Why Don’t You Try These Incredible Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls?

11-year-old girls are in a complex situation as they are on the verge of hitting their puberty. They tend to be a little emotionally unstable as their bodies undergo hundreds of changes altogether. So, we are here to make sure that you get them something that will both support them emotionally and foster their mental growth as well.

Here is a list of gifts for 11-year-old girls, very carefully picked keeping in mind the idiosyncrasies of this age.

gifts for 11 year old girls

Here are the top 10 gifts for 11 year old girls!

1-Surprise her with a cool tee!

11 Year Old Birthday Girl Shirt,


Is your daughter a math freak by any chance? Then why are you still searching for birthday gift ideas for your 11-year-old girl? On her 11th birthday, why don’t you get her a t-shirt that’s mathematical about her age?!  I’m sure she will be absolutely crazy about it!

2-Hair colour chalks!

Hair color chalks


Every girl loves dressing up and colouring her hair and your daughter isn’t an exception. For sure, she will be ecstatic when she unbox a set of hair colour chalks. Get all the peppy colours available for young girls.

3-Electronics kit

Electronics kit


At eleven, young girls start developing a highly curious and creative mind. They want to know more on about almost anything; from how a laptop works or any gadget in that matter. An electronics circuit kit would be one of the best Christmas gift ideas for an 11-year-old girl to augment her tech whiz potential.

4-A sturdy and stylish bike!

A sturdy and stylish bike


Remember all those years when you rushed to and from your best friends’ place in your all-time-favourite-vehicle bike? Well, now it is about time your girl too get on the same page. One of the best gifts an 11-year-old girl can get is a sturdy and stylish bike! Additionally, it would also foster her physical development!

5-Necklace with her name

Necklace with her name


The pre-teen or teen period is the time about self-obsessing and finding self-assurance. Boost your 11 year old daughter’s confidence with a necklace imprinted with her name. This will earn her great recognition among her peer group- something every girl wants so desperately during this age.

So, give her one of the best presents for 11 year old girl!

6-A musical jewellery box

Now, admirers and gifts pendants and fancy bows would likely to start flowing and it is about time she gets her secret treasure box to hide them all. Show her that even her parents can be her best friends with this thoughtful gift as you respect her privacy!

A musical jewellery box


P.S. – Make sure that she ain’t hiding drugs in here. That’s why it is important to maintain a friendly relation with the young girl.

7-Enhance her style statements with a smartwatch!

Gifting a smartwatch is indeed one of the best gifts an 11 year old girl could get nowadays. It would be such a useful thing yet a smart accessory to sport with her favorite pair of denim and t-shirt!

Enhance her style statements with a smartwatch


Want to try an attractive white one?

8-A soothing foot spa

An 11-year-old got loads of walking to do. So, you might want to get her a soothing foot massage cum spa set instead of giving a toy! No, no it’s no vibrator or massage cream but an Orbeez spa.

A soothing foot spa


Trying to remember a shop that sells such stuff? Why don’t you try online! Here’s a link for your reference!

9-A quadcopter

A quadcopter


Did you know that nothing can beat the fun of flying drones with your friends! Hence, why not make your girl’s outdoor playtimes a little more fun by gifting her a drone? You can check it here for some great drone ideas.

10-A Mermaid tail blanket for the chilly winters!

Still having a hard time thinking about what you’re going to gift for your 11-year-old girl? Maybe a Mermaid tail blanket will end your search. Get her this unique blanket for Christmas this year. It will both provide with maximum warmth as it wraps properly around the body. She will absolutely love it as she sleeps with her mermaid fantasies. Moreover, it adds to the decor of the room as well!

A Mermaid tail blanket for the chilly winters


It is not easy to find these. Check out the following link for some reference.

Now that you know exactly what the most desirable presents for an 11-year-old girl are, waste no time and get them for her! Wrap them up in the prettiest of papers of their favourite colour to add their excitement.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t indulge in gender stereotyping by thinking that girls love only pink! Try any color actually. Blue, grey, black, red- anything that matches her personality!