Mothers day gifts for Grandma – Make your Grandma Happy!

Mother’s day is celebrated in different ways in different countries and there is no fixed date for this. Mother’s day is normally celebrated on second Sunday of May in most of the countries. We tend to be more close to our

mothers day gifts for grandma

grandparents since they pamper us more than our parents. We do not forget to give mother’s day gift to our mother but most of the time we will forget about our grandma. Let us not forget her on this Mother’s day that will be celebrated on May 14, 2017. If you are in search for gift ideas this article will be of great help.

Best Mothers day gifts for grandma:

1. Personalized photo frame

Personalized photo frame

Grandmothers like to keep all the memories afresh in their life. Photos have been the method adopted for ages to keep memories. So, I have included the photo frame in the list of mother’s day gifts for grandma. The photo frame in this link has an inspirational quote written below the photo. You can select a photo with you and your grandmother to insert in the frame. Materials other than glass will the right choice because it should be lightweight for her to carry it easily.


2. Massage seat


Massage seat


As we get old back pain and other ailments start to disturb our day to day life. Your grandma will also be facing these issues. The best way to give her relief from this is gifting her massage sea that she can use at home. The massage seat in the link has 8 massage nodes to give relief to the muscles on the sides of the spine. Before buying this you have to make sure that your grandma is at least 150 cm tall and her height is below 185 cm. Three levels of density are available for the vibration massage also.  Do not forget to teach her and her caretaker to operate this chair.


3. Photo lampshade


Photo lampshade

Another gift item that can be considered as one of the mother’s day gifts for grandma is a photo lampshade that can be personalized with your old photos. You can customize the shade with the old family photos from the time she got married. You can even get her childhood photo engraved to the shade if it is available. The shade in the link is handmade and is made of paper with the pictures printed on it. Whenever she turns on the bedside light she will be thinking about you.

4. Shawl


Buying a gift that will take care of your grandma’s health is something you can do for her on this mother’s day. Buy her a woolen shawl that will help her spend the winter without much health issues. The shawl in the link is made of Acrylic material but has a feel of cashmere silk that is soft. She can wear it when she goes out in the winter season to protect her from cool wind.

5. Teacup candles

The best way to remind her of her childhood and youth is to gift her something that is of vintage style. While I was searching for the mother’s day gifts for grandma I found this teacup candle in an online store. This teacup will surely remind her of her old days. The candle has a light fragrance that is refreshing and can be used in the evening. Do not forget to give a greeting card to her along with this gift.


6. Flower pin or brooch

A brooch or a flower pin speaks a lot of the status of the women in the community. Buy one elegant brooch for her and let her know that you respect her. The brooch in the link is made of crystals,rhinestones, and pearls. The pearls used are made of ivory and gives an elegant look to the brooch. She can wear this as a hair pin or as the flower pin on the dress she wears to functions.


7. Vintage clutches

Vintage clutches

Clutches are always considered as an option for mother’s day gift. So this will feature in the list of mother’s day gifts for grandma. If you can get one vintage style clutches for her on this mother’s day it will be the perfect gift for her. She will appreciate any gift that is given to her however;she will be overjoyed when she finds this leather bag that has a vintage look.


8. Scarf



Just like shawl scarf is also useful to stay protected from the wind. Even though this will not be enough in the winter season your grandma can use this in other seasons. Buy her a warm scarf that is made of wool so that she can use it when the winter is starting. The scarf in the link is of black color and is long enough to wrap it around the neck. You have other color options available in the market. So select your grandma’s favorite color.

9. Luxury Cotton Novelty socks

Luxury Cotton Novelty socks

Next gift in the list of mother’s day gifts for grandma is a perfume. Everybody likes light fragrance and loves to use it in parties or family functions. You may not see your grandma going to parties now but she will surely attend the family functions. Get her one bottle of perfume that is from a reputed brand. She can boast among her friends that this gifted by her grandchild on mother’s day. I have given a link for your reference.


10. A jewelry box with a photo


A jewelry box with a photo

Every woman will have a collection of jewelries that are her favorite. Even your grandma will have jewelry like earrings, necklaces, brooch, and bracelets that she wears for functions. Why don’t you gift her jewelry box so that she can keep them organized? The jewelry box in the link is made of wood and has a photo frame as the lid. You can either keep your photo in it or just a quote to make her happy. The inner part is lined with velvet and plays a song when it is opened.


