25 Unusual Gift For Architects

An architect is different from others. He looks perfection and design in all things. It is easy to decide on a gift for your friend. But if you are trying to list out gift for architects you have to put some thought into it. Here are some gift ideas for architects.

gifts for an architect

Best Gift for Architects

1. Blue Acrylic Paper Weight Stylish Paper Weight

Blue Acrylic Paper Weight Stylish Paper Weight

The first gift item in my list of gifts for an architect is a paperweight. The paperweight in the link is made from an architect’s blueprint. The design is printed on a paper and is hand crumbled. Then, it is wrapped around a steel structure to make it a paperweight. We know that an architect will have a bunch of papers on his desk, so paperweight is a must.

2. Architecture Mug

Architecture Mug

Architects will be spending most of the time in front of their desks working on models. Most of us have a hobby of sipping coffee while working or reading. So why don’t you gift him an architecture mug  as a gift. The mug in the link has architectural drawing of 10 famous constructions printed on the mug. If you are looking for unusual gifts for an architect, this is a great choice.

3. Architect t-shirt

Architect t-shirt

If you are searching for gift ideas for architects, you can gift a personalized t-shirt with a message about architecture. This t-shirt is made from cotton and is lightweight. The product in the link is just an example. If you search, you will get different t-shirt models. You can even buy a plain t-shirt and personalize it with your message.

4. Wine bottle holder

Wine bottle holder

If the architect you know is a fan of wines you can gift him this wine bottle holder as one of the presents for architects.

5. Tech-Tool Pen – With Screwdriver, Ruler and Spirit Level

Tech-Tool Pen - With Screwdriver, Ruler and Spirit Level

Next gift item in the list of unusual gifts for an architect is a tech-tool pen. This sleek and stylish pen is not just used for writing. It can also be used as a screwdriver, spirit level, and a ruler. You just have to twist the gripper to write and the screwdriver can be revealed by removing the cap. You can just reverse and replace the screwdriver nib to use the other screwdriver. Spirit level is also available with this pen. Your friend is going to love this simple gift from you.

6. Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

Next, I am referring a tool that is commonly used by architects, a sale tape. This 5 Meter long tape can be used to measure partial radiuses also. This scale tape is a complete set of conversion scales that is useful for architects and engineers. This scale tape will definitely feature in the list of presents for architects.

7. Black Leather Watch

Black Leather Watch

Well, watch has always been considered among the gift ideas for architects. The black strap is made of leather and the dial case is made of brass. It has round dial and glass material is mineral also, it has water resistance up to 30 meters depth.

8. Desk Lamp

Next one in my list of presents for architects is a desk lamp. An architect always needs a desk lamp to precisely draw the blueprints. You can help him by gifting a desk lamp that has an adjustable arm (3 point). This 15-inch desk lamp has two light modes – high and low. The pack comes with a halogen bulb. Buy one and wrap it properly before gifting this to the architect you know.

9. Scissor Pendant

Scissor Pendant

Next one is an item of fashion – a pendant in the shape of scissor. Just like the other tools scissors are also important for an architect. So I included this pendant in the list of gifts for an architect. Anyone can wear this to a party or function. The leather length is adjustable, and it is for male and female architects.

10. Equilibrium Architects Scale

Equilibrium Architects Scale

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your engineer friend, then without a doubt, the drafting scale makes up the perfect scale. Aluminum is the base metal. Thus, it has a sturdy body compared to the regular plastic ones that are found in the market; these scales are built to last a lifetime.

11. Design Museum – The Future Architect


Well, books are always the source of knowledge and from this book the architect can learn a lot. The book is about 50 buildings and their architectural structure. The author has tried to bring the contemporary culture and architecture to the public through this book. The book includes details about famous buildings like Rockefeller Center (New York), Selfridges (Birmingham), Villa Savoye (Poissy), and may more. Do not think twice if you are searching for gift ideas for architects.

12. Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Clock has been considered as a safe gift choice for long time and here I am going to include a wall clock to my list of unusual gifts for an architect. The wall clock in the link is made from metal and beech wood.

