are just for laughs. One small can featuring crunchy peanuts contains 3 snakes. Guess how you’ll play the prank? Just ask your next victim to open the can and Oh! There springs out the spiral snake. Have fun and Laugh Out Loud!

37. Dynamite Fire Stick Starter Box

Dynamite Fire Stick Starter Box

ButtonUsing this fire stick would be a real blast in your campfire. Looking much like dynamites, these fire starters will keep the people around guessing a massive blast while you plan to light a cozy fire. With the right mix of sawdust and paraffin, these fake dynamites are great for some shocking expressions around.

38. Sock Art Silhouette

Sock Art Silhouette


No more struggling to make the talkative person quiet. Depicting the common idiom – ‘put a sock in it’, these funny shock arts make great gag gifts for women and men both. A little bit of art, creativity and humor, this canvas painting will surely make the person laugh (if not quiet), every time he/she sees it.

39. Chill Pill SPOUSE/MARRIED Glass Apothecary Jar

Chill Pill SPOUSEMARRIED Glass Apothecary Jar


Worried as your partner is frustrated for all the good reasons? Relax! Fill this chill pill jar with his/her favorite candies and place it on his/her table. It’s a ‘pop one and feel good’ gesture to express your love for your better half. The funny gift will work as a stress buster too.

40. The Moon Ring

The Moon Ring

No! Don’t be fooled as there’s no moon shaped ring inside. Rather, there’s a funny butt in the beautiful box which farts the moment one opens it. If you are searching a hilarious gag gift for the Christmas, go for it. This moon ring will enliven your spirit!

41. Slow Rising Tooth Stress Reliever

Slow Rising Tooth Stress Reliever


Here’s another thing for the dental experts in the group – a tooth shaped stress reliever. The blue wrap around its neck gives this jumbo squishy a lovely adornment. Having mild scent, this is the perfect gag gift to rejuvenate one’s mood anytime. Squeeze it on the go!

42. Fake Mustache

Fake Mustache


Plan a silly theme for your birthday bash this year. No styling with dresses or décor; simply give the guests a self-adhesive moustache and enjoy. The 48 different styles are ideal for a moustache-theme party as well. You can also choose from different colors to match with the dresses. Rock the party in style.

43. World’s Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug

World’s Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug

Your search for a unique coffee cup ends with this giant mug. The ceramic product can hold up to 20 cups of the beverage, expressing your love for the drink. True that you cannot consume this quantity at a time, but be happy! The world’s largest coffee mug is in your hand and you’re sipping it in style. This can also be one of the best gag gifts for any caffeine lover.

44. Men’s Bum Shorts

Men’s Bum Shorts

These naughty bum shorts are trending gag favors for men above 30. Coming in a standard size, anyone can simply walk around wearing this and give others a big laugh. The boxers resemble an exposed bum. Now, keep guessing the fun!

45. Get Naked Pillow

Get Naked Pillow


At times, it takes a lot of effort to express your sensual cravings to your loved one. Not anymore! Use this naughty ‘get naked’ pillow to get your message across and let the person you are eyeballing on, set the mood. You can also try this creative gift on your bride-to-be friend at her hen’s party.

46. Adam and Eve mini dolls

Adam and Eve mini dolls

An out-of-the-box gag gift for couples on their weddings or anniversary, these Adam and Eve mini dolls signify a new start of life. The cute little pink dolls made of wool and cotton thread are ideal for the Koochie-Koo partners.

47. Waffle Earring

Waffle Earring

Looking for gag gifts for women? How about a pair of earring or studs? For the foodie girl, get these small waffle earrings made of polymer clay and soft plastic stoppers. Interestingly, while the shape of one is circle, the other one is half eaten. This quirky accessory is sure to make them giggle.

48. Edible Unicorn Poop

Edible Unicorn Poop


Have you ever tried unicorn poop? If not, try now! These candies look like unicorn poop, extremely delicious and yummy. These can be used as unique party delights. As the makers promise, “you’ll enjoy every bit of poop with every bite.”

49. 6 Pack Beer Holster

6 Pack Beer Holster

Is there anyone in your gang who loves cheap bear? This bear holster is just what he needs right now. The waist belt can hold up to 6 beer cans; this can be adjusted to one’s waist size without any hassle. Wear it and roam about – what else can target a practical joke than this?

50. Funny Farting Bank

Funny Farting Bank


Want to inspire a spendthrift to save money? Do the good job and present this gag gift. It’s a coin bank shaped like a fanny. Guess what’s funny? You insert a coin and it makes fart noises; note – it’s different each time you drop your savings. You can give this farting bank to a jokester as well.

That was all – 50 hilarious gag gifts that ensure – no one stops laughing! Which one did you find to be the funniest?

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