12 Amazing and Adorable Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Kids often grow up in front of our eyes without us realising how time passed by. Your little princess is now 7 and you’re left thinking what might be the perfect gift for her.

Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

However, don’t worry for we have you covered. Pick from our range of 12 of the most lovely and cute gifts for 7 year olds and you’re sorted!

Here are 12 of the most adorable gifts for 7 year old girls

1. Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Microphone


The chances are that your little one is already dreaming Hanna Montana. Fuel her early ambitions and desires by gifting her the delightful Hello Kitty microphone!

2. Seven & Sassy!

Seven and Sassy t-shirt


We’re willing to bet that at this age, her sassiness already knows no bounds. Gift this completely adorable Seven and Sassy t-shirt and see her parade it around in all its glory!

3. The Moana Girl Outfit

The Moana Girl Outfit

The best gifts for 7 year old girl include the ones that are close to her heart for some reason or the other. Is she a fan of Moana – the lovely Disney film? Why not gift her this replica of the Moana girl’s outfit?

4. Wonder Woman Headband

Wonder Woman Headband


Gone are the days where every young girl wanted a princess tiara for herself. This is the age of being a badass Wonder Woman.

Get her the iconic headband or go all the way and get her the entire outfit for a full-fledged cosplay!

5. Glow stick Bracelets

Glow stick Bracelets


Who doesn’t like bracelets? And who doesn’t like glow sticks?

These glow stick bracelets make for great gift ideas for 7 year old girl. You’ll see your little one wear these all the time and try and scare her other little cousins and friends in the dark from time to time!

Side note: This coming from personal experience – just be wary of your little one constantly switching off all the lights in the house.

6. A wand straight out of Harry Potter

A wand straight out of Harry Potter


Here’s another beautiful addition to this list of gift ideas for 7 year old girl.

It’s time you had ‘the conversation’ with her. Its time you introduced her into the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter and told her she was a wizard!

Maybe also keep a handwritten Hogwarts acceptance letter ready while you gift her this wonderful set of Ollivander’s wands. And thereafter binge watch Harry Potter over the weekend!

let her relish the ultimate dream of most kids!

7. Wooden art set

Wooden art set


Is your little one a budding artist in the making? Take this opportunity to gift her a wonderful 142-set wooden art box. Even if she’s not taken to drawing yet, this could sparkle her imagination and pusher towards drawing.

The best presents for 7 year old girl are the one that get her involved in doing something.

8. Customised handmade stuffed toys

Customised handmade stuffed toys


All of us in our childhood have had a soft toy we had a particular affection for.

Christmas gift ideas for 7 year old girl could include getting her one of these beautiful hand-sewn toys personalised with her own name.

9. Traditional Christmas dress

Traditional Christmas dress


While there are several Christmas gift ideas for 7 year old girl to choose from, nothing can be better than a beautiful traditional Christmas dress!

Also, don’t forget to add a small Santa hat with the dress!

10. Hand stamped custom spoon

Hand stamped custom spoons can also be fun gifts for 7 year old girls. You can choose to have it stamped with your little one’s name or something to close to her heart.

Hand stamped custom spoon


Side note: Check for engravings with some very very very bad puns.

11. Password Journal

7 is about the right age for a child to start writing. This state of the art journal comes with a voice-activated password protection feature. Have your little record her own voice and use it as the only key to open this journal.

Password Journal


A gift that initiates your little one into the practice of penning down her thoughts is surely among the best presents for 7 year old girl that you can get.

12. Roller Skates

Roller skates make for some of the best gifts for 7 year old girl.

Remember how much fun you had in your childhood skating around the neighbourhood? Well, here’s a good opportunity for you to introduce your little one to the world of skating.

Roller Skates


However, just make sure also to get her a helmet and kneecaps to avoid those bruised knees.

Get the best gifts for the little princess soon!