10 Exhilarating Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls Who Are ‘Beauty with Brains’

6 year old girls dwell in a fantasy land, made of pretty fairies and colorful crayon sticks. They dream about being the prettiest woman on earth. However, with the turn of the century, young girls are no more just happy with beauty; they wish to be ‘beauty with brains’!

gifts for 6 year old girls

Keeping in mind the gender sensitization that’s become a case of utmost concern, you must be extra careful while selecting gifts for 6 year old girls! These must not be stereotyped and meant to make them dainty darlings! Prepare them for a prosperous future by stimulating mental, physical and cognitive development.

10 gifts for 6 year old girls those are just perfect!

1. Interlocking plastic disc set

Interlocking plastic disc set


This is indeed among finest presents for 6 year old girl! Very similar to Lego, but a little different, interlocking plastic disc are small circular blocks that have interlocking holes. Using these in multiple colors, young girls can have a good time exploring their creative side. Either alone or in groups, this makes for an ideal indoor game when it’s too dark or raining outside.

2. A tutu and denim shirt pair!

A tutu and denim shirt pair!


Little girls look lovely in tutus. Now, instead of the usual viscose top and a tutu, you can pair up a tutu skirt with a denim shirt. Young darling can wear this to friends’ birthdays and even during Christmas. If you add a pair of matching stocking to resist the chill, this costume can be the best Christmas gift ideas for 6 year old girl! What’s better is a pretty bow on the waist!

3. A cartoon watch!

A cartoon watch


Looking for gift ideas for 6 year old girl? Get her a good watch! Gifting a watch to your young daughter or niece is an excellent way of encouraging her to learn to check time. At leading online stores, you will find cute watches for girls customized with their favorite cartoons and designs. Moreover, these also make smart accessories to sport with her favorite pair of tee and denim!

4. A nail art kit

A nail art kit


Does your girl show great enthusiasm when you dress up or do your nails? Well, that’s quite obvious for she is a girl after all! You can boost her creative aptitude with nail paints as well. Gift her a nail art kit and see her artistic side bloom with exciting designs!

Last year on Christmas, I got my neighbor’s daughter one of these. She went around painting everyone’s nails with her designs. Nevertheless, they were outstanding!

5. Woolen mittens

Woolen mittens


Pretty woolen mittens are among the top Christmas gift ideas for 6 year old girl! At this age, they grow up so fast that each they there’s a need for a new set of winter garments. So, you make a gift basket for them including nice winter wears and add a nice pair of woolen mittens! They will love wearing it, and it’ll keep her warm as well.

6. Disney castle builder

Disney castle builder


All girls around the age of 6 are die-heart Disney fans. They must have been enthralled by the magnificence of Elsa’s castle. Let them have a feel of their own ice castle with Disney’s Lego set of castle builder! This would be one the best gifts for 6 year old girl as she along with her friends will have a gala time building their fairytale world!

7. A Karaoke set

A Karaoke set


Does your girl love to hum and sing? Then you should encourage her to take this interest in singing further by getting her a singing karaoke machine.

So, the next time there’s a tea or dinner party, you might bid goodbye to CDs and DVDs and let your daughter take over that responsibility!

8. LED gloves!

LED gloves


Having illuminated gloves can be an exciting thing for little children. Their rounds of darkroom or hide and seek in the dark will be more fun, exciting! Moreover, if you are searching for unique presents for 6 year old girl, then this can be your single most option!

9. Bracelet maker

Bracelet maker


Looking for the best gifts for 6 year old girl? Try a set of bracelet maker. These DIY sets are an appropriate way of nurturing their creative skills as well as keeping them engaged in productive works instead of getting involved with mischiefs!

At times even you can take part in her jewelry making sessions; it fosters their emotional development!

10. A kick scooty!

This is the age when girls want to explore the neighborhood riding their cycle! The evening playtime demands a lot of racing and gigging around. You can both make the playtime more joyous and boost her physical strength by gifting her a kick scooter!

A kick scooty


Hope your search of gift ideas for 6 year old girl met with the right answer. Start your shopping now before the products run out of stock!