10 Gift Guide For Hygiene Freaks

Hygiene is something that we can never ignore. If ignored it may result in ailments that would affect both our physical and subsequently emotional well-being. Having said that, there are some among us who can be categorized under a special group, called Hygiene Freaks.

You will have at least one hygiene freak who wants to keep the things in order and clean all the time. When to an extent it is necessary, sometimes you will feel the effort they put on to stay hygienic is too much for them. So to help those friends, I am going to discuss some possible gifts that will make it easy for them.

Best Gift Guide For Hygiene Freaks

1. Instant soap dispenser

Instant soap dispenser

The instant soap dispenser can be used to wash small amount of dishes. Usually everyone will be using the dish washer to clean the utensils; but at time you need to wash one or two dishes. At that time this soap dispenser will come handy. You just have to keep the soap in the small dispenser and press on the lid to get the correct amount of the liquid on the sponge or brush. This actually saves space around the washing basin.

2. Electronics cleaning brush

Electronics cleaning brush

This cleaning brush is used to remove the dust and dirt particles from your electronic items and where it is difficult to use the conventional methods (clothes, and brush). These are ideal for those friends who have electronics gadgets like camera, laptop and even watches. The Electronics cleaning brush has soft bristles at one end to remove dust particles and silicone wiper at the other end to remove the dirt.

3. Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths

These cloths are useful to clean the dirt on glass surfaces and even your smartphone screens and glasses. You get different colours and sizes online. You can either buy it and gift wrap, or get it wrapped while ordering. The hygiene freak in your life can use this to remove the finger prints and marks from the glass (on windows or tables). Since the cloth is made of microfiber chances of threads or strings coming out of the cloth are less.

4. Vaccum seal bags

Vaccum seal bags

These vaccum seal bags are used to store cloths and can be used to pack it in the suitcase. This gives a neat look for the packing and will be extra clean while wearing it. You may get a pump along with this set to pack the bags air tight. Along with tidy packing it also helps you to make more space in your suitcase.

5. Cleaning slippers

Cleaning slippers

This is a two purpose slippers. You can wear it for the purpose of cleaning slippers and the bottom part of the sole collects the dust, dirt or hair. The bottom sole can be detached to remove the dust and dirt. These are ideal gift for your female friend. Your friend can be tension free thinking about dust and dirt getting accumulated on the floor. So once you are done with the household work (at night) you can remove the sole and clean, you do not need to allocate time for cleaning separately. In fact it would make the laborious task of cleaning the floor a fun filled act.

6. Tiny trash can

Tiny trash can

This is an idea to enable the neat freak in your life to keep their desk or car neat and tidy. The car trash bin will be a small one which can be placed in front and you do not have to stuff the wrappers and other paper waste in the dash board compartment. You can also gift a desk trash can  to keep the desk clean from scraps of papers or tissues.

7. Cleaning putty

Cleaning Putty

This is a kind of gel which can be used to remove the dust from the nooks and crannies. These can be used up to 50 times and this does not stick to your fingers. The hygiene freaks would love this simple yet useful gift that can be used almost anywhere to get that clean and plush look.

8. Bot to clean windows

Bot to clean windows

This is a kind of small robot that will help you to clean the windows (both framed and frameless). You have to just place the bot on the glass and switch it on – it will start loosening the dirt using the cleaning solution on the pad after scanning the area to program the path for cleaning. After that the squeegee starts cleaning with a tune to notify you. Once the cleaning is done switch it off. If the cleaning pad is dirty you can replace it with the new one. This saves the risk from climbing ladder to clean the tall glasses.

9. Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer-Gift Guide For Hygiene Freaks

Maintaining hygiene at home is rather easy, but when you are out there are limited options. You don’t have a choice and have to use things the way they are. Hygiene of your palms is of paramount importance when you are out as more often they come in contact with your mouth. A hand sanitizer would be a perfect gift for somebody who is a hygiene freak as it let them cleanse their palms every now and then right from the place where they are. They come in small containers that can be easily stored in a pocket or a handbag.

10. Perfect cutting board

Perfect cutting board

Hygiene while cooking is an important requirement and a hygiene freak is quite particular about it. While there are quite a lot of gadgets that would ensure that the food items, fruits and vegetables are cleaned properly, one also needs to be sure that they are cut hygienically. Presenting the perfect cutting board that lets you cut the fruits or vegetable to an accurate dimension in a hygienic manner.

All of the gift items mentioned above would be of great value to a hygiene freak. He or she would love the time and effort you have put in choosing the right gift for them and would be ever thankful to you for understanding them well. On your part, you can well gift yourself too with any of these items. You need not be a complete hygiene freak to use these utility items!