10 Brilliant Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys That You Must See!

When it comes to gifts for 3 year old boys, choosing the appropriate one can be quite tricky! Why so? Because, they need to get things that are useful and appropriate for such young age. The presents must encourage them to learn, improve their IQ, and help them to develop other sensory as well as communicative skills.

gifts for 3 year old boys

Got more confused?

Don’t worry! Here you will find some great gift ideas for 3 year old boy based on three things –

  • Fun learning
  • Playing
  • Better hobbies

So, get ready for the gifts now!

Fun learning gifts for 3 year old boys:

1. Personalized storybooks

Personalized storybooks


Every kid loves to read story books and here is when you can be all creative. Get hold of an amazing story and switch the main character with your young boy.

This way he will be more interested to read the story and learn the moral better!

Want to check out a good one? Here you go.

2. Building blocks

Building blocks


Now that the sweet boy is growing up, it is important to give wings to his imagination in a productive manner. Building blocks like these are a perfect gift! There are so many things your child can make with a pack of building blocks.

Moreover, you can ask to pile 2 blocks of red and yellow, 3 blocks of green, blue and red, etc. This way you can teach number as well as colors!

See here –

3. Activity book bags!

Activity Bags


Presents for 3 year old boy should be very special and an activity book bag fits the activity perfectly. Here, your child can keep his drawing pages properly along with the crayons in the pouch and easily carry it everywhere. So, isn’t this a good thing?

Like the idea? Check here –

4. Learning laptop

Learning laptop


How many times has your child been intrigued with the laptop at home and how many times have you barred your kid from touching the laptop? For both, the answer is many times.

Now is the best time for you to get the perfect laptop for your 3 year old adorable boy. These learning laptops come with audio-visual learning that is fun and easy for children to grasp. So, give them the best that they deserve.

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5. Travel board

Travel board


When it comes to motor skill development, it is best to start it from an early age. Interestingly, these travel boards are a great way to encourage and children for developing better motor skills.

Hence, this is one of the best gift ideas for 3 year old boy! You can have a look at the travel board here –

Interesting gifts for playing!

6. Fishing rod and fishes!

Fishing rod and fishes


Every kid is enthralled about fishing! However, for a 3 year old, it is nearly impossible to form the pond. For this, you can start with a tub and small toy fishes!

This is one of my favorite choices of Christmas gift ideas for 3 year old boy. When I gave this to my son last year, the excitement in his eyes is totally worth it!

If you too like this idea, see here –

7. Wooden board game car!

number board


A small toy board where your child will be able to put sticks! How will this help? Your child will be able to put the sticks on the Peg Number board and make outline properly. It is going to help them further develop their skills!

Want to check out a Peg Number board? Take a look here –

8. LED racing toy cars!

LED racing toy cars


Which kid is not fond of toy cars? Everyone is! However, when you are going to gift something, add a bit of funk with LED lights on it! This is going to be a big surprise for your kid. Also, it’s one of the most loved Christmas gift ideas for 3 year old boy!

Here’s a sneak peak –

Gifts to encourage hobbies!

9. Kids binoculars

Kids binoculars


Bird watching is so much fun for kids! To encourage this hobby, you must present your kids with binoculars.

Check out the one here –

10. Balance cycle

Balance cycle


It is the time that your kid must start riding his own bike! This is going to be so much fun for your child, and you would love to see that. So, don’t wait for long and start planning to get the best one available!

Like the idea? Here you go –

Take the first step to teach your kid to be independent!

Get hold of any of these presents for 3 year old and give the best surprise ever! Start planning for your child soon.