Choose These 10 Incredible Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys and Make Their Day!

So, it’s your boy’s big day huh?

Looking for gifts for 4 year old boys can be extremely hard. Boys of that age are extremely picky with their gifts and often roll their eyes at boring ones, like a book! Can you imagine reading a book about science facts as a four year old? No matter how intuitive or geeky your boy is, chances are he will detest those books.

gifts for 4 year old boys

What can you possibly get a four year old then? Well, you will be spoilt for choices, but you need to choose carefully. Select presents for 4 year old boy that are both fun and educational at the same time. Interested? Read on to find out about the gift ideas!

10 amazing gifts for 4 year old boys:

1. Glow in the dark rockets!

Glow in the dark rockets


What can be better than rockets that go up in the sky? Glow in the dark Rockets, of course! Rockets that light up against dark skies are even better. So, get this for your boy and let his excitement soar high along with the rocket. Also, it will make him quite popular among other kids too!

Try it out at –

2. Make a budding engineer out of building blocks

Make a budding engineer out of building blocks


While watching cartoons and video games sounds fine, you need to stimulate their cognitive abilities by gifting them interesting toys. One of the coolest gift ideas for 4 year old boy is to ensure that they have fun while learning at the same time! Create engineers of the future by allowing them to explore their creative ideas through some building blocks.

You can check them out here –

3. Explore the inner mechanic with Mr. Fix It race car toys

race car toys


Boys love their cars, even as a 4 year old, and they love to toy around with it. With the Fix it race car toy, they can let their imagination run wild. Allow them to fix their tires with the drill or rebuild the entire car up from scratch. Improve their skills while ensuring they have fun too!

These fix-it cars make great Christmas gift ideas for 4 year old boy and will light up the house with their joy. Take a look at it –

4. Redefine childhood with walkie-talkies

Redefine childhood with walkie-talkies


Walkie-talkies constitute among the best gifts for 4 year old boy, especially when they have a sibling. They can share their secrets, converse without the fear of anybody snooping around and allows them an opportunity to communicate. Take them back to your old days when adventure was fun and phones didn’t exist!

You can take a look at –

5. Let him be adventurous with an outdoor kit

Let him be adventurous with an outdoor kit


Want your boy to explore? Then get him an outdoor adventure kit! It’s a great opportunity to learn about nature and allows them a chance to learn about camping and hiking as well. As far as presents for 4 year old boy go, this is the best as it allows him to explore his adventurous side as well!

6. Get the fun on with pogo sticks!

Get the fun on with pogo sticks


Sometimes, fun is all you need and pogo sticks are a great way to ensure that your four year old tiny tot has ample amounts of it! Let your boy jump around the house, indulging in hours of fun.

A fun fact: All that screaming is good as it keeps them healthy and fit. It also keeps them away from the godforsaken television!

Interested? Here’s one for you:

7. How about a miniature race car track?

race car track


If your four year old is a silent observer, then a race track is exactly what he needs! It is among the best gifts for 4 year old boy as your tot can go on for hours playing with the tracks, without getting bored or bringing the house down. Also, it includes dinosaurs and a bridge that will let your little boy’s dreams run wild!


Play Tent


Want to keep your boy and his friends out of the house for a while and let them be alone? Get them a tent! Let them have some ‘Me’ time in these super fun pop up tent, ideal for both indoors and outdoors! You want to supervise their actions and playtime? Then keep the tent indoors and watch them. No matter what, it is guaranteed to create some fun time for your child!

9. Colour changing racing cars!

Do you know what’s better than normal cars? Colour changing race cars! Let your child play with the cars and see their delighted faces when the colour changes from green to red. Let them race the cars around the house and record some fun times with these presents.

If you are looking for one, then check out here –

Toy Car


10. Hover ball football to train the inner Messi

Your child loves soccer? Then the strange hover ball with LED lights will surely garb your boy’s attention. As Christmas gift ideas for 4 year old boy, this is great as your child can hone his inner Messi while kicking the hover ball around the house, just like a soccer ball!

For an idea, you can follow the link below:

Hover ball football to train the inner Messi


Explore these ideas and start shopping soon for your precious 4 year old! Make his day with these amazing gifts!