Did You Check These 9 Amazing Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys?

As your little prince charming is growing up, you need to plan perfect gifts for this young brood. Something that is productive, encouraging as well as exciting! This is the time they grow up and start developing their intellect as well as cognitive skills. Isn’t that exciting? Absolutely yes! For this, you must get gifts for 2 year old boys which are going to help them grow.

gifts for 2 year old boys

So, how to choose the perfect presents for 2 year old boy? It is not necessary that you need to give them piles of books and body strengthening machines. Rather, the gifts must be something which will excite them to play with it and enjoy their time well!

Read on and get an overall idea regarding the gifts that will be perfect for your little boy!

9 gifts for 2 year old boys you must check

‘Let’s start wrapping boxes of happiness for the little prince.’

1. Drawing board

Drawing board


A magic drawing board where the kid can draw and wipe it off anytime to reuse it again. It is a very useful gift for children to learn about colors as well as pen their imagination. Later, it helps to polish their skills better, and they end up with better creative instinct.

Want to get your hand on a good doodle board? Try this –

2. Useful sweat bands

kids sweat bands


Teaching them a bit of ‘being healthy’ from a young age is very important. They need to start working out which will mostly include running aimlessly, jumping, pouncing on ground and tricking on swings. However, these outdoor activities can make them sweat quite a bit, especially during summers. So, instead of giving them a handkerchief (which they might lose), get them cute superhero sweatbands to wear on wrist. It is handy as well as one of the best gift ideas for 2 year old boy.

Check this –

Imagine the cute 2 year old running around with a Flash sign on his wrist! This is going to be some vision!

3. Creative builder

This one is especially for the kids who have an architect dad or mum. It is likely that even the small boy will have an inclination towards making buildings. How about giving them a box of magnetic building blocks? It’s going to be very interesting for the small brood!

magnetic building blocks


If you are looking for some quality building block, have a look at this one –

4. Play and learn

Play and learn


It’s easy to teach kids when they find the process interesting. The method of sitting with a book in front and constantly blabber the same thing over and over again will be certainly less interesting. So, why don’t you try one of the best gifts for 2 year old boy – a smart speak and musical way of teaching?

Here is something you can gift:

5. Encourage for sports

Encourage for sports


Who doesn’t want a little boy to grow up and join the national sports team? But which sport? How about giving an option for all, that too with a twist? Gift a sports kit with different balls like basketball, football and more.

These soft sports balls can also be very good Christmas gift ideas for 2 year old boy.

You may like this one –

If your child likes any particular ball, you will know what his sport of interest is!

6. Smart organizer!

wooden toy organizer


It is very important to teach young broods about keeping their stuff organized. This is why; a small wooden toy organizer will be a great gift. Make sure it’s in an interesting shape and vibrant colour so that they feel excited to use it too.

Here’s my favourite. You may like it too.

Did you know? Medical experts suggest choosing presents for 2 year old boy that will help them learn moral values better!

7. Halloween wear

kids Halloween wear


Don’t you want to dress your kid up for Halloween? If yes, don’t stick to the conventional idea. This time, try something out-of-the-box, like a cute fluffy animal maybe! The kid will look so adorable in those wears.

Try the bugs’ bunny look!

8. Beard cap

Beard cap


When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for 2 year old boy, the first thing that comes to mind is a cool Santa beard. This time, break the generic theme and try young Santa. There are cute caps available with beards that are easy to manage and look good too!

Check out here –

9. Tent!



As you are looking for the best gifts for 2 year old boy, it can be something adventurous. For that, there can be nothing better than a room tent!

Get some inspiration from here –

You can set this up in your room and let your child play there all day long!

On a personal note, I had gifted a tent to my son on his last birthday. Later, he amazed me with his skill of setting up a tent and decorating it with his creative ideas. I’m sure your toddler will love this too!

Happy with these gift ideas for 2 year old boy? Then start shopping soon and surprise the young brood!