Want to Check Some Mind-Blowing Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls?

Girls at 5 years of age have a make-believe world of their own. They love to imagine the surroundings in a very colorful, fancy manner. Therefore, it is essential to get gifts for 5 year old girls this Christmas which will stimulate their creative aptitude.

gifts for 5 year old girls

Also, most girls at this age are a little advanced in their growth and development. They can hold independent logical conversations in their own way and involve themselves in problem-solving situations. Hence, choosing toys as gifts include physical activities, improve motor skills and teach physical coordination plus balance are the most appropriate choices.

Keeping all such details in mind, a list of the best gifts for 5 year old girl is here. Have a read!

Top 10 gifts for 5 year old girls-

1. Beads and board set

Beads and board set


These beads and board set will create enough room for your little princess to explore her creative skills. These come with a variety of pegboards in different shapes to allow maximum creativity. The only drawback is that it has the risk of choking hazards. To avoid such dangers, it is advisable that children use these under the supervision of an adult.

2. A doll cottage

A doll cottage


Young girls are fond of dolls! They are always imitating their parents in managing households, shopping, going to work, and such other works. So, gift her a dream dollhouse she has been waiting for! It has a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even a patio!

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3. Colour change bath toy

Colour change bath toy


Bath time is a tremor for mothers of little girls. Well, not anymore! Make it playful and fun for them with some color changing bath time toys. A variety of animals are available that bloat up, alter their colors while floating in the bathtub with your baby doll!

No idea where you might find these? Here’s some reference!

4.Unicorn Pendant

Little girls like to dress up! Add to their quirky accessories collection a hand-made unicorn pendant. These come in nylon strings which can withstand the roughest of play times!

Unicorn Pendant


I got this for my 5 year old niece, and she just does not want to take it off!

You can follow this product for some idea; then craft it by yourself!

5. Talk – Talk: Walkie talkie!

Walkie talkie


Among unique Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girl is a set of walkie-talkie! The little girls are difficult to tackle. Want to know a secret about making them obedient to all your words? Hand them one walkie-talkie and keep the other for yourself. Now, no need of running about or howling to them. Converse through the talkies! It is indeed a fun endeavor for the kid as well as parents!

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6. Little Baker’s kitchen!

Little Baker’s kitchen


Have you been lately observing your 5 year old spending too much time in the kitchen beside you? Well then, one of the finest presents for 5 year old girl would be a whole new kitchen. Let the young chef master her own style of cooking. Not only that, but this is a hassle-free way for you too, to keep her busy while you gleefully manage your kitchen!

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7. Tasty play food!

Tasty play food


Is your daughter growing up to be a foodie like you? Well, why not? Food ultimately provides us with a way to have a happy mind. So, here is one excellent choice among many gift ideas for 5 year old girl. The little plastic food toys are an addition to your daughter’s kitchen set! Also, let the little one enhance her knowledge of food and identify all of its varieties.

Make your daughter’s kitchen a crafty one with a sense of real food in it.

8. Halloween fun!

Halloween tee


Not many days to go for one of the most waited evenings for all young ones. Yes! Halloween. Your daughter must stand out to be the trendsetter, wrapped in a pumpkin-faced tee. Halloween tees are one of the most loved Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girl.

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9. Pearler Beads bucket!

Well, when summer’s on, don’t let the heat dull your daughter’s imagination. With so many colors to play with, this summer bucket is packed with joyous creativity.

Pearler Beads bucket


Enhance your daughter’s motor activities and have this on your bucket list as one of the best gifts for 5 year old girl.

10. Rainbow mermaids!

Who wouldn’t love to play with a mythical toy? It’s every kid’s favorite and one of the preferred gift ideas for 5 year old girl. Also, watch it create dazzling colors once dipped in water to add a tinge to its magical beauty.

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Rainbow mermaids


Liked the ideas? Get them today for your little princess!