Did You Check These 10 Endearing Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys?

6 years means the boy is probably a first or second grade student in school. During this age, his developmental factors revolve around physical activities. He loves to engage in group activities and outdoor play. While girls grow bonds with friends over engaging conversations, boys do so through games and playtime fun.

Therefore, while getting gifts for 6 year old boys, one must keep in mind these aspects of physical and cognitive development in him!

gifts for 6 year old boys

Before penning down this post, a thorough research was conducted regarding mental, physical and emotional growth of boys in this age span. Hence, the gifts listed below will strive to benefit him in multiple ways. Read on to find out more!

10 thoughtful gifts for 6 year old boys:

#1-Basketball board-

Basketball board


Basketball is one of the favorite games that young boys like to engage in during their playtime. Because of the intense physical agility included, the game makes for a great muscle strengthener and booster. Thus, on your boy’s sixth birthday, you can gift him a basketball board. These can be hung anywhere, including the back of a door or the backyard.

These make some of the best gifts for 6 year old boy. Check it out for an idea!

#2-Car track builders!

Car track builders


Young boys are car fanatics, and they love speed and adventure! Now, you cannot hand over to him a car to drive on the highway; so getting him a track twister would aptly compensate for that adrenaline rush! Also, it would be a good game to play in groups.

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#3-A cool hoodie!

cool hoodie


Boys love to sport cool hoodies. Cotton hoodies with the birthday year printed can be indeed great birthday or Christmas gift ideas for 6 year old boy. In fact, if you wish to twin with your boy, get one such hoodie for each of you and sport them on Christmas.

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Gone are the days of half pants; your boy now wants to look attractive in good denim. So, this birthday, let him feel that he is growing up and you are aware of that! Give him the “grown-up” feel with a pair of good-looking denim.

#5-A game of chess!

A game of chess


Are you still looking for beneficial presents for 6 year old boy? Then, chess must be your first choice! Chess is a board game proven for boosting cognitive development. It sharpens wit and intelligence.

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#6-Magnetic dart board-

Magnetic dart board

A magnetic dart board is one of the best gifts for 6 year old boy! Strong magnetism of the board and the magnetic tips allow for strong attraction and the dart pins stick to the board firmly. However, the feel and weight of the dart pins are a little different from the traditional ones. Also, the magnet seems to weaken over time, reducing the precision.

#7-A marble run!

A marble run


A marble run is probably one of the best gift ideas for 6 year old boy who aspires to be a technopreneur! This toy comes in more than 100 pieces set combining maze, a pinball and marble play. The kid has to assemble and build it into a catapult!

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#8-Car designer for the young master-

Car designer for the young master


Needless to state, young boys love cars and their designs. Engage him and his friends in a great round of car building and designing with a toy set exclusively meant for that purpose. It’s both beneficial for enhancing his creative aptitude and peer bond!

#9-Touch tab encyclopedia

Touch tab encyclopedia


Do you want to find something really informative for your 6 year old boy? Then, get him a touch tab encyclopedia from Britannica. Let the young mind explore about earth’s interior, natural disasters, and the world around him!

My 6 year old son spends so much of his time with these encyclopedias. In fact, at 6+ age, he knows the names of all the 7 continents!

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#10-A spy watch!

A spy watch


Looking for more options of unusual presents for 6 year old boy? Well, didn’t your kid grow up reading The Secret Seven or Famous Five? Then he must have the secret wish to run an espionage system by himself! You can always choose to nurture such adventurous pursuit by gifting him a spy watch. These have night vision capability, and motion alarm and your boy will be thrilled to have it as his birthday or Christmas gift!

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Whether you want birthday or Christmas gift ideas for 6 year old boys, all of these make great options for you! Keep coming back for exciting gifting ideas and options!