Get 10 unique birthday gift ideas to surprise your friend!

Birthdays are the best events in one’s life and gifts poured from all over makes it all the more special.

Since it is important that a person be gifted a unique thing to make the birthday special for him, here are 10 unique birthday gift ideas that makes for a great treat for birthday babies!

What is important in this respect is that people should remember that on such specific days, it is best that certain unusual gift ideas are taken and adhered to. This makes sure that this special day becomes all the more enjoyable.

Certain aspects while getting birthday gift ideas:

While getting birthday gifts for that special person, it is important that people take care of certain features. This makes this birthday memorable in comparison to others.

  • It is best that gift should be something specific to this occasion. Rather than getting a usual coffee mug or a picture frame, certain customized gifts are more acceptable.
  • One should search out something gender specific in case of gifts. It is best if a feminine gift is given to a lady, while something hardy for the man.
  • Generally most people have a specific budget, and it is best to check out these birthday gift suggestions to make this gift extremely special for that concerned person.

Here is a list of goodies that help in making this birthday gift special from every aspect.

10 unique birthday gift ideas

Check out these fantastic options to make your dear one’s birthday very special!

  1. Handmade card

Handmade card love you

A birthday is never complete without a card, and a handmade birthday card is definitely one of the best birthday gift ideas that can strike one’s mind. Coming at a dimension of 3.5″x 5.5″, this card made of alder wood helps in making a memory extremely special. With customised personal message, one can make sure that birthday wishes along with certain special notes of love and friendship can be embossed on this.

  1. Therapy wine glass

MY therapy wine glass

A classic piece of glass makes for a great birthday gift. This customised therapy with wine glass for company can be a great option as a birthday gift. For any wine enthusiast, this piece of wine glass calls for a great option as a gift. It can be used in parties or gatherings, or even kept as a showpiece, its aura scattering in both ways.

  1. Friendship charm

Luffy Marimo Moss ball

When speaking of 10 unique birthday gift ideas, this charming plant is one option that would help in maintaining décor of the house for years to come. This enchanting aquatic Marimo plant is truly one of the most cherish worthy gifts that you can gift someone.

In its completely rustic flair, this plant is placed above a series of pebbles, that make it look all the more unique and this makes it customised as per the occasion. So, with every surrounding, this centre piece makes the whole surrounding of the house extremely exotic, and with its period of 100 years, it makes sure that for generations to come, this piece stays on!

  1. Metallic guitar


For a music lover and a rock enthusiast, this metallic guitar is definitely one of the most unusual gift ideas! Made of Agathis body with a polyurethane glossy finish, this guitar has a slit single coil pickup that makes sure that people have an easy time playing for it. This whole set is accompanied by stereo headphones, instructional DVD, Tuner, Bass Amplifier. So, it is a complete package to be gifted to a music lover.

  1. Jewellery tree

Bird Nest Jewelry tree unique birthday gift

For women, her jewellery is surely one of the most important assets of her life. However, it is quite difficult to arrange all these pieces of jewellery together and make a perfect place to set them aside. As one of the best birthday gift suggestions, a jewellery tree used for hanging numerous chains and earrings can be a great piece of gift.

Having a capacity to carry up to 48 pairs of earring and bracelets and neck pieces in around 16 branches, this jewellery tree is a great piece of gift that makes one’s birthday with its host of gifts extremely special.

  1. Hand painted wine glasses

hand painted large wine glass

Having a wine glass made of highest quality glass, is a dream that almost everyone has. However, customised wine glasses, makes for, one of the fantastic birthday gift ideas. These glasses of Valentina Paris range makes for a great start to one’s birthday celebrations.

As they are specifically handmade and customised, hence special care is to be taken to detailing of this glass, and made sure that the wine is enjoyed by one and all with maximum ease.

  1. Silver flowers

Silver Flower unique birthday gift

While searching for 10 unique birthday gift ideas, one can surely come across this silver flowered duct tape is a great option. It comes in a pack of 3 silver coloured duct tape and in a gift box with a personal message! This gift is especially suitable for men, wherein they can use this specially made duct tape in a variety of occasions.

Coming in a black skin wrapping with a cool chain, this duct tape surely helps in brightening the celebrations of that special day.

  1. Religious token

Religious token unique birthday gift

There are moments when certain people wish to have a religious token on special occasions. This helps them in reliving their spirituality to a great extent. As one of the best birthday gift ideas, this religious token coming in a set of cross bookmark and medallion pendant has a tiny quotation from The Great Bible.

With quotation from the Book of Matthew, this inspirational gift box set, comes in a readymade mode to be given as a present on someone’s birthday. This helps in reliving those spiritual moments that makes the birthday all the more memorable.

  1. Bohemian necklace

Bohemian necklace

Not everyone can expect a Bohemian gift on one’s birthday, making this necklace as one of the most unusual gift ideas. This handmade jewellery is extremely elegant and classy, this is a catchy piece of jewellery that matches with almost every dress, and can be both used as casual wear and a classy evening party.

So, with this bohemian neckpiece, a style statement with a certain difference can be made, making this birthday gift suggestions as truly one of the best!

  1. Candy box

candy box unique birthday gift

On a birthday, nothing can beat a box of candies. Touted as one of the best birthday gift suggestions, this candy box has a range of 30 candies of various flavours that makes it one of the best birthday gifts ever. From children to adults, this box of candies works for one and all, and with a 1976 birthday box, it brings back a host of memories!

Thus, while searching out for 10 unique birthday gift ideas, these amazing ideas are a great option. With uniqueness and beauty associated with each of these gifts, they make for excellent gifts to make one’s day extremely special!