14 Brilliant Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys to Make Them Feel Special!

The life of a teenager is really difficult and hectic. Probably, they are the one who is constantly down with too much of work – academics, planning for future, polishing their skills and more.

Amidst so many things, they deserve to feel special; hence, here are some stunning gifts for 14 year old boys.

gifts for 14 year old boys

‘Behind every good gift, there is a great thought.’

14 Cool and thoughtful gifts for 14 year old boys!

1. 14 years of awesomeness T-shirt!

There’s nothing more precious than a personalised touch. Don’t know how it looks?

14 years of awesomeness T-shirt!

You can give something like this which will look cool on the guy and is a comfortable wear too!

2. Casual Denim

Casual Denim

At this point of age, boys would love to dress their best and impress others. So, why don’t you help a bit? Gift them a cool pair of denim that will look great and also fit well!

The best part is, you can get it online for extra discounts. Take a look here –


3. Amazing Board games

board games

Forget video games, perfect gift ideas for 14 year old boy will be a good classic board game. These teenagers need to have a taste of the gaming world which existed before X-box and PSP or other gaming stations.

Don’t know which game to give? Try this –

4. Cool Pullover

Cool Pullover

Are you confused regarding Christmas gift ideas for 14 year old boy? Pullovers with an abstract or illusion design is a great choice.

This will make them enjoy the Christmas more and thank you for this amazing gift!

Look at this and see whether you like it –


5. Wallet

Walletor boys

Your teenager will likely start getting quite a good amount of pocket money from now on! So, why don’t you give a hint to use the money wisely? For this, wallets seem to be great gift ideas for 14 year old boy.

Moreover, it will help your teen to stop losing money most of the time.

Try something like this one –

6. Time management

‘A stylish way to remind the teen about time.’

Digital watch

As a gift for your teenage boy, teach him the value of time. How? A digital watch sounds to be a good plan!

Moreover, your teen-aged boy will love and flaunt the gift. I can certainly tell you this is one of the best gifts for 14 year old boy.

Want to know which kind of watch will look perfect?

7. Bracelet

Bracelet fpr boys

The era of fashion for teenage boys will never end that soon, and a bracelet is one thing that always remains in-trend. This time, surprise your teen with your funky choice in accessories. A leather bracelet is a great option for this.

8. Smart superhero poster

Smart superhero poster

Honestly, 8 out of 10 teens are a fan of superheroes! If that is the case, gifting a cool superhorse poster is worth it.

Moreover, there are some exceptional designs like a superhero on an old dictionary page. How does that sound?

If good, then have a look here –


9. Encourage to see better


Is your teenage boy into bird watching or wants to be a detective when grown up? If yes, a binocular is a must! Gift a binocular (an advanced one) and encourage your child’s hobby!

Don’t have an idea about binocular? No problem; here is something nice as a gift –

10. Drone


Drones are the coolest things available now! Having this is a dream for any teenage kid and will serve as one of the best presents for 14 year old boy. Where will you find a good one at a budget price? Take a look here –

Add a gesture of glee in your child’s life!


11. Messenger bag

A small yet stylish and very useful gift. Get a color that will suit casual attire, and your teenager will certainly not let go of this bag!

Try this –Messenger bag - 1

Even as Christmas gift ideas for 14 year old boy, this is a great choice!

12. Personalised utility tool

Personalised utility tool

Utility tool is a must and will be very helpful for your teenage boy. A small, compact utility tool to carry all the time is a great gift!

Find one such tool here –

13. Vintage book

There are very few things which are as fascinating as a vintage book. This is one of the best gifts for 14 year old boy.

It makes a sweet and thoughtful present!

If you are up for a genuine vintage book, take a look here –


14. Bluetooth speaker

Teenager and music is an ultimate combination. Moreover, now Bluetooth speakers are also available.

Take a look here –

Bluetooth speaker

Get these amazing presents for 14 year old boy and celebrate every occasion with love and excitement.