7 Appreciation Gift Ideas For Social Workers

Social works are those who work for the welfare of the society or backward communities. Before deciding on the social worker gifts, do read through our list of gifts for social workers. I am sure you will get some ideas about social worker gifts from this list.

social worker gifts - Gift Ideas For Social Workers

Best Gift Ideas For Social Workers

1. Tote bag

Tote bag

The first one in the list of social worker gifts is a tote bag. The link takes you to a product which is made of heavy weight canvas. The social worker can use this for shopping and is reusable. This bag has a quote printed on front side – “Grow stronger with a social worker”. This is a simple gift that can be given to a social worker aged or young.

2. Social Worker charm


This handmade gift is a small pendant that can be attached to anything like bags or can even be used with keychain. The zipper pull charm in the link – – is a heart shaped pendant and has “Social Worker” written on it. This charm can be counted as one of the social worker appreciation gifts.

3. Refrigerator magnet


Next gift item of the list “gifts for social workers” is a magnet that can be attached to any metal surface like refrigerator magnet , tool box, locker or cubicle. This magnet  is ideal to use as a refrigerator magnet. This magnet has the full form of “SOCIAL WORKER” written on it. You can order this online and wrap it with gift wrapper.

4. Water bottle


Social workers travel a lot and they will have to carry water and snacks. The water bottles  are a good choice as social worker gifts. The water bottle in the link has a beautiful message written on it. The message says about the good things that a social worker can do for the society.

5. Unique Coffee Mug


Coffee mugs as gift items have been an idea for quite some time. What makes this one  inspirational is the message it conveys. The imprint depicts the brain of a social worker and the way his thoughts revolve. I found this particularly interesting as it reminds one of the challenges and uncertainties a social worker has to go through. I would consider this as one of the funny social worker gifts. I am sure you would agree too as this mug scores high on utility as well. Made of ceramic, this coffee mug is microwave safe and changes color when you pour hot liquid on it to reveal the imprint.

6. Stopwatch


Well, a social worker may often visit a school or institute where they may conduct some games to keep the kids engaged. At that time a stopwatch can come handy. Find a simple yet effective stopwatch that the social worker can use while he conducts any event that requires micro-measurement of time. He or she will be overjoyed to see your gift that can bring smiles to the faces of many when used during an event!

7. T-shirts


The final gift idea in funny social worker gifts that I have is a T-shirt. This may sound a simple choice but what makes it special is the message. The one that I am looking at  has a message that reads “You can’t scare me. I’m a social worker”. Find a similar one that has a message about a social worker’s attitude and bring out a funny smile!