11. Keychain


The next gift is a simple one – a keychain. There is a heart shaped crystal pendant that is attached to the key ring. She can keep it        hooked to her purse or clutches. The heart-shaped pendant has ‘grandma’ written on it. The pendant has crystals adorned making it a beautiful gift for her. If you order it online you will get the small gift box along with it making your work easy.

12. A Necklace with grandchildren’s names


A Necklace with grandchildren’s names

Another gift that can feature in the list of mother’s day gifts for grandma is a necklace. The necklace in the link has rings that can be hung as pendants. She can have 2 to 5 rings that can have her grandchildren’s names engraved. While ordering you have to select the number of rings and you should send the names to be engraved. You have the option to select different types of materials for the necklace. Be sure that she will be the happiest grandma in the world on this mother’s day.


13. Suncatcher



For those who do not know what a suncatcher is, it is a decoration that is made of glass. You can say that the suncatcher is a kind of optical equivalent of the wind chime. There are simple suncatchers and complex ones with real flowers pressed in between the glasses. The suncatcher is a unique gift for your grandma that she can hang on her window.

14. Flashlight



As your grandma gets old she will face sight loss and walking problems. So the next gift item in the list of mother’s day gifts for grandma is a flashlight that is portable. She can keep this at her bedside. Whenever she wants to get out of the bed in the night she can use this to see around. The flashlight in the link has a rechargeable battery and has the facilities like zoom in and zoom out. The body of the light is made of water-resistant material. The skid proof design will make it easy for her to hold.


15. A coffee mug for her


A coffee mug for her

Coffee mugs have been considered as one of the gift choices for a long time. You can buy a coffee mug and personalize it with your names. Order one coffee mug and write all her grandchildren’s names on it. The coffee mug in the link has a quote written as ‘Grandma belongs to’ with the names written below that. The markings are done using Pabeo ceramic and the mug is porcelain.


16. Cane for her support


Cane for her support

Another thoughtful gift that can be given to your grandmother is a walking stick for her support. From old ages people have been using walking stick for the extra support they need while walking. The walking stick in the link is made of wood and cane. The handle is made of wood in the shape of an eagle. You have other elegant options like duck face or lion face to choose from online websites. If you can take her to the store and buy one for her on this mother’s day she will be happy.


17. Personalized pillow cover


Personalized pillow cover

A personalized throw pillow cover is the next gift in the list of mother’s day gifts for grandma. While I was searching for a pair of pillow covers for my bedroom I found. This had a beautiful message printed on it especially for grandma. You can change the message as you want while placing the order. You just have to let them know. However, I found the message that is already there on the cover is perfect. The cover is made of durable material and can be used to decorate her living room.


18. A dress for the best grandma


A dress for the best grandma

Even though your grandma does not travel much she would love to attend family functions or gatherings in the festival season. Why don’t you gift her elegant dress that is suitable for any occasion? The dress in the link is made of lace and synthetic cloth. I have given the link just for your reference. If you are confused you can take her with you to a shop so that she can select for herself.


19. A pendant with your photo


A pendant with your photo

Anything that you gift to your grandma will be cherished by her for her lifetime. A pendant with your or your family’s photo will definitely be remembered by her. The pendant is big enough to hold your family picture (pendant width is 1.5 inches). The chain is available either in antique silver or antique bronze. You will have to send the picture you want to engrave to the pendant after placing the order. You can search online for other shapes if you do not want a round pendant. But when you send the picture send the one that is clear and is in high definition.


20. Stepping Stones for your grandma


Stepping Stones for your grandma

My grandmother used to have a garden in front of her house and she loved nurturing the plants in the garden. But it became difficult for her to walk on the soil as she grew old. If your grandma is having problems like that you can gift a set of garden stones so that she can walk on it. The step stones in the link are made of resin and are comfortable to walk. The set has 6 stones in it. If you need more order two packs or you can buy one set that has 12 in it.

Above are the best 20 gifts that can be considered as a mother’s day gift for your grandmother. When you buy the dress make sure the size matches. Always remember to wish her on that day before giving the gift. If you cannot meet her on that day you can order the gift online and get it delivered to her with a greeting card.