A Dozen of Gifts for 14 Year Old Girls This Winter!

Did your girl just turn 14? First, clap for being such amazing parents. However, when it comes to buying gifts for 14 year old girls, even the best of parents can easily get confused.

gifts for 14 year old girls

Moreover, teenage girls and their moods are very unpredictable, so it is always good to be on the safer side while choosing gifts. Here is a list of some presents which are going to be just perfect for your sweet teen!

12 perfect gifts for 14 year old girls:

Bring a smile on your teenage girls face!

1. Fancy print dress

Fancy print dress


The first thing you need to know is your girl will start going out with friends and maybe party a bit too! This means, having several dresses is a must! However, opt for something out of the box that will surprise your cute teen girl!

Want a suggestion? Try this –

2. 14th b’day bracelet

What makes the bracelet so cool? It is a minimal but very stylish accessory that easily compliments everything. It is better if you can get personalized presents for 14 year old girl.

Have a  look at this –

14th b’day bracelet


It will be something that any teenage girl will love to wear ALL THE TIME!

3. Fashion rings

Silver fashion rings will never get old! It looks brilliant especially with an animal figure on it. If you are looking for gift ideas for 14 year old girl, this ought to be one.

Check out here for some feminine yet funky design –

Fashion rings


4. Sweet denim bag pack

The single strap is painful, and normal bag packs are boring; so thinking about presents for 14 year old girl with a twist? Get a stylish and funky denim bag pack that will maintain the style statement as well as won’t hurt the back!

Now, where will you get something like this? Check here –

Sweet denim bag pack


5. Party games!

Coming back to the teenage life, you will remember how difficult it was to come up with new games all the time! Don’t let it happen to your girl. Rather, give her some great party game box.

Here is a suggestion for you to try –

Party games


6. Journal



As your baby girl is budding as a sweet teenager, there are so many experiences happening in her life! She certainly needs to spill it out; but where? Well, every teenager must have her own journal, something like this –

7. A teenage goodie box!

No, it does not only have chocolates and cookies but something that is way more fun.

Want to check out? Click here –

A teenage goodie box


As Christmas gift ideas for 14 year old girl, this will go very well. Everything in the goodie box is important for a teen’s lifestyle. So, make your child’s Christmas better this time!

8. Makeup brush and pot!

Is your teenage girl secretly trying to take your makeup brushes? This is because she doesn’t have her own. If she is 14, she is old enough to have her own makeup brushes.

Makeup brush and pot


Get that along with a pot. This way, no brush will lie around here and there in the room.

You can take some idea from here:

9. Chokers are in trend!

When it comes to gift ideas for 14 year old girl, chokers are a very likely choice. However, the black ones can look very generic on your beautiful budding teenage girl. So, give something that will be special, like multi-color choker which will complement the young lady perfectly!

Chokers are in trend


10. Watch!

A pink watch? No, not a good idea. A printed watch? That’s the thing every teenage girl looks for.

Here is one design that might go very well –



It is also going be a great choice of your Christmas gift ideas for 14 year old girl. Wrap the ticker in a small box and put is below the Christmas tree. Wait till you see your child jumping out of joy!

11. Jazzy mirror quote

Teenage girls = too much worried about her looks! How about boasting her confidence? Sounds good, right? Gift her sweet, colorful mirror box with an enthusiastic quote that will make her feel more confident.

Like this idea? Then see here –

Mirror Quote


12. Mermaid Tail

Which teenager doesn’t like Ariel, the little mermaid? Everyone does. Half human and half fishtail seem to be an overwhelming combination. So, gift something that makes your little girl a mermaid.

See this –

Mermaid Tail


A mermaid tail blanket will grab everyone’s attention and your teenage girl will simply love this!

Get the best gifts for 14 year old girl and celebrate moments of joy together! You can also give her a few things together in a basket – that’s going to be a unique way of gifting.

As Pierre Corneille rightly said, “The way of giving is worth more than the gift.”