15 Unusual Gift Ideas For Dusshera

So, what are your plans for Dusshera this year with just few weeks left? Here are some gift ideas for dusshera to help.


As the festival of Dusshera is just a few weeks away, time has started to begin your celebrations right away. This is a festival that signifies the victory of good over evil. So, eating delicious foods and wearing new clothes, besides exchanging gifts everything are part and parcel of this glorious festival as you know. Now, if you are not sure about the right type of gifts to select for your loved ones, here are some unusual gift ideas to celebrate the occasion, irrespective of the part of India you belong to:

Best Gift Ideas For Dusshera

1. Let the sweetness spread


If you are from Kolkata living in some other city in India, as you know in Kolkata, the Dusshera is all about sweets and celebrations. Even though your mother will be making the traditional Rasgulla at home for the occasion, why not send this tin of Rasgulla from Haldirams? This is a gift to enthrall for your entire family.

2. Red and white saree

Red and white saree

As you know, in Kolkata, women wear the traditional red and white colored saree in the festive occasion. As you cannot join your family this year, you can send this great gift for your wife in Kolkata. This is Bhagalpuri Silk saree with white and red color. The saree comes with a blouse piece and the saree size is 5.5 meters, while the blose is 0.8 mtrs.

3. Serial lights

Serial lights

If you are from Mysore, you might be aware of the fact that in Mysore, the royal palace is decorated with lights all around for all the 10 days of Dusshera. The royal possession of elephants is a must to watch. But, if this year, you cannot join your family, you can send this set of serial lights that will help them to decorate the house with fully of festive lights similar to that of a palace.

4. Hand crafted Lord Rama and Sita fabric doll


If you are from Kullu, you know that Dusshera is celebrated with the meaning that Lord Rama killed the Demon king Ravana on this occasion. So, prayers are offered to Lord Rama in a complete celebrative mood. So, this year, let your family get a new and unique set of Sita and Rama idols.

This set of idol is handcrafted and it is made out of fabric and not any other material. So, this can be an eco-friendly gift for your family for the festive season.

5. Traditional Lehanga Choli


If you are from Gujarat and wish to send a gift to your daughter in the hometown in Gujarat, you can send this traditional Lehanga choli to her. If you are planning for her wedding soon, there are chances that she might find her man this year when she reaches the Garba parties this year for Dusshera with her mother.

6. Party poppers

Party poppers

As you know, in Delhi it is all about fireworks celebrating the end of the story of the Demon King Ravana by Lord Rama. Why not enthrall your kids with this party-anthem small party popper, such that they can celebrate safely in this home as there will be a whole lot of fireworks in Delhi in Dusshera nights.

7. Assorted dry fruits

Chocholik Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are always part and parcel of celebrations in India. So, for this Dusshera, you can consider sending this set of dry fruits box to your family. You can opt for this gift with a set of silver coins, a small Ganesha idol or just without any such attachments.

This set contains premium chocolates and dry fruits collection. It comes with special cool packing to ensure longevity of the chocolates and dry fruits.

8. How about a personalized pen?


If your sister is preparing for her forthcoming competitive exams, amidst the Dusshera celebrations, you can wish her best of luck on this Dusshera and can send this personalized pen with her name printed. This can be a gift both for her exams and for Dusshera as a blessing from her elder brother.

9. Maa Durga Idol

maa durga idol

In western India, Dusshera is the occasion to celebrate the victory of Maa Durga over a demon. So, if you are from such a place, you can send this Maa Durga Idol to your family. This religious idol is made out of poly resin and it has multiple colors. This gift is a one show piece figurine of Maa Durga. Let the goddess shower her blessings on your family.

10. Decorated Dandiya Stick

Wooden Dandiya Sticks

If you are from Gujarat, your family will be all set for celebrating Dusshera with traditional Dandiya Dance. Why not send this set of Dandiya Stick to your family, such that either your mother or your sister can use it on the great celebrations in your remembrance even though you are away.

This set of two is made out of wood and it is green in color. It is decorated with decorative clothes and attractive laces.

11. Set of stoles


Stoles and scarfs are part of Dusshera celebrations and traditional attires in most parts of northern India. If you are from such a tradition, you can send this set of traditional stoles to your family, such that anybody can use it on festive nights. This can be one of the excellent gifts for Dusshera for fashion lovers.

12. Pooja thali


As you know, Pooja thali is also a part of traditional festivals like Dusshera. Why not consider presenting your family with this excellent Thali with lace work? It is made out of graceful stone and mirror work. It can bring an eye-catching look to the festival and due to its great quality this set can be the excellent gift to your family for Dusshera.

13. Kaju Burfi

Kaju barfi

Kaju barfi is a traditional sweet in north India and for this Dusshera you can enthrall your family by sending them this box of Kaju Katli from Haldiram. Haldiram is a special brand name in India when it comes to sweet and you can sweeten the memory of your family members on this Dusshera with this great gift.

14. Fruit and vegetable basket

apple-shaped fruit basket

When it comes to Pooja occasions, a lot of fruits are stored in the house for devoting to gods and goddesses. If your family has such a tradition, you can send this apple-shaped fruit basket to your family as gift for Dusshera. It is handmade from Rosewood by skilled artisans.

The great thing about this basket is that it is hand carved with a single piece of wood and it comes with an excellent collapsible feature. This means that when it is not in used, it can be neatly folded and kept away in a small space. It is perfect for display at kitchen and also in Pooja rooms.

15. Krishna Key holder


If you wish to send something religious and also useful for your family, you can think about this Lord Krishna key holder. This product is made out of wrought iron and so it can handle even keys with heavy weight. It comes with three hooks such that the keys can be hung in these hooks.

It comes as a wall hanging and after hanging this piece on the wall, keys can be hung on the hooks. This can be both spiritual and also useful for your entire family. They need not have to search for their keys anymore.

They can just hang their vehicle and other keys in this holder after reaching home and in the next morning, they can safely take back the keys and can start from the home. This is actually a utility gift for this Dusshera for your family.


India is a religious and cultural land with festivals and celebrations all-round the year. Particularly, the festive season nearing the end of the year starts from Dusshera and goes on until Diwali, which is the great festival of lights.

Dusshera is a festival that is celebrated in the month of Ashwin and Karthik and it is celebrated as a 10-day festival. People from some cultures fast on all these 10 days and they perform rituals with utmost faith.

Celebrations are made remembering the killing of the Demon King Ravana by Lord Rama and it is also to mark the occasion of the killing of Demon Mahishasura by Goddess Durga. In short, it is a celebration of success of good over evil. Nowadays, people from other religions in India also take active part in the celebrations.

Gifts always can make any occasion special to your loved ones. This year you can choose from any of the above-mentioned 15 gifts for your family. Even though you are away from them and cannot join them this year due to your official works, you can show your presence to your family in the form of gifts. So, begin your search for the right gifts from now on, such that you can ensure that your gift reaches your family well in advance.