17 Brilliants Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls for Every Occasion!

What are the perfect gifts for 10-year-old girls? Have you ever been burdened by the thought of this? Of course, yes! When it comes to gifting the growing princess, it can get very difficult as there are tons of choices out there. However, we just made it easy for you.

gifts for 10 year old girls

Here are some amazing gifts to choose for the 10-year-old doll in order to bring a cute broad smile on her face! Check them out below!

17 amazing gifts for 10 year old girls!

Birthday gifts – Make the special day even better!

1. Birthday charm bracelet

Birthday charm bracelet


Birthdays are always special, especially for all kids, and you can make it even better. Get her a beautiful birthday charm bracelet that she would love to wear for the rest of the year!

2. Disney Lego!

Disney Lego


Disney is a childhood dream place for many and could be the best gift a 10-year-old girl can get! You can present her her dream with Disney Lego sets.

3. Flute

If your princess is a music lover, you won’t go wrong in gifting her a flute. A melodious gift that she is going to cherish for a long time! What’s more, she will remember you everytime she would play it.



4. Birthday Tiara

Birthday Tiara


A princess is never complete without a tiara and every girl would love to be a princess on her birthday. Have a look at the tiara and see how beautifully it will complement your girl!

Festive gifts – To make every occasion special!

5. Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments


When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl, it must be a thoughtful one. Christmas tree ornaments are one of a kind that will never go wrong. Give her the chance to discover her creativity by letting her plan and design for Christmas by herself.

6. Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Tail


Every girl’s dream is to become a mermaid. Make it come true with this stunning and comfy mermaid tail gift!

However, there is just one con. She will not be able to wear it outside.

7. Musical jewellery box

Musical jewellery box


If you still don’t have any idea what gift to give a 10-year-old girl, you won’t go south with the musical jewellery box. Your 10 year old can keep her starting accessories collection organized in this beautiful musical box.

8. Pretty lanterns

Pretty lanterns


Every girl loves seeing beautiful lights around her. Get her lanterns that she could use on any occasion. She could also use it to augment the mood of her bedroom.

9. Dollhouse



A dollhouse for another doll! When I was young, I still remember having a dollhouse which I loved so much.

Surprise gifts – Your 10-year-old deserves a surprise now and then!

10. Talking pet

Talking pet


Is she cribbing for a pet and you think she is too young for it? Then one of the best presents for your 10-year-old girl should be a talking pet. She can enjoy the company of a pet with this toy, without much responsibility!

11. Funny quote artwork

Do your 10-year-old girl acts like all grown up? So, make her feel a little more grown up with this amazing, funny quote artwork. She will simply love this!

Funny quote art work


12. Surprise eggs!

Surprise eggs


This one is going to be the ultimate surprise for your 10-year-old. Cute eggs that she can dip in water, and it will hatch into amazing small creatures. Who doesn’t love seeing something as it hatches?

Appreciation gifts – Encourage for the better!

13. Apron



The best gifts for a 10-year-old girl who is into art, craft or cooking is an apron. She will get the feeling of being a professional and be more enthusiastic to complete her work! This will boost her confidence as well as you portray your support for her talents.

14. Disco ball party lights!

Disco ball party lights


Does she love to sing and dance? Make any room a little party place with these cute disco ball lights.

It is also great as Christmas gift ideas for any 10-year-old girl!

Stylish gifts – Gifts for the budding fashionista!

15. The perfect dress

The perfect dress


Lace dresses are never out of fashion and it will absolutely look amazing on your little girl. She can wear it at any party or occasion and definitely look stunning!

16. Beautiful earrings

Beautiful earrings


Fashion accessories are one of the best gift ideas for 10-year-old girls and earrings are the best among all. Give her a cute dangler to wear, and she will be overwhelmed!

17. Beautiful backpack

Make her excited going to school with a stylish backpack. She will be proud carrying this to school as she show it to others!



These are the best presents for 10-year-old girls, and you must get them soon! After all, there’s no need for a reason why you should get her a gift, right? Go shopping!