13. Concrete Block Magnet


Next in the list I have added one of the simple yet unique presents for architects – a concrete block magnet. This magnet is in the shape of a cinder block. The magnet in the link can be even used as a refrigerator magnet. The architect can stick a message on any metal surface using this concrete made magnet. The pack comes with 4 magnets and if you need more magnets you can order the set of 20.

14. Desktop Organizer Set

An architect’s desk will be messy with all architectural tools like pen, pencil, eraser, clips etc. All these tools are necessary to complete a project perfectly. To help him organize his desk you can gift a desktop organizer set. This organizer will definitely feature in the list of gifts for an architect.

15. Citrus Squeezer

Citrus Squeezer

The next item in the list of unusual gifts for an architect is a gift that helps the architect to stay hydrated. A citrus squeezer is a great choice as a gift. The top part can be used to squeeze out the juice. This juicer will always encourage the architect to invent something different.

16. Vintage Cement Architectural Planter

Vintage Cement Architectural Planter

When you search for gift ideas for architects you will always consider the person’s hobby also. An architect may have hobbies like reading, fishing, gardening etc. The next gift in the list of presents for architects is a cement planter. The planter in the link has a vintage look and is perfect for an architect who has hardening as hobby.

17. Crystal Frosted Ice Liquor Glasses

Crystal Frosted Ice Liquor Glasses

An architect will be interested in anything that is perfect in architecture and structure. I have added these liquor glasses as the gifts for an architect because of the same reason. If you see in the link the glass is in the shape of a diamond if looked from outside.

18. Bauhaus Chessmen

Bauhaus Chessmen

Next one in the list of presents for architects is a chess board. Wood symbols are used based on the role of the figures and are used to play the game. Maple wood is used to make the board and the symbols. Shapes like cubes, spheres, and cylinders are used to depict the figures of the normal chess board. The pack comes with a wooden slide box to keep them.

19. Fire Escape Shelf


While searching for unusual gifts for an architect I stumbled up on a bookshelf that is in the shape of a fire escape shelf. The shelf in the link is made of epoxy coated steel. The pack comes with the accessories needed to fix it on the wall. Your architect friend can keep candles, potted plants, and books on this shelf. A fire escape staircase is a classic architectural part of building in cities.

20. A book about famous architects


We have already seen a book about the 50 buildings that are masterpieces. Next, in the list of gift ideas for architects is a book about famous architects who have created masterpieces. The book in the link is almost like a diary but the story is depicted in a different way. The stories are told through drawings and notes. The book that I have mentioned here is about the life of Alberto Kalach. You can select the architect you want and order for your friend.

21. The architectural model building Kit

The next gift is for a budding architect who likes to experiment with structures. In the presents for architects I have added this kit so that the beginner can learn about architectural structures. Each box has adhesive sheets with manual on how to build the miniatures. These pieces are reusable, so you can try different structures. The techniques used are contemporary and glue is not needed to make these miniatures.

22. Form 1+ SLA 3D Printer

gift ideas for architects

A 3D printer has become a necessity for architects to create perfect structures. Let me warn you, the 3D printer is relatively costly because the print has to be in 3D form. For example, we know that the 3D print of an animal will exactly look like the animal in a miniature form. It will not be a photo of the animal. If you have the budget this is one of the wonderful gift ideas for architects.

23. Model Kits

Model Kits

Next gift in the list of gifts for an architect is a landmark model kits that can be assembled by the architect. The kit contains the parts for the miniature version of iconic architectural structures around the world. The model kit can be used by the architect to pass time and also understand the complexity of these buildings.

24. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are used by professionals with formal shirts in place of cuff buttons.

25. DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

The last one in the list of unusual gifts for an architect is a drone with GPS capability. You would be thinking why I included a drone in the list of presents for architects. The drone in the link has camera that can capture 480P ultra HD video at 30 fps. You can control the drone using the smartphone. By gifting this drone, you give the architect the ability to capture architectural buildings from the sky.