Looking For Christmas Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls? Here Are 10 Interesting Options!

Do you have a one year old little angel at home? Christmas is round the corner, what are you planning to get for her? When a baby girl has just completed a year, finding gifts for 1 year old girls can be quite a task. She is bursting with energies, active all the day and so eager to learn!

gifts for 1 year old girls

Therefore buying gifts for 1 year old girls require thoughtfulness and attention to smaller finer. For example, if she can use it on her own or needs parental guidance. Or, does it include vary small parts that she might treat as food objects.

Gifts for 1 year old girls:

Keeping all such things in mind, we have come up with a list the 5 best gifts for 1 year old girl. Give it a read and gather great ideas to make the li’l one happiest this Christmas!

1. A cute white and pink tutu!

white and pink tutu


Looking for Christmas gift ideas for 1 year old girl? Pink and white is something that your girl can pull off effortlessly! So, get your niece or daughter a pretty pink and white tutu this Christmas. Those frills on the waist look absolutely adorable on these new walkers.

Check this one out and imagine how lovely the little princess will look in it!

These attires are made of organic cotton and absolutely safe for her delicate skin. Yes, making her wear this might pose a problem, given the tantrums baby girls have.

2. Walker-cum-stroller



A toddler who has just learnt to walk will love riding on a walker-cum-stroller. Moreover, these help to strengthen her limbs and muscles. So, ensure that your little princess learns to walk faster by gifting her a pink trike!

You might like this one-

3. A learning chair

A learning chair


What’s the harm if a baby learns to read alphabets and rhymes by sitting on a chair!?

Well, there are plastic chairs available for 1 year olds that have in-built story books and rhymes on its arms rest. It makes the baby remain seated for long and have her engaged in learning too!

4. Laugh and learn table!

Laugh and learn table


It is amusing to see what learning toys companies are coming up with these years. One of them is surely a learning table, equipped with multiple activities. These contain so many tunes, songs and character names. Since she has already completed 12 months and moving towards the next milestone, it would be a great to gift such a learning table. It is one of the best gifts for 1 year old girl for it teaches her basic courtesies, rhymes and alphabets through play methods.

NOTE: I got this Fischer-Price Laugh and Learn puppy for a baby girl last Christmas and her mother tells me how glued she got to it. The best part? She learnt so many nursery rhymes and courtesy phrases from it!

5. A home set

A home set


Little girls love role playing. They try imitating the mothers. So, gift them a home set to consume a part of her play time. Watch her as she arranges beds and tables, wakes up and sends children to school!

Only remember to check for very small toy parts. They are not very safe in the hands of a one year old.

6. A picnic basket!

A picnic basket


Not that you can impart the acts of sharing to a child as young as 1, but you can surely teach her the various shapes and colours through a battery operated picnic basket. It will keep her engaged in sorting cups, dishes, forks, spoons and vegetable. She will also learn the art of socializing very early if concepts such as picnic and social gatherings are implanted so early in life.

7. A talking doll- one of the most popular gifts for 1 year old girls!

A talking doll


What can be a better present for 1 year old girl than a doll, that too one which can talk! These dolls have set program that records the voice and repeats it. Your baby girl will love talking and spending time with her newly found friend doll! These dolls also encourage role-play by requesting the operator to feed her, sing her a song, and pacify her to sleep.

8. A play tent!

A play tent


People do not employ much time searching for Christmas gift ideas 1 year old girl, but may be if you do, the result will be memorable! Let’s say you get a pink castle play tent for the darling girl? It will really make her playtimes so much more memorable. Moreover, having a separate area for playing will give her the freedom of creativity, she can build her own kingdom there!

9. Babble and rattle microphone!

Babble and rattle microphone


Young baby girls love to blabber. So, why not get her a microphone? This toy amplifies the sound made by the speaker and also has several buttons for playing tunes and melodies.

The only advice for the parents is to regularly dust and clean it, so that the nooks and corners do not gather dirt.

10. Bright and colourful socks

Bright and colourful socks


Bright socks in bobby prints look so cute on baby girls! This Christmas, get them a set of such socks to match with every dress she wears. Try the link below for ideas.

So, here are your ideas of presents for a 1 year old girl! This Christmas, pamper the little princess with one of these incredible pieces!